Author's Note: I'm still not sure where this story came from…I mean, I started this to write fluff and then a series story appears out of nowhere to take over. Thank you for the reviews, story alerts and favorites. Don't mind me, just hanging some lampshades…

After his and Kimiko's failure to retrieve the Shen Gong Wu, Raimundo had ended up pushing himself and the other monks a little too hard in that night's training. The sun and moon were even with each other in the sky when he had finally agreed it was time to stop. All four of the Dragons had made their way to the mats that served as their beds and passed out. Master Fung had opted not to wake them this morning to allow their bodies time to heal. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans.

The earthquake came first. It tore through the temple, causing a crack in the outer wall and waking Omi, Kimiko and Clay up immediately. Raimundo had slept through the first wave, but not through his panicked friends forcing him up (and then Omi's use of his ice power to ensure Raimundo stayed awake). While they were still trying to repair the damage from the second earthquake, lightning began to light up the sky though there were no signs of rain or thunder. In fact, the sun continued to shine.

"Did someone break the weather?" Raimundo complained as he slathered some more wet concrete into the hole in the wall. Kimiko used her fire to quicken the drying.

"Not broken, kids," Dojo had come to supervise their handy work. "This is a sign. Something big is coming."

"Lemme guess.." Kimiko started.

"One thousand years of darkness," all four Xiaolin Dragons said in unison in a bored tone.

"And of course, something will have started fifteen hundred years ago," Raimundo threw his hands up in irritation.

"Not necessarily." Dojo surveyed the teenagers' expressions and smirked. "What? Not predictable enough for you? If this is the omen…well, if these are the omens, I should say, for what I think they are, it might not be all bad."

"Wait, wait, wait," Jack held up his hands as though asking Chase to pause, "Dashi's ghost is coming? Dashi…the puzzle box guy?"

"Indeed. He was the one who made the puzzle box to imprison Wuya. Both times. He fought alongside myself and Master Monk Guan fifteen hundred years ago."

"So, wait…how come Guan's still alive? I get you, since you drank the Lao Mang Long Soup, but –"

"Now is not the time for that."

"Okay, fine, but we'll come back to it. What's so bad about Dashi coming back? I mean, yeah, he's on the other team, but he's just going to be a ghost. Wuya couldn't do much in her ghost form. …Other than feel really gross when she passed through you."

"Dashi will be capable of much more than that," one of Chase's lions brought him a scroll. He patted the beast on his head as a way of thanks before taking it from the large cat's mouth. He studied it momentarily. "There seems to be no way for us to stop him. We will have to ask for help from the monks, as I suspected."

"Just what is it that Dashi's going to do that makes you want to work with those losers?"

"Because, my young Apprentice," Chase finally looked Jack in the eye. "Dashi comes to destroy the greatest evils he can find and restore good to the world."

At the same time Chase Young had been explaining Dashi's ghost's significance to Jack, Dojo had been explaining the same to the Dragons.

"So, then, this is a good thing," Omi said, rubbing his eyes. "Though I am most eager to fight alongside Grand Master Dashi again, I do not see why we cannot first take a nap. Would that not help us better assist him?"

"Yeah, dude," Raimundo shook his head as he once more read the passage in The Big Book of Omens, "This doesn't seem like an emergency to me. He's bringing good back. Sounds more like we could take a vacation."

"All is not always how it seems, Young Monks," Master Fung had arrived with no warning, causing all of the monks (save Omi, whose Tiger Instincts had alerted him to the master's arrival) and Dojo to jump. "Remember, there must be a balance in the world for harmony to thrive. Even if it is good that tips the scales, it could have disastrous consequences."

"Okay, yeah, I don't get this," Kimiko shrugged. "I mean, he's coming to help us. What's the harm in there being more good in the world and less evil?"

"I'm with Kimiko," Raimundo threw in. Clay nodded.

It was Omi who shook his head. "No, my friends. Balance must be maintained. If we throw off the balance, set up a world with no evil…it sets the stage for evil to eventually be the one to tip the balance. I too was once arrogant enough to believe I should attempt to conquer all evil, but all that is behind my buttocks."

"Okay, first off," Raimundo interjected, "You mean that's 'behind you'. Second, Chase tricked you when you could have destroyed all evil by using the Reversing Mirror to make you see how to destroy good instead… are you saying if Omi had done that and good had been destroyed, it would have been bad for the Heylin side?"

"Eventually," Master Fung nodded, "Which is part of the reason I believe Chase Young revealed his deception to Omi."

"I had thought it was because there was still some good in him," Omi said sadly. Kimiko put a hand on his shoulder supportively.

"That may have still also been a motivation, Omi," The older Master added. "Balance must be maintained. That is also a part of your job. I expect Chase to show up asking for assistance once he realizes what is coming."

"Great," Raimundo let out a long breath of air. "Anyone else ever feel like sometimes we run a sort of Bed and Breakfast for the bad guys?"

"I'm not doing it. I'm evil and I have standards and I'm not doing it," Wuya crossed her arms defiantly. Hannibal Roy Bean merely shrugged.

"If you'd rather fight Dashi by yourself, be my guest. No hair off my head-"

"Like you have any," Wuya snorted. "But you want to ask help from the Xiaolin side? What makes you think they'll even agree?"

"Because they're the good guys. Part of the whole stick, ya see. They have to help, whether they want to or not."

"Oh all right. But only if we snag their wu when we're done using them."

"Well of course! Are we evil or aren't we?"

"Guys?" Dojo's body began to contort into increasingly unnatural positions. "Ouch! Ouch! …Oh, I think that one popped my back. That feels kind of good, actu-YOUUUWCH!"

"Are you okay, Dojo?" Kimiko kneeled down beside the dragon.


"Well, take your time getting to the point, why don't you?" The Xiaolin Monks all scrambled to get in formation at the sound of an unfamiliar voice, but as the unknown person stepped – or rather, floated – out of the shadows, all of them were able to recognize Dashi.

"Dashi!" Dojo cried excitedly, attempting to give his old master a hug. He fell through the incorporeal being and onto the floor.

"Afraid I can't give hugs in this form. I can shoot pretty cool amounts of energy, though…"

"Yeah, we'd appreciate it if you didn't do that inside. We just cleaned," Raimundo eyed Dashi carefully. "Omi, you're the only one that's ever met him in person. Is this Dashi?"

Omi circled the ghost a few times. "Hmm…Wudai Neptune Water!" Omi sent a wave of water in Dashi's direction. The Grand Master zapped the incoming wave and it evaporated, leaving only steam behind. "This is him! Great Ghost of Dash…Great You! It is you!"

"Well, invite me in, and I'll be able to get down to business," Dashi gave the monks a cheerful smile.

"Ain't it vampires that need to be invited in?" Clay questioned.

Dashi sighed. "Just a formality, kid. I'm coming in whether you want me to or not."