Draco hidden secret but for how long?!

Chapter 1

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Storyline: Draco Malfoy is just starting his 6th year at Hogwarts. This year he has come back with a lot more secrets. These secrets are tearing the Malfoy family apart and saint potter stick his nose in where it not needed once again.

This fanfiction will be based around the books of harry potter OOTP and harry potter HBP. I will mix some things up from these books and will not be following totally the story line of either just in parts.

Warning: in later chapter there will be strong language and sexual content. If you do not like do not read you have been warned.

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Draco woke up running to the toilet third time that week. Draco was sitting on the floor of the bathroom crying and hoping that he was wrong about this. Before he had time to do anything there was knock on the door and he heard Blaise's voice, "Draco is everything okay? Just that you have been like that all week and I wanted to see if you were okay?"

Draco came out the bathroom and said, "I will be fine just an illness."

Blaise said, "Draco I was thinking maybe we could do something this weekend. We haven't done anything since the start of term and it is middle of October!"

Draco kissed him and Blaise smiled walking off. While everyone was out of the door he grabbed his bag and took the test out his bag knowing he was going to have to take it. He shoved it in his bag as fast as he could as Pansy came barging in.

"Draco what are you doing breakfast will be over in 15 minutes." She demanded.

That night, Draco went to the prefect's bathroom to take the test in private, he wasn't looking forward to the result. Due to the morning sickness he had been getting for couple of weeks now. He took the test and didn't want to find out the result immediately so he left it on top of his bag along with his clothes while he got in the shower thinking 'What if I am pregnant?' He was so preoccupied that he never heard the door open!

When he stepped out of the shower he stopped dead. There, right in front of him, was the raven coloured hair and body of Saint bloody Potter. He turned around to Draco to meet upset grey eyes. Harry Potter was holding his pregnancy test. Harry asked with shocked eyes, "Malfoy! Are you? I mean… I can't believe….. Is this yours?"

Draco answered, "Do you mind Potter?! I'm trying to take a shower and be alone. I came here away from the other Slytherins so you decided to bother me instead!"

"Draco is it yours?" Harry repeated.

Draco grabbed his clothes and the test long enough to see the two pink lines before dropping it on the floor his hand shaking from the shock. Draco started to cry more than he had in a long time. Harry tried to comfort and suddenly said, "Will you tell Dumbledore?"

Draco said quietly, "No I will not."

Harry looked shocked at him he was thankful he was dressed this time which stopped Harry from going red again, he said, "You have no choice Malfoy!"

Harry continued, "Draco your pregnant, how do you expect to hide that. I didn't know you were with anyone! You have to tell someone, even if it Snape."

Draco said loudly, "I can't tell anyone, I can't, it not Blaise's baby. I know I'm a slut I don't need you to help rub in!"

Harry couldn't believe this.

"Draco you don't know how many months you are and you have no idea what other signs of pregnancy you might exhibit. You won't be able to hide this forever, a couple of months at most. I had no idea males could get pregnant even wizards. Please let's go to Dumbledore or Snape."

After an hour of getting Draco to go out the bathroom and walk to Dumbledore's office, it was midnight and way passed curfew.

Harry knocked the door and felt his other hand wrap around Draco arm so he wouldn't run off.

He heard the same familiar voice say enter. He did so dragging Draco with him and said, "I'm really sorry about coming to you this late professor but it important and involves Malfoy." He handed him the Malfoy's pregnancy test. "I think that all the proof you need but I don't understand can wizard be pregnant?"

"Harry I will answer all your question in time but first will you do us a favor and get Professor Snape please. He is head of Draco house and therefore also needs to know, if anyone stops you tell them I have given you permission.

He left in a hurry….

Draco refused to look anywhere but at his feet; he was pregnant! He was carrying a child, in a couple of months this child would be showing. He couldn't hide it from Blaise, the closest thing he had to a boyfriend. What on earth was he going to do only thing he could think of was abortion!

"So Mr Malfoy" Dumbledore said, "you are a veela, I take it. Is it true your family have veela blood or is there another reason you can carry children? "

Draco knew it was a statement more than a question.

He said quietly still looking at the floor, "I don't care how much it costs, I don't care how painful it is, I'm having an abortion and that's final."

He finally looked up at the Headmaster's sad eyes, he said picking his words carefully, "Draco I wish it was that simple but in case you forgot, you will recall that according to magical law, a witch or wizard or any blood related creature to magic is not allowed to abort. You have every right to put this child up for adoption. You are in a condition which is very emotional but if you plan to give this child up it your choice and we will try you help you".

Snape and Harry came barging through the door that second.

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