Mass Effect 1-3

Pairing: Male Shepard/Kaidan Alenko

Kaidan's life has not always been easy. BAaT nearly drove him to madness, life after was a struggle, but now… Now he is ready. For whatever life tosses at him. Or so he thinks.

Author's Note: This is my take on Kaidan and his past. Most of the information is provided at his dossier at the Mass Effect wiki, but some are mere speculations from my side that I think make sense based on what Kaidan himself tells you during all three games.


The Start:

Kaidan looked down at the com-pad again, just reading over the requirements needed for him to even consider joining theAlliance.

He had thought about it a lot, or at least from when he was able to think straight again. BAaT did that to its… he hesitated to call them students, but that was the title officially. Bullshit of course, but he was among a handful of survivors who actually knew the truth.

Bottom line, BAaT downright fucked with a person's brain.

He focused at the com-pad again.

Physical test. Passed, with an above average result, which made him proud.

IQ test. Passed with top results, though he had no idea why. He didn't get the reasoning, only the results.

Biotical test. Passed with flying colours, his biotics spiking off the charts. He wasn't surprised when they asked for one. TheAlliancehad his files. All of them.

Drug tests. Cleared. He had been clean for over a year now.

Criminal records. To be discussed.

There were other tests too, small ones. Exams in history, maths, culture, racial tests; all passed. Thank the heavens that his time at rehab had left him with a lot of spare time on his hands to actually study up on this.

Thank the heavens for a father who dropped him a hint that reading this actually would help when Kaidan had said that he was considering joining theAlliance. The work, however, Kaidan had done on his own.

The tapping of a firm finger against the metal counter told Kaidan that the owner of said finger was getting impatient with him just staring at the com-pad. He had to make up his mind now.

With a fluid motion, Kaidan signed his name at the orange-glowing line before pushing it back to the officer behind the counter. Said officer picked it up and read it, muttering under his breath before looking at Kaidan.

"You'll have to talk to the lieutenant about some of your… points here, Alenko."

"I expected as much, sir."

"Ready to defend yourself?"

"I got nothing to hide, sir."

The man grunted again before he checked off the com-pad and dropped it into a small basket on the desk, letting it rest along with others. "It's just a formality," he said, jerking his head towards Kaidan, motioning for the young man to follow him. "To clarify a few things."

"Of course, sir," Kaidan replied, following the officer, duffle bag slung casually over his shoulder. He was prepared; it was nothing he hadn't faced before, except now he was older, smarter and had a clear mind.

The officer opened the door to a well-lit office and showed Kaidan inside, snapping a salute at a brusque-looking man sitting behind a desk. The man just nodded back at the two of them, not once looking up from the com-pads he was holding. "Have a seat, Alenko. Sergeant Robinson, you are dismissed."

Kaidan could see the officer's hand fly up again as he once again saluted before stepping out, leaving Kaidan alone with the lieutenant. He quietly walked over to the chair in front of the lieutenant's desk and sat down, looking straight ahead.

Don't talk unless spoken to.

Answer every question truthfully.

Do not deny anything.

His parents' advice buzzed around in his skull as he quietly waited for the man to finish whatever he was doing. He rested his hands on his thights, clenched them into fists. They were already moist from sweat.

"Kaidan Alenko. Born in twenty-one fifty-one. You will turn twenty-one later this year, no?"

Kaidan nodded. "In September, sir."

"Only child. You have a father who is in theAlliance, stay-home mom inVancouver."

"Yes, sir."

The lieutenant rubbed his chin, looking down at what Kaidan assumed was his dossier. He swallowed heavily, feeling his heart thump in his chest.

"You are a biotic, according to your dossier. And you were a part of the Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training at Jump Zero."

Here it came.

"Yes, sir."

The lieutenant finally looked up from the com-pad and looked directly at Kaidan, grey eyes trying their very best to burn a hole right through his head. "Alenko… I have read through your file a couple of times now. I know that you were in a rather… delicate situation at that particular camp. That you were part of a tragic accident that happened there and later suffered the consequences of what went on."

"That is correct, sir."

"Is there anything you wish to add?"

"I believe everything of importance is in my dossier, sir," Kaidan replied, looking back at the lieutenant, trying to look confident. "Everything from what happened at camp, my life after that time and my time at rehab. There is nothing else to add that I feel is needed, sir."

"I see." The lieutenant looked at Kaidan's dossier again, which in turn made Kaidan nervous. Exactly what was written there? Was there something he should have known about?

"Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?"

Oh boy…

"No, sir."

"For one, you have not applied to join the biotic training here at camp. Why is that?"

Kaidan shifted a little on his seat. "I do not wish to be viewed as 'a biotic', sir. I want to show that I can do more than just lift things with my mind." Also, he didn't want to be looked upon as a freak, he'd had enough of that in his lifetime, but he couldn't say that out loud.

"And it is nothing you wish to consider either?"

"In time, sir. I have thought about it and I may pick up on it after basic training."

The man grunted and nodded. "Mm… Normally, any applicants that show or are registered biotics are required to join basic biotic training, but seeing your… past at BAaT, I am willing to overlook that."

"Thank you, sir."

"Question two. You were given a full physical and during your scans, it showed that you still use the L2 implants and declined the offer to have them replaced with a better upgrade. Why?"

Kaidan took a deep breath of air, weighing his words carefully. "It is partly linked with the answer to your first question, sir. I did not want to join basic biotic training so I felt an upgrade would be a waste, especially if I end up not joining further biotic training in the future.

"Also, I am accustomed to the L2 implants, sir. My doctor says that I will most likely suffer periodic migraines despite replacing them and that replacing them may cause me brain damage." He didn't feel like telling the lieutenant that so far he was spiking higher than a normal L3 when it came to his biotic abilities. Then he would probably be forced to join the program.

"Fair enough, Alenko. Then I have only one more question for you." The man fixed his grey eyes directly on him, his face serious. "It says here you were in rehabilitation to get rid of your problems with Red Sand after BAaT and that you have been clean for a year. How is your stance on Red Sand, Alenko?"

"I won't touch the stuff again for as long as I live, sir," Kaidan replied truthfully. "My life while on it was a living hell, if you can pardon my language, sir. If I can help it, I won't go within ten feet of it unless I have to. And I will never use it again."

The lieutenant nodded before standing up from his chair, eyes never leaving Kaidan. He placed his hands behind his back as he took a relaxed, military stance, jerking his head up to gesture for Kaidan to stand up.

Kaidan took the same stance, looking up at the man. He was much taller than he looked.

"Based on your files, your results and the answers you have given me here, I will happily welcome you into the Alliance Navy's military training, Alenko. And for the record, your results and files alone were enough to get you in, but I just wanted to see what kind of man I was dealing with. Not many enlist out of their own free will at twenty-one, let alone people who have gone through the stuff you've been through."

Kaidan tried not to look too proud of himself. "I want to serve, sir. This time on my terms."

"Good man, Alenko. That's the kind of man we want here." He snapped Kaidan a salute, who returned it automatically, before reaching out his hand to shake the young biotic's.

"Your father would be proud of you, Alenko. Your training starts at oh-six-hundred hours tomorrow. Grab your gear, get ready and prepare. You're in for a hard ride."

Kaidan returned the firm handshake.

"I won't let you down, sir."