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It was a stormy Thursday morning and Matt's phone rang in the middle of class.

He causally picked it up. "Hello?" The other person on the line said something. "I'll be there!" Matt half yelled. He clicked off and ran out of the classroom.

"Mr. Garetty, where are you going?" The teacher called after him.

"Tori!" Andrew exclaimed. He ran out of the classroom.

"Mr. Detmer!"

"Sorry, Miss G, our friend is in the hospital and we have to be there." Steve ran after his friends.

They climbed into the car and practically flew to the hospital. Matt was the first one out, sprinting toward the entrance.

"Matt!" Steve called.

They ran out of the car, trying to catch up to Matt. Matt ran toward the elevator, pressing the "up" button impatiently. He decided to use the stairs. Panting by the time they got to Tori's floor, he shoved open the door and jogged to Tori's room.

"Is she awake?" Andrew asked behind him.

"She's awake!" Matt hollered.

When Matt opened the door to Tori's room, the nurse they saw the other night was there and the doctor was there, asking Tori questions. The nurse saw Matt and motioned for him to come to her. Catching his breath, we speed walked up to her.

"Yes?" He asked, still a little out of breath.

"She woke up a few minutes ago, as you know. After we gave her some time to refresh, we told her that she hurt her head, but she was better now. The first thing she asked was if you were okay, that's why we called you. She seems to remember you, but we don't know how much memory she has lost. She told us that the last thing she remembers was kissing you the first time." She looked up at Matt. "When was that?"

"That was-" Matt replayed memories. "That was last year, in January, on New Year's Eve, after midnight."

"Oh, that's good. She didn't lose very much of her memory."

That's not good for me. She doesn't remember everything we did from last year until now. "Yeah." Matt replied, his thoughts clouding his mind.

The doctor tapped the nurse's shoulder and said something in her ear. "Mhmm." The nurse turned her attention to Matt again. "I'm sure you would like to talk to her, come with me."

Matt followed the nurse. He saw Tori, laying in the hospital bed, smiling when she sees him approaching. On the left side of her head was where she hit her head. Covering it was a bandage. There're probably stitches under that, Matt thought. She didn't act like she had just hit her head on a concrete wall. Matt wanted to rip off all the tubes and wires that were attached to her so he could hold her. Instead, he sat on her hospital bed and kissed her forehead, on the opposite side of where her scar was. Her smile got bigger and she seemed less weak. She's not allowed to walk around just yet, judging by all the tubes and wires. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully.

"Matt." She said, weakly, interrupting his thoughts.

"Tori…" He whispered breathlessly.

"Baby, I'm hurting." She felt her head, giving Matt a flashback of what she did the other night.

"Don't worry, you're okay." He put her hair behind her ear. "I promise."

She raised her hand for a pinky promise. "Promise?"

They locked pinkies and he kissed her hand. "Promise."

Her attention went to someone behind him. Steve rested his hand on Matt's shoulder, and Andrew leaned against the wall.

"Steve. Andrew." She said, quietly and unsure.

"Hey." Andrew greeted softly.

"Hey! Your favorite lady-killer's here!" Steve said, trying to lighten up the mood.

Tori half laughed and half cried. "You're the only one, Steve. The only one I know." She looked at Andrew. "How's your mom?" Tears kept coming.

"Better." Andrew lied, not wanting to tell her that his mom was much worse.

She nodded. "Tell her…" She stared into space. "Tell her I love her."

Andrew nodded. "I will, Tori."

She took a deep breath, wiped her eyes, and transitioned her focus back to Matt. "I go home in a few days." She touched his face. "I miss you when you're not here."

"I miss you, too." Matt began to cry. He quickly wiped his face.

"Don't cry, baby. Please don't cry." She pleaded.

"I know. I know."