"On the Seas"

Alexis 'Lexi' Hiwatari stood out on the sky deck watching the sun set over the water, the sky turning orange and pink from the light.

She leaned on the railing and smiled, breathing in the fresh sea air.

It was only a day ago that she had quite her old team the All Starz to join the Blade Breakers to be closer to her adoptive brother Max Tate and her biological twin brother Kai Hiwatari, who is usually known for being cold and mean, but he had gradually softened up when Lexi had joined and also smiled more, even if it was just a small grin.

Lexi was still able to talk to her adoptive mother Judy and her old teammates through video chatting on the computer and had just finished talking with Emily York and she told her about how badlt the two Hiwataris had scared him with their famous death glares that he had become kinder and more understanding, he even gave Judy a raise and the All Starz more vacation time.

Lexi told Emily to make sure the guys worked hard and to beat Michael if he skipped practise, which the ginger haired girl was happy to comply to.

"Nice view, huh?" someone said.

Lexi looked back and saw Ray Kon walking up to her with his usual smile and stood next to her to watch the sunset with her.

"It sure is." She said turning back to watch.

She was also having a great time with the Breakers.

They made her feel like she could open up to them and they always listened to her whenever she had something to say.

Tyson was a little hard headed though when it came to getting him to train and not eat too much, but she was more physical than Kai was and would drag the blue haired boy off to go train, saying that if he ever hoped to beat her one day, he would need it and that was all the motivation it took to get him to grab Max and Ray and drag them off with him to improve his game.

Lexi bit her lip in thought before she turned to the neko jin and he looked at her curious about the excited look in her eyes.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I wanna show you something." She said with a smile.

He looked confused, but nodded.

"All right then. What is it?"

"Just watch."

She closed her eyes as she brought her hands up in front of her chest, her breathing becoming more relaxed as she focussed on gathering her energy.

Ray watched and gasped as he saw white flames begin to dance around her fingers and crackle to life in the space between her hands.

"Whoa! How'd you learn to do that?" he asked as his gold eyes sparkled.

Lexi opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"Did you know that a person can channel the power of their Bit Beasts? The stronger the bond with your beast, and soon you will be able to even use their powers. But it takes concentration and practise." She explained to the bewildered neko jin.

She slowly let the flames die out before she crossed her arms and turned back to the sea.

"So we could all learn how to do that?" Ray asked.

"Yes, but it would be the element that you beast controls. For example: it would be fire for Kai and I. For Max it would be water and Tyson it would be wind." She said.

"I guess it would be lightning for me then." Ray said taking out his blade and looking down at the picture of his Bit Beast Driger.

Lexi nodded and looked over at him as he gazed down at his bit chip with a longing look.

She sighed as her ruby eyes looked out to the water as the sun slowly disappeared, the sky growing darker.

"Come on. Let's go inside before it gets dark." She said turning her back on the sight.

Ray followed after her, confident on becoming closer to Driger one day just like Lexi was with Dramonand be able to channel his powers and bring this new information home to his village to teach everyone.