"He's going to tell her." Steve said.

"What? No, he can't do that! We told him he can't!" Andrew answered.

"Tori, look. I've been keeping something from you." Matt told her.

"What is it?"

"I- we-"

"Matt, just tell me."

"I- I don't know how to say it."


"I just don't."

"Matt, we can't." Andrew interrupted.

"I have to tell her!" Matt raised his voice.

"Matt, no." Steve said sternly.

"Why? Because I'm a girl? Because you don't trust me? Because-" She was cut off.

"Because nobody knows except us." Steve said.

"Then how come you said you'd tell me."

"That was- I was making a mistake." Matt admitted.

"Tori, even my girlfriend doesn't know." Steve confessed.

"Please just tell me!" Tori cried.

"We-" Andrew stopped.

"We have powers." Steve stepped in.

"You have-" Tori almost laughed. "This isn't Disney Channel!"

"We have powers and nobody knows. And we want to keep it that way." Steve said.

"I don't understand. What powers?" Tori asked, confused.

"We aren't exactly sure yet, but..." Matt trailed off. "It's complicated."

"It's dangerous." Steve added.

"I'm sorry, babe. I'm sorry I kept it from you." Matt kissed her. "It's a secret we need to keep." He kissed her again.