The beginning, or about four months into life

"He didn't cry; but only stared at his mother quizzically, and then smiled." –Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

The baby's legs were taped to the floor, making it impossible to crawl away. The boy picked up the apple and placed it on top of the infant's head.

"If you stay still, then this won't hurt a bit. Of course, this is my first try at using the bow and arrow. And since you won't hold still, I guess this is going to hurt you more than it will me." Bob raised the arrow and aimed it at his brother's head.

Just as he let go, Cecil flopped to the ground on his back. The arrow whizzed by where his head was two seconds ago, and the child sat back up.

"Too smart for your own good. And I would've hit you too."

Cecil sat back up and smiled.