Author's Note: This story is told in the third person, but it mostly surrounds Soul and Maka. This is a really deep and kinda serious story.I'm hoping you like it! Warning: Slight OOC, especially with Soul. I might change the title later on, depending on how the story goes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater...*sighs*

"It's so beautiful..." she said weakly. It was Christmas time. Outside, the town had set up a display of lights on all of the trees, which shone a soft yellow glow at night. It was a cold night with a slight breeze. Somehow, he had convinced her that he would take her to see the lights. He promised that even though her dad wouldn't let her leave, that he would sneak her out. They walked through the warm yellow shine of the lit-up town.

"How are you feeling? Want to take a rest?" he asked softly. As they walked she struggled slightly to keep up with him. Just then it began to snow. The delicate, white pieces of frozen water fell silently. She shivered a little. He took of his jacket and placed it around the girl. She looked up at him.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Its fine," he reassured her. "Let's stop here for a second," he said, pointing at a bench.

They watched the lovey-dovey couples pass by and watched as the snow fell before them. Maka tilted her head upwards to see the snow descend gently from the sky. He watched as a snowflake fell on her cheek and melted. The drop trickled down her face and onto the cold bench. He watched how the gentle breeze played with her pigtails and wished he could do the same...Suddenly she looked at him. He hadn't noticed that he had been staring. The boy looked away quickly, cheeks burning red. She giggled softly and snuggled his jacket closer to her body. Ugh, what am I doing? He asked himself. It had only been two months since he had met the shy girl. While walking down the hallway they had crashed into each other. He remembered...


He had been looking down at the hallway the whole time. He heard frantic footsteps approaching, yet continued to look down while he walked. Until all of a sudden-

"Oof!" a girl grunted while smashing into him.

"Argh! Dammit, why don't you watch-" he looked up. S-She's...cute... Two ash-blonde pigtails hung down and barely touched the top of her shoulders. Her bangs barely covered her eyes so that only small slits of her shocked olive-green eyes could be seen.

"Ah...s-sorry!" She said, startled. She got up abruptly and sweeped her fallen and scattered papers of the floor and into her arms in a messy pile. "D-do you need help?" she asked, offering a hand to the boy sitting dumbfounded on the floor.

"Uh...No! It's fine!" he said, ignoring the offered help from the girl.

"Once again, I'm really sorry!" She said again and continued to run down the hallway.

"Heh! I saw that, Soul!" a boy with blue spiky hair came up to him.

"Shut up, Black Star." Soul snarled.

"Do you even know who that is? That's Maka, and she an infamous loner. I heard some guys tried to ask her out last year but she rejected them all! Ha-ha! Losers!"

"I wonder why," Soul murmured to himself.

"Tch! Maybe she just wants to be a loser loner for the rest of her life!" BlackStar chuckled. "Anyways, I'm gonna be heading to class. You should too! Or else you'll be the loser here!" He turned and laughed.

After class, he passed a classroom and glanced in it for a second. And there he saw her, sitting in an empty classroom all the way in one of the window seats. She had a book in hand, but had seemingly lost interest in it and was now staring thoughtfully out the window. Soul paused in the doorway and looked through the window. What is she doing in there all alone? Just then, a small blue bird landed just outside the window. She stared at it for a moment, then held out her finger to it. The bird approached her unfamiliar hand. She was only a few moments from touching the bird but it suddenly drew back a fluttered away. She looked at it sadly as it got farther and farther away...

She was startled as the classroom door swung open with force. Soul stood in the doorway, and their eyes met. They paused for a second. Awkward silence.

"Oh, it's you," Maka said, breaking the silence. "Do you want another apology or something?" she asked sarcastically.

"No. It's just... Why do you always sit here alone after school?"

"Why? Am I bothering you?" she asked in an ill-tempered fashion.

"What? No-"

"Then why are you here?" she interrupted him.

He paused to think for a moment. There was no answer. Truthfully, he wasn't only drawn to her by just cuteness. It was something else. Curiosity, maybe? He was curious about this girl. Maka Albarn. For years, she had merely been a passing face in the hall. A lone girl in the classroom, with no one to talk to. A small little blue bird that comes close, only to draw back...

"Well?" he saw her eyes darken with sadness.

"You look really lonely and it's not cool that you're here alone while everyone else has a friend or two." She was hiding something, he knew it.

"'s nothing. Just leave me alone, okay? If I wanna be alone, then I'll be alone." Once again, the sadness entered her eyes.

"Maka, what's your deal? I was only trying to help!" and with that he walked out the door.

"I don't need help..." she murmured to nobody.


Great, she said to herself. The first person in years, and you blew it! After Soul stomped out the classroom she sat and looked down at her book guiltily. No, another voice argued in her head. It wouldn't have been right. After all, he wuld never allow it. He never allowed anything to happen to me ever since Mom left. But I do admit, it's getting kinda lonely...

Of all people, why would Soul even notice me? After all these years, too. Now he decides to finally talk to me? She remembered watching Soul as he talked with his friends and envied him.

She went back to staring wistfully out the window, hoping that the little blue bird would return to greet her again. With trembling hands, she struggled to grrip her hard-cover book in hand. Maka felt her face go hot and got tired of holding back her tears. Idiot! Why are you crying at a time like this! She fought within herself to prevent more tears from falling down her face.

She felt trapped within her own world, and there was nothing a boy like Soul could do. She knew it. No one could do anything for her.


"Can you believe her, BlackStar?" Soul complained to his best friend. Tsubaki stood next to him. She was always by his side.

"What were you expecting from a girl like Maka? I told you man, she's a loner. I heard Kidd tried to ask her out last year, but she flat out rejected him. Ahaha! No girl in this school is able to resist Kidd!" BlackStar laughed.

"Maybe the poor girl has problems at home!" Tsubaki chimed in sadly. "We should all try and talk to her one day," she suggested.

"Nah, she's hopeless anyways!" BlackStar replied. "I gotta be heading home now," he said making his way out the door of the school.

"Alright then. See you around."

"Wait a sec I'm coming too!" Tsubaki rushed out after him.

"Hmm...what am I gonna do about her?" Of course, he was still worrying. He started walking towards the door to leave but then heard a door open. As soon as Maka stepped out, his heart jumped a little. Her face still wore the same sadness as before and she looked as if she was deep in thought. Looking up, she spotted him gawking at her. Maka quickly turned away and walked the other way.

"Hey! Wait!" he called out to her. "I just wanna talk!" She stopped walking.

"Why do you insist on bothering me?" she asked, her shoulders tightened up as if every word she spoke was a painful burden.

"Why do YOU insist on avoiding me? And everyone else! It's not cool at all." Those words stung her. She felt it burn in her chest.

"You won't understand!" she cried, clenching her fists so that her palms were pale white. "It's not like I want to..." she whispered.

"What did you say?"

Maka thought for a moment. Maybe this was her moment. She could finally let someone in. But what could this boy do for her? She turned around to face him and searched his crimson eyes for emotion. But in them were only concern.

Her shoulders relaxed. She sighed. I guess...I can let in someone in, even if only for a moment.