Storm in the Dakar

By Kenn, Faith, Dawn.

A/N. I thought of this story while I was watching highlights of previous Dakar rally's and it sort made sense to involve Blue Bay Harbor seeing as Storm Chargers is an Extreme sports shop granted it focuses more on Dirt bikes, Surfing and Skateboarding but they could probably order the bit's needed for a rally car.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers Turbo, Ninja Storm or rangers from any other season. But I do own the story line.

Chapter 1

Justin Stewart the Blue Turbo Ranger had decided to enter the Dakar rally in Storm Blaster he had registered his jeep in the correct category and had been given a list of items he needed to get so Storm met the regulations. His friend and former team mate Tommy had suggested a shop in Blue Bay Harbor he found it funny the name of the shop closely resembled Storm Blaster it was called Storm Blasters.

Justin drove down the first chance he got and parked up outside the shop, he picks up the list of parts and equipment he will need for the rally and enters the shop, he goes through the doors and notices a girl in light blue who just happened to see him walk in so she approaches him.

"Hi I'm Tori welcome to Storm Chargers can I help you?" she says.

"Uhm I was wondering if you sold equipment and parts for desert rallying?" said Justin.

"We don't normally but we could order the parts and equipment for you"

"That'd be great I have a list of stuff I need to do the Dakar"

"You're entering the Dakar rally?" Tori said as four guy's people walked up to them

"Dude who's entering the Dakar?" asked the guy in Yellow.

"I am my jeeps parked up outside" replied Justin noticing the colours the 5 were wearing he guessed to himself they were 5 of the 6 Ninja Storm Rangers.

"So when do you need the equipment for?" asked Tori trying to get back to business.

"ASAP I still need to sort out who my sponsors are going to be and pick up my competition rally license from Silver hills"

"Dude do you think Kelly will let the shop sponsor him?" asked the guy in yellow to no one in particular.

"Well seeing as I don't really work hear I just cover when you lot are busy or just lazy, you'd have to ask her" said Tori.

"Fine I will then" he said and walked off with the other four leaving Tori to deal with the customer.

"Sorry about that Dustin usually ramble's on about something rubbish?"

"Don't worry at least I won't forget his name for a while now?"

"Why's that?" asked Tori

"Well it's so close to mine, I'm Justin by the way" he said then he added "So how long will the equipment take to arrive?"

"A few days's a week tops, are you staying local? If you are I could bring them round to you when they arrive?"

"Not really I'm staying with a friend in Reefside while I negotiate sponsorship details with two small company's there"

"Do you mind if I ask who they are?"

"No I don't mind, one is Conner McKnight's Soccer Academy and the other is Hayley's Cyberspace, it's a little internet Café slash hang out for School kids who aren't interested in Soccer"

"Cool I know Conner McKnight and I know where Hayley's Cyberspace is"

"Could you give me directions I've never been to Reefside before?"

"Why are they gunna sponsor you then?"

"My friend Tommy set it up and he recommended that I get in contact with them and he also recommended this place to me to get the equipment I need"

Tori was starting to get a little suspicious about this guy called Justin but the fact she felt some kind of connection to him maybe romantic maybe not. But she was certain their was something about him. Before she could probe any deeper Dustin had returned with Kelly.

"So I hear your taking part in the Dakar rally this year?" she asked.

"Yeah I came to see if you had the equipment I'd need to prepare my jeep ready for the rally, but Tori said that the stuff could be ordered for me?" replied Justin

"Good it's nice to see that somebody actually does any work around" she said in a threatening tone toward Dustin, Shane, Blake and Hunter. "I have an idea for you Justin it could kill two birds with one stone so to speak?"

"What's that then?"

"How about we become your title sponsor and give you the stuff for free and in return after the Dakar you do some advertising for us?"

"Deal I have to be in Reefside tomorrow for a meeting with two other potential sponsors do you want to send a representative to Reefside with me to work a deal through with the other two company's?"

"Yeah Tori would you mind going and representing us?" asked Kelly.

"Sure thing Kelly?" answered Tori.

"Great that's settled then when are you heading down to Reefside Justin?" Kelly asked

"Well I was going to go down after I'd paid for my order?" came Justin's reply.

"Ok then Tori how long would it take for you to pack a small bag for a few days?" asked Kelly.

"About 10 minuets or so"

"Well while I process the order why don't you go and pack"

"Ok will do" said Tori as she punched her imaginary work card and headed out the shop.

Tori Ninja streaked her way to Ninja Opps to let them know she'd be out of town for a few days. Then she Ninja streaked to her house and packed an over night back with three days worth of clothes and then just calmly walked back to the store wondering if the Conner McKnight, Hayley and Tommy were the same ones she new or if it was just a real strange coincidence.

'It must be them I mean how rare a name is McKnight' she said to herself as she walked towards the front of the shop she decided to look at Justin's jeep and weather or not it might win the Dakar 'what the hell is that thing?' she thought and as she got nearer the jeep seamed to alter it's appearance.

"Ok that's strange do I want to ride in that or take my van?" asked Tori to herself then to answer herself she said "Well it's probably more reliable than my van and theirs something about him that I need to find out, so what choice do I have"

Tori re-entered Storm Chargers with her duffle over her shoulder and went up to the counter to wait for Justin and Kelly to finish finalizing the deal as his title sponsor for the Dakar and get the estimate when the parts would arrive.

When they finally came out of the office Justin carried Tori's duffel out to his jeep for her and opened the door for her and closed it behind her then said to her "I just need to call Tommy let him know I'm bringing someone else with me?"

"Ok Justin I'll be hear when you're done"

"Thanks Tori" he said as he pulled out his Mobile phone and rang Tommy


"Hey Tommy its Justin just to let you know I'm bringing someone with me"

"Ok Justin who is it?"

"Her name is Tori she works at Storm Charges"

"Justin does she wear a lot of Blue like you?"

"Yeah I kind of have a feeling she's the Blue Ninja Storm Ranger"

"She is does she know you yet?"

"No I haven't told her why?"

"Just be careful she has a violent temper when she's angry"

"I will Tommy but I kind of feel something for her I think I'm falling in love with her?"

"Don't let the Blonde hair and stunning good looks fool you she has a mean streak"

"I'll keep an eye out for it see you soon Tommy were on are way down"

"Right see you soon little bro" said Tommy with a chuckle.

"If you were anyone else I'd punch you when I arrive" said Justin.

"But you won't. Bye Justin"

"Bye Tommy" said Justin as he hung the Phone up.

Justin got in Storm Blaster and buckled himself up and started the engine then drove away from Blue Bay Harbor and was soon on the interstate heading to Reefside and with Tori's help he'd seen Hayley's Cyberspace were the meeting was scheduled for in the morning as they made their way to Tommy's house and Tori was now getting curious it seamed that the Tommy, Justin had mentioned was the Tommy she new.

A/N 2 end of Chapter 1 I have found no other pairing of Justin and Tori together so I hope you like this one. Also if you can think of any other potential Ranger owned company's that could sponsor Justin and Storm Blaster feel free to offer them as a suggestion?

Let me know what you think of the story and any improvements that could be made.