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Meredith's POV

197, 198, 199, 200. I finish my pushups and my arms turn to jelly. They give out their support and I collapse to the floor; heart racing and sweat soaking my body. I roll onto my back and slowly sit straight up wiping some of the sweat away.

"Hey David. Can you pour me something to…?" I start to ask then stop.

He's still in sleep mode, of course; in the life boat's only cryo-pod I might add. It feels strange not seeing David around given how much we saw of each other back on Earth. Not that I cared really. He was always creeping around the Weyland Facility; just curiously observing whatever I did like he was a child. Then there were the times he could be downright deadly.

I knew he had something to do with whatever happened to Elizabeth's boyfriend.

"Try harder" my father ordered him. I seriously doubt that's what he had in mind. But there's no point in calling him out on it. All he will say is "I was following orders". Follow orders was all any of us did and look where we all wound up.

Since I'm on my own, I stand up and pour myself a drink; water this time. I haven't touched anything alcoholic since the first day we got stuck on this rock. Not sure why. Elizabeth on the other hand has helped herself to plenty of the vodka stored on board. Wasted does not even begin to describe her the prior night. I'm not even sure what time it was when she finally fell asleep.

I down my drink in one gulp and as I grab a towel to wipe away more sweat I hear movement from the other side of the room.

"Oooh, my aching head," Elizabeth moans. She's sprawled out on the only bed in the life boat. Seriously. You'd think they'd made this thing hospitable for more than one person.

"Had a little too much to drink last night?" I joke as Elizabeth gets into a sitting position.

"I hardly ever touched the stuff back on Earth," she answers shaking her head some. "But now that we're stuck here, I might as well try some new things."

I pour her a glass of water and drop in a couple of pills.

"This should help with the hangover," I say handing the drink to her.

"The designers thought of everything when it comes to this pod, didn't they?" She asks then takes a drink.

"Everything, but more than one cryo-pod," I complain again.

"How is David?" Elizabeth asks me.

I walk over to the pod and survey how far he's gotten in his self-repair…I really don't get how that works if he's asleep.

"Pod's been set to wake him up in about a week. Not that it will do us much good besides giving the boat another resident."

"Not like he will use up any more of the life boat's oxygen. Besides, I think we could use the company, Meredith."

"Have you ever tried making small talk with an android," I ask the doctor.

"Can't say I have, but anything is better than just sitting around and waiting for rescue," she says crossing her arms.

"It's kept me occupied."

"Really? Just sitting around here and occasionally sending out transmissions keeps you occupied?"

"There's not much to do on this life boat," I mutter.

"There's plenty to do. No point in surviving on a hostile world if you can't keep yourself entertained," Elizabeth says rubbing her forehead.

"What do you suggest?" I ask her and Elizabeth gestures to the giant monitor behind her.

"Don't suppose you have any popcorn stored in this life support module," she jokes.

"Nope. Yet another thing the makers didn't think to include," I chuckle stepping in front of the monitor. Not much else to do so why not? I tap the monitor and a long list of movies appears on screen.

"Do you have any preferences?" I ask Elizabeth.

"I am alright with anything you choose…as long as it isn't Rosemary's Baby," she comments.

"Of course not," I answer just as I was about to choose Rosemary's Baby. I shuffle through the films again eventually stopping on some James Cameron flick.

"Really?" Elizabeth dead pans at my choice of films. I turn to face her and cross my arms too.

"The more it eats up of our time spent here the better. Besides, I heard the movie is nice to look at," I said.

"Yeah, but I've heard that the story is rather lackluster," she criticizes.

"Those opinions are several decades old, Elizabeth, but hey. We get it out of the way now and we will never have to watch it again," I respond.

"You have a point there," she agrees. I plop down next to her keeping just enough distance incase she has any residual vomit left in her. While the opening credits begin to roll I look over my shoulder at the sleeping David. Sometimes I wonder just what goes on inside of that head of his.

The Engineer's POV

Abominations. All of them, I think traversing the dark corridors of my ship.

I lost track of how many days it had been since they had grounded my ship. The damage was extensive and just when I thought I finished locating the points that needed repair another would appear. It will take weeks to fix all of this by myself. And that human woman; always exploring this ship. I'd kill her now if it weren't for the injuries I sustained in the crash. I'll heal soon enough, however, and when I do I'll show her just why I despise humanity. She deserves it after what humans had done.