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Chapter 29

Hogwarts was trying to get back to a normal day to day life after the burial. Professor McGonagall had taken her place as head mistress leaving two teaching positions open, potions and transfiguration. With a month of the school year left there was no choice but to cancel exams that were left. Draco who already taken his exams was not very happy and about this news along with Hermione.

The next day harry and just walked in to the hospital wing when Draco who folded his arms when he saw harry approaching the bed and said
"where are you been all morning?"
Harry couldn't decide with Draco was pissed at him or not from the way he was acting he decided the take the safe route and said
"I'm sorry I missed breakfast by time I woke up and got dressed breakfast was finished. I had to find Ron and Hermione they were outside by the lake. Afterward I told them I see them later and came straight here."

Draco who still had his arms folded said
"are you sure you came straight here? Are you sure you didn't stop by the kitchens?"
Harry had slight smile on his face and answered
"I may have stopped for a few seconds to pick something up."
Draco stood up from where he had been sitting on the hospital bed and said
"well while you were too busy flirting with the house elves I was getting pinched and poked all over by Cary!"

Harry took a step closer to Draco and asked
"what did he say?"
Draco eyes flickered at harry messed up hair which he hated and landed on his emerald eyes before he answered
"he needed to make sure I was capable of looking after the twins as he watched me feed, burp, bath, changed their nappy and clothes. Then he checked me over like I was a piece of meat said should be okay but I need to remember to eat and drink enough to recover from my operation and said should be free the leave these horrible walls go back to my own room."

Harry face broke into a grin as he hugged Draco and kissed his lips. After moment of remember they both needed air to breath they broke apart.

In the week Draco had been in hospital Draco's room seem to have been completely changed.
Draco and harry walked into the living area of Draco's apartment inside of the castle. Their jaws both dropped in shock, The 2 black sofa's where new and the scarlet carpet that we all over the floor. Parcels and gifts glittered all over the floor by the sofa's and fire which was not lit thankfully in the heat of the day.
Harry stepped slowly to Draco bedroom which he soon be sharing and looked at the new wooden furniture that had appeared. Draco clothes still folded neatly away. The four poster bed seemed to have become a double bed still with the same green Slytherin cover sand curtains as before. On the bed near the pillow lay two stuffed toys. One was of a snake and the other of a loin. This made harry smile for a moment. Harry didn't know who done this and wasn't sure of Draco like someone changing everything.

Harry looked to see where Draco was he was standing by the entrance to where the nursery was. This was first time harry thought he ever been to quiet. He followed Draco inside the room. It looked stunning like the rest of the place. There was the same cream colour of the walls and floor. Wooden cots and little light blue covers that were same shade of the light blue curtains and drapes. Along one of the walls was a shelf of books. Harry walked as near to the shelf to be able to read the title on a few of the books. They were books about caring and looking after babies. A wooden chair was in the corner by the window. The room was perfect once few toy and twins been added harry thought. Whoever had done this has been really busy.

They put the sleeping twins gentle down in there new cots and were still amazing when Draco came across a door by the bathroom. Draco looked at harry who shrugged.
Draco said
"I know this a door wasn't here by the bathroom. Draco walked in quickly followed by harry who had his wand out. Inside was a cupboard full of baby bottles and baby dishes . There was fried half of them was water the other half milk. There was also milk in cupboards and other things they were going to need.

As they went back to the living area Draco asked in confusion
"who in merlin name would do all this for us?"

Harry approached the desk in the corner of the living area to find a note:

I know you said you would be fine buying things for the children in our conversation the other day. I thought you maybe need help gathering the things quickly, I didn't want to see you struggling while you waited and I took charge of getting them fitted quickly. If there is anything you do not like it can be changed quickly.
You maybe are wondering why I did this for you. I have been studying male pregnancy for many years now and thanks to u I have chance to complete my research. Please do not think I used you and twins as a study case against your will. Your secret will safe with me. I wanted to thank you and help you with the twins. If anything is ever wrong please contact me. The time we spent together while you were learning to care for the twins you have become more of a dear friend then a patient.
I hope you really like everything you have done and you Scorpius, James and harry like it very much. Please take care and I'm sure we will meet again.
Cary x

Ps: I hope my present will come in use and I picked out the loin and snake myself. The answer to the question I wasn't Ravinclaw I was Slytherin.

Draco took extra time reading it once harry passed it over.
Draco and harry sat on the sofa looking around the all the parcels and cards.

Draco couldn't remember ever opening this many present. Bottles, books, clothes, nappies, baby carriers, double pram and many other things.

Draco was not happy about pictures that few Ravinclaw's had sent. There was another part to it that the person who had other part could whatever was in front of the pictures. Draco had almost blasted it to thousand pieces, he was planning to wrap it black up and throw it at their heads the following day.

Harry and Draco where getting use to the new surrounding when one woke up which woke the other. Draco went to pick them up followed by harry. Draco wasn't sure how he would cope alone with both of them.

Draco was starting to get the twins into a routine of getting ready taking twins out for the morning going back to castle having lunch, going back to room playing with twins until they fell asleep had dinner got twins ready for bed ad spend few hours with harry. Only person Draco same most days was harry which was starting to cause a few arguments when harry wasn't around much in the day.

Draco was sitting close to the lake with the twins were asleep in their pram. He was sick being inside with no one who wanted to talk to him. All Slytherin would smirk and make sly comments every time they saw him, the Hufflepuff and Ravinclaw would only want to see him to see the twin so they could tell his friend most Gryffindor wouldn't talk to him unless he was with harry, Weasley and Granger.

That day was no different no one bothered him until a shadow appeared behind him, he said quietly
"well sit down then".
He thought it would be Harry meeting him after another long and private conversation to granger and Weasley.

They sat down but it wasn't Harry, a girl with long dark hair, dark eyes, and her skin was rather pale and looked like she lost a lot of weight. It took Draco a moment to realise who it actually was.
He asked after a moment

She smiled weakly, Draco waited for her to explain what she wanted no one had seen or heard from her since the night Draco gave birth. The whole school knew it was her that had opened the cabinet and let the death eater's in. It was her job to let them know soon as Dumbuldore had left and Sophie job to get Draco somewhere where death eaters could take him from.

She looked around in her bag before pull out something wrapped in gold paper. She gave it to Draco and said

"It is for the twins. I thought may help them sleep. You can get it to sing 4 different songs I hope you don't have one already."

Draco opened it to find a baby mobile with little qudditch players on in different colours. Draco would never pick anything like this but it was still lovely present. Draco looked up at pansy and muttered

"Thank you if very nice gift, but you not here for that."

Pansy nodded looked down at the floor before started to talk

"Draco, I'm so sorry for what happened. If it wasn't for me you wouldn't of gone into labour more than a month early. if hadn't of let the death eaters in Dumbuldore would still be alive, Hogwarts would still be safe and each day we wouldn't be waiting for Voldermort to attack and take you or the twins and anyone else they liked. I tried to break Blaise's curse, I tried to fight I knew was wrong but I didn't want to fight him. I know he was dangerous, really he just wanted was information on you but I tried to stay away say no had seen you as much as I could but the curse was powerful. The dark lord will properly have me killed soon as we leave Hogwarts for not making sure they got you, Sophie is dead I'm the one to blame. I wanted you to know how sorry I really am Draco. I will be captured most properly that why I've tried to stay away from you since twins were born to give you a better chance but i wanted to see them just once and give you a present I've known you years and these last few weeks I felt so stupid and dumb and most the school hate me."

Draco understood everything pansy had said and answered

"i don't mind you holding them and seeing the but please understand if i don't give you any information about where abouts of me and the children will be staying for the fact of Voldermort getting hold of you. I cannot blame you for what Sophie did or blaise, Sophie knew what he was doing her mother been Voldermort supporter from the start and blaise did it to try find information about me and I am thankful you were strong enough most of the time to keep me protected that is a true friend."

Draco was so happy to finely have one of his best friends back. His ex lover and sister was lost what felt like forever now and even put their other best friend under spells for so long no wonder she looked ill, he hardly saw Crabbe or Goyle these days. Draco realised that it was becoming a war and knowing Sophie's body had been found meant everyone wasn't going to get out alive.

Harry hadn't quite told his friends he was planning to pack go live with Draco just yet, most his nights were spent with Draco and the twins. Draco liked harry around because of the special bond harry had twins knowing what the twins wanted, only way harry was able to explain was when he was Voldermort snake bit Mr. Weasley. The connection was all because when Voldermort came back to life Harry's blood was used. Only person harry had ever told was Draco.

The last visit to hogmeade had nearly been cancelled with last week's events but thankfully with a lot of excited students and with aurors finding no other trace of anything to do with volermort and any death eater they decided they were allowed but to be must be careful.

Harry was happy about this news, there something he was thinking about getting Draco before they finished the school year. He almost ran to Draco's room with massive smile on his face.

He rushed into the room frightening draco half to death. Harry was smiling ear to ear he said excitedly
"the hogmeade visit is back on."
Draco face dropped and his grey eyes opening wide with an emotion harry only ever seen once before bit he couldn't remember where.
Draco sat back down on of the sofa and answered
"harry we.. Well I can't go. The robes i order are coming directly by owl mail, it also too dangerous you forget I know how death eaters work they will have left things lying about. It too dangerous for them any further than the grounds."

Harry remember it was when Draco was giving birth, it had been fear. Harry said
"Draco, I wouldn't want you to come if it meant risk your other the twins safety. Everyone will be there, you deserve a day off just us four. We can do what you want them come back and we can have each other to ourselves again."

The way harry spoke made Draco feel safe and harry again, he was scared of something happening to any of them but he was last person about to admit being scared of loosing something. Draco found himself nodded in agreement to going to hogmeade with harry.

Draco as walking with harry, the twins, Ron, Hermione, Pansy, Luna and Neville. They turned the corner into hogmeade, Draco and harry had not stopped arguing about taking twins away from Hogwarts with the death eaters attack weeks ago. Harry has finally won by asking a group of people to on them and be on a look out for any strange behaviour. It had settled the argument between the air but far from settled Draco's mind.

They first went to the 3 broom sticks for a drink, from moment they stepped through the door all they could be heard were sniggers and whispers about Draco and Draco and twins and new that harry was with Draco still hadn't died down fully.

Draco demanded after his second drink

"I wish to leave, I am sick of them staring coming out was a bad idea."

Harry said quietly
"dray, the world had to see them one day Hogwarts can't hide them away forever. It's the first public place people going to stare and laugh. I've had it for six years; please don't give them more to talk about keep calm."

Draco voice was starting to rise
"Harry Potter, our children are being laughing at, muttered about and have bigger target on their head by the dark lord than you do. Why do you think I don't want just anyone seeing my children!"

Ron stood up and said
"I'm starving let head to honey dukes. Malfoy's right the staring is creepy not the best environment for children."

Everyone quietly agree and didn't speak the whole walk. Draco heard harry mutter something but didn't listen they would have a serious talk to night about what he had just said n front of everyone.

Outside honey dukes Seamus, Ginny and dean were standing laughing. Ginny was the last person Draco was in the mood deal with after what had just happened. His pushed forward not saying a word to all three followed by pansy.

Draco wasn't happy harry had disappeared while he stood there with the twins and Ginny kept looking over she was obvious not over losing her child and never would be. As they were walking away from honey dukes harry appeared very flushed and red like he had been running.

Draco asked
"where did you go?"

Harry breathed deeply and answered
"forgot something."

Draco rolled his eyes not sure if he belive him and asked
"want to push the pram for a while?"

Harry took a step back and answered
"I'm sorry dray, I need to go find Ron be quick as i can."

Harry took a few more deep breaths before running off again. Draco couldn't wait t get back to castle he was not happy but the way harry had been disappearing and all over the place. He asked him to come least he could do was spend time with him but he was left with Granger and Pansy who could hold conversation if her life depended on it after what she had been through. Draco carried in toward robes shops as none of his old ones fit him properly.

They meet up with the other just as harry came running in the other direct. Draco was not amused by the site of him. Draco glared at him and said

"You said you were meeting Weasley."

Harry said

"I was getting treats for headwig. "

Draco turned the pram round and headed back to the castle, Ron, harry, Hermione and pansy followed. Draco didn't care right now and he couldn't keep his emotions off his face at the moment. He only stopped then they were both n his living area after putting the children to bed.

Draco looked at harry and said
"you have been an arse all day! You invite me out I only said yes for two reasons to get new robes and to spend day with you and the twins. The way you were in three broom sticks sound like you were fine with everyone saying whatever they liked then you kept disappearing every two seconds. That ruined my day made me feel so insecure and I had to deal with the Weasley girl by myself and you know full well I've not forgiven her!"

Draco couldn't remember ever feeling this angry over someone's actions. Harry was taken aback a moment before saying
"Draco calm down, I only forgot my coat in the three broom sticks then I got headwig some treats. You are acting like I did something wrong."

Draco hand went into fists and said through gritted teeth

"No I just had to wait for you to appear again! I could not keep running after you with the twin in there pram. You obviously didn't want to spend time with me next time don't ask me! I don't even want to talk to you at the moment."

Before harry could grab Draco he ran into the bedroom and slammed the door behind him. He placed a locking spell on the door he lay on his bed till he heard a sigh and what he hoped was harry leaving. He began to cry he was realised how hard things could become with Voldermort having a target on their heads.

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