Author's Note: I have never written for Jack or Chase Young before, much less them together. But I've been swayed by some excellent fanfiction and fanart into believing it is a viable couple and I was itching to try my hand at them together as well as some Raimundo/Kimiko. This is what you're stuck with. My thanks for you taking your time to read. This will probably be a two shot since I don't have time to finish it tonight and am still making plans for it.

Set 2 years after the original series finale

Apprentice. Jack had been so excited when it happened that he had composed a whole new song about that to be his new evil theme song (titled "Evil Mastermind's Apprentice" – Jack wasn't really one for subtlety). Of course, Chase never let him play it. He had listened patiently to the song once but had not commented on it. Jack didn't let that get to him. He was now the acolyte of none other than Chase Young, one of the most – no, the most- brilliant mind in the world. Jack wore the title of student like a badge since he'd been bestowed the honor months ago.

Chase really had just given the title in the hopes that the grueling training might make his little fanboy give up the chase. It hadn't worked. The harder Chase pushed him, the more determined Jack had become. The evil teenaged genius was still weaker than the Xiaolin Dragons, but he was getting faster, sleeker and his agile mind combined with these improvements meant he was becoming a genuine threat in showdowns. Not that Chase cared for the trinkets. It was merely another way to test Jack.

The evil duo walked – Chase very calmly, purposefully…Jack tripping every few feet from refusing to take his eyes off Chase rather than watching the terrain – through a cave together. The walls were alight with glowing mushrooms (Jack stopped to take a sample of one of these, wondering if their luminescence could be duplicated for his own purposes later), and the dankness of the cave lead to a horrific stench that left Jack holding his nose. If Chase was bothered by it or if he even noticed it, he showed no signs. The cave had numerous chambers, most of them smaller corridors. They had already gone through several of the other passages. At the very end of the corridor they were currently in, it widened into a much larger cave. In the center on a pedestal lay the shen gong wu they were seeking, a golden phoenix statue that appeared to be breathing fire.

"Well?" Chase came to a halt and Jack slammed into him.

Jack glanced around, his ruby seeming to spark when he came to the realization of what Chase was trying to tell him. "Come on out, Xiaolin Losers! We can smell you from here!"

"Classy, Jack," Kimiko dropped from the roof of the corridor behind them, rolling her eyes. "But how did you know we were here?"

"Chase tipped him off," Raimundo appeared at her side, stepping out of the shadows. "Only explanation."

"Hey, I could have sensed you!" Jack insisted, crossing his arms.

"Whatever," Raimundo scoffed. "Are we going to talk, fight or are you just going to go and let us get the wu?"

Chase stepped back as his apprentice stepped forward. Jack assumed a fighting stance, one arm extended towards the Shoku Warrior as the other pointed in Kimiko's direction. "Never can make it easy for himself, can he?" Kimiko sighed.

"It would be wise to take notice of what is missing," Chase offered the hint with such a calm manner that he may have been stating that the sky was blue or that Wuya was untrustworthy.

"Right! Where's the cheesehead and the cowboy?" Jack remained in his stance, but his eyes darted around, expecting an ambush. Raimundo and Kimiko exchanged glances. "Chase! There's another wu gone active!"

"How'd he know that?" Kimiko asked.

"C'mon. It wasn't that hard," Jack said impatiently, "If there are only two of you here, it means that the others are after something else. You Good Guys don't have the guts to sneak up on –"he stopped in the middle as Kimiko landed a flying kick right in his stomach.

"We may not sneak up on you, Jack," Kimiko's smile was almost devilish, "But that doesn't mean we have to wait for you to finish talking."

"Typhoon Boom -Wind!" The wind Raimundo controlled pushed Jack against the wall of the cave with a loud thud.

"Hey! It's an old cave, you might not want to do that!" Jack shook it off as he forced himself to his feet. "Does anyone else hear rumbling?" No one answered him. He was almost certain he had felt the wall shake, but he couldn't be positive it wasn't the effect of being shoved against the wall by the tornado Raimundo had conjured.

Forcing himself to gain composure, Jack flipped backwards until he was even with Kimiko and roundhouse kicked her into a nearby stalactite. It broke off the roof and fell to the ground, shattering to pieces on impact with the cavern's floor. Kimiko brushed the dust off and picked a shard of the now destroyed rock formation out of her monk's robes before she took a run at Jack and punched him hard enough in the stomach to send him once more towards the wall.

This time they all felt the rumble and looked up to the cave's ceiling. The stalactites were shaking ominously, the noise growing louder as they seemed to clink together.

"We need to get out. Kimiko, I'll get the shen gong wu, you meet me outside!" Raimundo called as he made a run for the statue.

"No, you dummy, you'll get yourself killed! We don't know when those things will fall!" Kimiko pointed out.

"Maybe you guy shouldn't be yelling WHEN UNSTABLE THINGS THAT COULD EASILY KILL US ARE SHAKING INCHES ABOVE OUR HEADS!" Jack yelled before slapping his own hand over his mouth. His eyes widened and Kimiko slapped him on the back of the head. Raimundo face palmed, and Jack winced when he noticed that Chase looked displeased - well, more displeased than usual.

It was about two seconds later when the spikes started to fall. Kimiko and Jack pressed themselves up against a wall, neither able to see their partner, who were doing the same thing on the other side of the cavern room. Another low rumble and rocks added to the pile, the whole cave seeming to shake as the rubble formed a wall between the two pairs.

"Is it over yet?" Jack asked, his eyes were closed tight, refusing to look around.

"I-I think so," Kimiko answered, making her way to the rock pile. "Rai? Raimundo, can you hear me?" she started digging through the pile, but Jack grabbed her hand and forced her back. "What's the big idea?"

He pointed up at the few stalactites still remaining on the ceiling. "I don't know about you, but I'm not in a big hurry to get crushed today. If we try to dig through, we may just cause a rock slide."

Kimiko sighed. "I guess we'll have to go back and try to find an exit. Hopefully Raimundo will do the same."


"I don't exactly want to work with you either, Spicer, but what choice do we have? Any chance you can call your Jackbots for help?"

Jack shook his head. "Chase forbade me from using them. Says they're a crutch and I need to learn to get by without them." He left out the part where Chase had called the robots 'little more than scrap metal'. That barb still stung.

"Well…then we better get going. I don't want to be here all day and I certainly don't want Raimundo and Chase to have to be alone together for too long."

"All right, fine. We do a team up this once, but once we get out of here-"

"I go back to kicking your butt, as usual," Kimiko rolled her eyes as she started back the way they'd come. "Let's just get to Chase and Raimundo before they kill each other."