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Two months later true to its word Shizuo awoke with a start to a pillow battering him, and Izaya's familiar voice berating him with the 'you did this to me' or the 'now I'm gonna be fat and ugly'. He groaned softly, deciding to pre-empt the tirade against him.

"First off, Shinra did it. Secondly, you're not gonna be fat and you're not gonna be ugly," too early for this shit damn it. He was a little sick of just small things setting off the informant. Yesterday it had been over a stupid curly fry... a curly fry! Izaya couldn't help it though, he needed or wanted stupid shit and he felt like someone had taken over his body and was making him feel and do and say things he wasn't supposed to say or feel or do.

"Wake up Shizu-chan! Come on! This is your fault anyways so wake up!"
"Fuck, IZAYA" he snapped looking at the alarm clock, "it's five am for Christ's sake go back to sleep!" he rolled over and away. He wanted nothing more than to sleep in, especially after his one am run to the convenience store for bitter treats to quell Izaya's craving, only to get home to find the flea passed out again. Izaya scowled, flinching though he knew Shizuo didn't see it.

"Just... tell me where you put the stuff I asked you to get earlier..." He did feel bad for doing this to Shizuo, he knew Shizuo was fed up with him but he just couldn't help it. When a craving hit he needed it like air and anything could change his moods.

"It's in the fridge, I marked your name on it so I wouldn't mistake it," he grumbled, shifting some and rather sleepily. He could apologize later, but his mind was telling him to be pissed off with how Izaya was treating him. Though to soften the blow he mumbled, "I love you; you know that right?" Izaya blinked and kissed Shizuo's cheek lightly in response.

"I... I love you too... and I'm sorry for annoying you all the time. Go back to sleep now..." He mumbled, barely keeping his voice steady. He wasn't sure if he was crying because he was happy or because he was hurt but he figured it might be both.

"I'll be up in a bit baby" he sighed softly as he drifted back off. Shizuo rarely used pet names with Izaya, but when he did they were concrete and sincere. Izaya smiled and wiped his eyes before going to snack on what Shizuo got him. He had fallen asleep waiting for Shizuo to get back but the craving hadn't gone away. If anything it had gotten worse until he woke up again.

Shizuo awoke around seven-thirty, feeling a lot better and a lot less irritable. He came into the kitchen and looked at all the empty containers and sighed, shaking his head.

"Did you even eat anything remotely decent for breakfast?" he asked walking over to the fridge and Izaya frowned.
"No..." He knew he should but he couldn't help it. "Ne, Shizu-chan, I left food for you right?" He hoped he had. Izaya was still getting sick some mornings, but the morning sickness was starting to subside too.

"Yeah," he said... Izaya hadn't though, really they needed to shop for groceries today. Shizuo then pulled out a carton of milk and poured himself some.
"We're also starting that dietary plan too so your junk is goin' out the window," Shizuo said as he rummaged around, "and when did Shinra say the first ultrasound was?"

"At four months... need to be in the second trimester or we won't see enough of it at all... hey wait, not all the food! Come on I'm taking the prenatal vitamins like Shinra said and I'm eating pretty good most of the time!"

"Yeah, but high fatty food content isn't good you need proper nourishment"
"Mmn... fine... I'll do better..." Izaya muttered, scowling again and rubbing his abdomen. He was so glad he wasn't showing yet... Shizuo chuckled and kissed the side of Izaya's head and bit his ear affectionately.

"We'll get a couple treats to be fair," He conceded with a small smile, and Izaya grinned and wrapped his arms around Shizuo in delight.

"Yay~" He grinned, delighted that he would get some of the things he craved. The problem was he craved things he needed, Izaya, for his height, was technically underweight when he was first impregnated and his weight had not started to change until just this week -something that had irritated the informant endlessly, he hated gaining weight.

Hopefully next chapter will be up soon presuming life isn't in the way... there's gonna be another time skip next! Baby is comin' soon~