Chapter 3

Yeah sorry about that rather abrupt ending so ta –da more things are revealed. By the way if deletes this story because it is rated T then I am just going to repost it. The reason why this is rated T is for swearing and the rating guide thing specifically said that things that have swears in them are supposed to be rated T. Oh yeah and by the way what I write depends on what I just saw for example Sollux is going to be in this story because I just looked at some Sollux fanart. Plus I'll probably some very subtle hints of crossover with some mangas/anime and I am going to mix some trackers into it as well. Oh and sorry for long Author's Note.

Disclaimer: I do not own Detentionaire or Homestuck, and Hussie why are you killing everybody!

Alice's POV

It was a pretty good day at school for me I mean I wasn't being bullied or anything and neither were my friends. That was pretty good and you see me, John, Rose, and Dave had been bullied at our old. Jade on the other hand though was homeschooled all the way until last year. Last year was when we decided to all come together and it wasn't much of a money problem than a problem of loneliness.

I mean after all the game took something precious from all of us: our family. John lost his dad, Rose her mom, Dave his bro, Jade her dog, Bec, and me my dimension hopping powers. This took away my family because my family only existed in a specific dimension.

I know that might sound weird but I am a dimension jumper after all. Now I'm not. Although on the bright side I still have my powers. By powers I mean I have magic and I am a mage. I can use, control, make, and summon fire, water, air, and earth and by summon I mean I can summon some magical/mystical creatures of the same element. Key word being some.

I always have been taught to look at the bright side of things though when I was six I realized how ridiculous and stupid that was because people do go insane from thinking like that. I mean I'm not pessimistic and I can be pretty optimistic but I'm not over the top for example I don't like being alone in an unfamiliar darkness. I don't go all crazy instead I just close my eyes and take deep breaths through my nose to get used to the smell then I decide what to do. I never go crazy.

Well almost never. Whenever an enemy that I really hate or I have a bad history with calls me a demon or a devil then I just snap and start trying to kill them with everything I got. Normally I kill the person but sometimes the person doesn't die like that fucking bastard Lord English. I really hate him. Sometimes this happens when I see blood as well, like a lot of it with a healthy mixture of violence.

Well anyway back to how the day went. Like I said before everything was going great and-

:33 *ac walks up to Alice looking very annoyed* ALice why did you break the fourth wall again I mean I just fixed that thing. (Why won't the greater lesser sign come out!?)

"Sorry Nep it just kind of slipped out (why am I using quotations?)"

AC: :33 *ac still looks annoyed* Alice it's because this is still in story furmat.

"Yeah but you don't have any" said Alice in a whiny voice "And arrgh this is so confusing!"

AC: :33*ac Yeah but that's because I'm using pesturchum furmat.

"Argh fine but for the record all I did was break one panel of the fourth wall plus whose idea was it to have the fourth wall made out of glass and to be like a window." Said Alice looking very annoyed.

TA: hmm, ii don't now maybe Hu2iie diid you thiink.

"Oh my gosh, Sollux when did you get here?" (Haha you know what screw it I am not putting my name before everything I say).

"Oh and where did Nep go?"

TA: 2he left to go and hunt for food for her lu2u2 or 2omethiing.

"Ah . . . hey didn't Hussie get shot by Lord English?"

TA:ye2 but he came back two liife

"Hmm thanks Sol."

TA: don't call me that iit remiinds me of Eriidan

"Sorry but I was too lazy to say your full name."

TA: . . . fuck you

"Aw so mean Thollux."

TA: . . . as ii have saiid before fuck you and that ii2 not how you say my name numbnut2

"Then how do you say it?" I asked with a sweet innocent looking face. (okay only once).

TA: . . . fuck

"Hee hee, well see ya."

Now time to go back to the story. Okay then (I'm sorry I had to break a panel of the fourth wall . . . well maybe another one as well whose idea was it for the fourth wall to be a stupid window.) so anyway as I was saying everything is going great at school and stuff like that. Then at the end of the day my cousin, Lee, asked me where I was living and I told him that me, John, Jade, Dave, and Rose all lived together. After all it isn't all that weird I mean John and Jade are ectobiological siblings, same with Dave and Rose. For me though it wasn't that weird.

It wasn't really weird honestly to tell you the truth. After all I had spent a lot of time with them especially the fact that I had spent a lot of time with them after something happened to their family. I usually spent my time with the trolls, though. I liked there grumpy nature and they just really like my family except only my family were a lot I don't know I guess they had a better temper.

They were always really awesome and I guess if most of the trolls became one troll then the troll would be like my family. It remind of my family too when they start bickering with each because almost no one in my family are actually related to each by blood or parents.




"Gog damnit, sorry to the readers."
Any ways as I was saying and Lil' Cal if you interrupt me then I am going to throw you into a black hole.

Anyways why don't we fast forward to when we are back at home. I went to my computer just to see the message That KK had left for John.

"Hey Jooohhn, Jaaade, Daaaavve, Roooossse," I called out to them "According to KK we need to have a meeting so can everyone log onto Pesterchum?" I got a groan of annoyance from Dave, an okay from Rose and Jade, and a cheer from John.

Dun, dun, dun what kind of shit will go down in the meeting/ chat?(yes I know a cliff hanger but guess what I don't care I mean it's not like anybody is reading this.)