A/N: This story came about because I wanted Meredith to live, among other things. A couple of changes made are that she, Elizabeth, and David are still currently on the moon and are unaware of the other ships. The Engineer has not attacked, which also leaves out the giant face hugger; for now. This isn't going to be anything terribly long, but we'll see as the story develops.

Meredith's POV

I sit uneasily in my chair. Fidgeting with my sweaty palms; I compose myself as best I can and type a couple of random keys on a keyboard. The monitor at the back of the lifeboat goes dark and then a clock appears. I clear my throat and speak.

"Lifeboat's log. The date is January 5th, 2094. This is Meredith Vickers. One of the three survivors of the ship Prometheus broadcasting this message at semi-full power. I'd give the transmitter everything it has, but android David says we need as much energy for life support as possible, so this will have to do. I'm not sure where to begin really. Three years ago a team of archaeologists discovered a bunch of ancient cave drawings separated by centuries, but depicting the same thing. They figured it might have something to do with how the human race was made. I didn't buy it, but my boss and father did. Peter Weyland of the Weyland Corporation funded their expedition, which brought us here to LV-223; a dismal moon light years from Earth. We found what we were looking for…did we ever. This moon is some kind of bioweapons testing ground."

I decided to pause the transmission and pour myself a drink; a glass of milk. Wasn't in the mood for anything alcoholic. Glass shaking in hand, I'm only able to manage small sips. I then restart the transmission.

"It's possible that whatever created these weapons…made us too. I know it's hard to imagine that we were made to destroy, but it does explain our violent nature doesn't it? We managed to ground the ship that housed the deadly cargo before it could reach its next location; Earth. But in doing so we lost Prometheus and most of the crew with it. The only ones left are me, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, and the android David. The android has been less then helpful as he had to enter some kind of sleep mode, I'm not so sure exactly, while he self-repairs the damage he received from one of the engineers. It was more extensive than we realized."

I take another sip and finish off my drink before continuing.

"As for the good Doctor, she has been periodically visiting the ship these past few days. I don't know what's she's looking for, but I sure as Hell am not going near that thing. It's brought nothing, but death. If anyone on Earth gets this message, send rescue fast. Our Lifeboat has enough life support to last for maybe 2 years. Maybe a little longer if we're lucky. Send a military class ship. Marines would be the best. We have to destroy that ship and any others like it that may be on this rock. It's the only way to be sure no one else discovers this stuff. End transmission."

I shut off the transmitter and lean back in my seat. I pour another glass of milk and this time down it in one gulp. It doesn't help...of course it doesn't. It's milk.

But it's better than just sitting around doing nothing. I should probably be out keeping Elizabeth out of trouble, but again I will not go anywhere near that ship. The most contact Elizabeth and I have had since knocking the Space Jokey, as I jokingly call them, ship out of the sky was see what was damaged in the lifeboat when it crashed.

Airlock breached

The minute I hear the computer's announcement, a gun is in my hands and aiming at the door in a matter of seconds. My heart pounds and my hands quiver; grip on the gun slipping. Footsteps approach and my finger is an inch away from pulling the trigger.

"Don't you ever get tired of doing that?" Elizabeth enters the room pulling off her helmet and I set aside my weapon.

"Until we get off this rock, no," I respond to her rather coldly. Why shouldn't I? It's her fault we're currently stuck here.

"We're the only ones on this moon, Meredith," she says to me strangely calm as she pours herself a drink too. Looks like vodka.

"A few days ago we thought we were the only living beings in the universe and that's no longer the case. Who knows what else is on this moon? Or in that ship for that matter. Why do you keep going back there?"

"There has to be more of those holographic recordings in that ship. It might give us some answers about whether or not the engineers made us," she responds.

"Well if that's the case why are you still wearing that thing?" I ask pointing to the cross she wears around her neck.

"Until we have a clear cut answer about our Maker Meredith, this is what I chose to believe in. Besides, even if they did create us, what created them?"

Elizabeth slides her glass to me and I pour her another drink.

"Either way you chose to look at it, we're nothing but abandoned creations. When God was dissatisfied with humanity he made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights."

"You're forgetting about Noah's Ark," Elizabeth reminds mine.

"Right. One family to rebuild the entire human race. I'd like to know how that worked. Funny how we nearly re-lived that same scenario with the Space Jockey, only the black liquid would've wiped us out faster. That and our 'ark' is now gone. Had we failed at stopping the ship, the two of us won't be repopulating any planets anytime soon."

Elizabeth finishes her drink and then pushes her seat closer to me. Her calm demeanor drops instantly and she snatches my gun from the table and points it at me.

"Well it's lucky for us that we won't have to worry about that since Captain Janek did what was necessary," she says. Elizabeth is all serious now and I don't dare make any sudden moves. The gun is pointed directly at my heart.

"Yeah, lucky. Especially since you aren't my type anyway," I joke in an attempt to lighten the mood, and I lay a hand over my stomach. Elizabeth keeps the gun trained on me and slowly lightens up.

"Wait a minute. Are you saying…?" She starts to ask and I legitimately laugh.

"No. Heck no, I'm not," I chuckle.

"Right," Elizabeth says skeptically. She stands to her feet and walks by me to the medical room.

"Going to check on your staples?" I ask her swallowing hard.

"They're fine. There's something that I need to check," Elizabeth says keeping her back to me. She opens the door to the medical pod and steps inside. Mere seconds later she furiously exits the room aiming her gun at my face.

"Where is it! ?" She screams at me. I jump out of my seat and put my hands up.

"Elizabeth, calm down! Where's what! ?" I wind up shouting at her.

"The alien that almost burst out of me! Where is it! ?" She yells again.

"Why should I know?" I lower my voice hoping to calm her. "If it's not here then it must've gotten on Prometheus. If so then it has to be dead."

Elizabeth doesn't put down the gun. It's shaking worse than when I held it. She looks back at the medical room and then at me.

"I can understand you not trusting me Elizabeth, but what would I honestly have to gain from double crossing you now?"

This seems to get through to Elizabeth and she lowers her gun and shuts the door behind her.

"I…I'm sorry Meredith. After seeing what the Engineer's cargo could do to a dead person, I could only imagine what that creature was capable of," she apologizes.

"It's…okay. Just remember that if I die you're going to be alone on this moon."

"There's still David," she jokes

I glance over at the android and scoff. "I bet he'd be real entertaining to be around whenever he wakes up or reboots. I never liked that android to be honest."

"He understands the ship better than we do. For all we know there could be a power source in there that can give the transmitter more strength," Elizabeth says hopefully.

Hope is something we could use a lot of right now. I hate how close we are to the ship, but there is not a thing we can do besides sit here and wait.

"You look like you could use another drink," Elizabeth says to me.

"Sure why not," I respond. I pour the milk and she pours the vodka.

"To rescue," I say and we clink our clashing beverages together.

Back inside of the medical room, the alien hides flat against the bottom of the medical pod. It half emerges from its hiding place and spies on the two women. It observes its unknowing future hosts and fully crawls into view. It has grown in size. It's a surprise that the thing had managed to keep itself hidden from Elizabeth's sight.

The alien spots Meredith turning in the direction of the medical room and crawls out of sight into one of the darkest corners of the room. It'll let them continue to believe it's dead for now and strike when they least expect it. Until then it will stay hidden and continue to grow.

A/N: Sorry for not using David in this chapter. I have to see the movie a second time (which I am) to make sure I get his characteristics down. Hope you liked this chapter. See ya!