AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I'm breaking my rule about posting stories without titles because my muse wanted to work on the next story in my 'Family Ties' series. (Please help this poor story find a title. The only suggestion I've had so far is "If It's Broke, Fix It". If you can think of something else, let me know!)

Now, in case you're wondering, this story will cover season 7 and while the Leviathans will NOT be making an appearance, I will be including Beck and Sam getting married. (Trust me... cat fights aplenty.)

Also, just an FYI, I'm including the last scene from 'Pieces of the Whole' as a recap for this story.


(NCIS x-over—4th in 'Family Ties' series)

"Ready for the big show, Cas?" Crowley said with a smile as he looked at the captive angel. Currently, Castiel was standing in the middle of a ring of holy fire looking… Well, Crowley was going to assume it was the angel's 'pissed off' expression, although it was actually kind of hard to tell. "Now, I don't want to panic you, but I imagine this will hurt a fair bit," the demon went on as he started painting an elaborate sigil on the wall in blood.

"Didn't you mother ever tell you not to finger paint on the walls?"

Crowley turned and pretended to look surprised when he saw the Winchesters, Fiona, Bobby, Ellen, and a trio of angels standing there. "Oh, my," Crowley drawled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'm shocked by this unforeseen turn of events." Before anyone could raise a hand against him, the demon waved his hand and sent the whole lot flying across the room where they all landed in a heap. "Be with you in one moment," Crowley said, smirking, before he turned to the sigil.

Celeste looked at the demon and watched in horror as the wall began to break apart and a burst of white light sprang from the hole and was swallowed up by Castiel. "Cas!" She screamed, scrambling to her feet. But before she could run to her brother, she felt two strong pairs of hands grab her tightly. "No!"

When the light disappeared, the ring of holy fire was gone as well and Castiel was lying on the floor, not moving.

"Cas?" Dean said, hurrying over to the still form of his friend. "Are you alright?"

But just as Dean and Bobby knelt down, they were thrown back as Castiel suddenly rose to his feet. He looked at the others and there was the strangest smile on his face. "You needn't fear for me," Castiel stated, calmly. "I am better than alright." He looked at Gabriel. "My oldest brother. It is good to see you as an archangel again. And I am happy for you and your soul mate." Looking at Celeste, he added, "The same goes for you as well."

"Cas, are you okay?" Dean asked, looking at the angel with a puzzled expression.

"I am better than okay, Dean," Castiel reassured him. "I feel all the souls within me. Their power is mine now, to do with what I wish."

Sam was helping Fiona to her feet as the angel spoke and they both looked apprehensive at what was going on. "Uh… that's great, Cas," Sam said, tentatively. "So… What are you going to now?"

"I would have thought it would be obvious," Castiel replied, simply. "I am now your new God. A better God. You will bow down and profess your love onto me, your Lord."

For a moment, there was only silence until Crowley piped up, "If you lot don't mind, I think I'll take that as my cue to leave." And before even Cas could react, the demon had vanished.

"Look, Cas," Balthazar said, calmly, as he approached his brother. "I hate to rain on your parade but you are not God. And you'd do best to get rid of those souls before you do something irreparable."

But Castiel didn't seem to be listening. In a more firm tone, he repeated, "I am your new God. And since you are my loyal family and friends, I will spare you from my wrath as long as you do not cross me."

"And if they do?"

Fiona looked horrified as she saw Gibbs standing in the middle of the room looking… oddly calm considering. But as the sight of her godfather registered, Fi frowned. "Gibbs? What are you doing here? How did you get here anyway?"

The others—minus Castiel—all seemed to be thinking the same thing. But Gibbs just studied the angel-turned-deity and said, "You're not God, Castiel."

Castiel frowned at that statement and shook his head once. "I am God. I have the power and I will smite you if you do not bow down to me."

Gibbs shook his head and replied with one word. "No."

"Bow down or I will destroy you!" Castiel commanded, moving towards the NCIS Special Agent. When he saw Fiona run forward to intercede, Cas sent her flying across the room where she lay in a heap, unconscious. Looking at the others briefly, he said, "You will not stop me." To Gibbs, he ordered one last time, "Bow down before me or I shall smite you and all those you hold dear."

But Gibbs wouldn't be intimidated as he stared at the angel. "You are not God," he repeated. "That power you're feeling? That's the souls of millions of demons and monsters vying for control and the more you fight, the weaker you'll get."

Cas took a step back and raised his hand, glaring as he snapped his fingers to blow up the man who had dared to defy him. But to in immense surprise, Gibbs was still standing without even a scratch on him. "What are you?" Castiel asked, a slight note of fear in his voice.

Around the room, everyone else looked on with mixed expressions. Sam and Dean looked genuinely afraid while Bobby and Ellen both looked dumbfounded. Gabriel and Balthazar seemed unsure of what to do while Celeste on the other hand seemed… oddly amused for some inexplicable reason.

"I told you," Gibbs said, his blue eyes meeting Castiel's. "You're not God, Castiel. I am."

For a few moments, no one said anything.

And then Dean blinked in surprise as he said, "God?" Looking at Gibbs, he found himself completely dumbfounded. "You're God?" when Gibbs nodded, Dean asked, "And, uh… how long has this been going on?"

"Just shy of two years, roughly," Gabriel said with a shrug.

There was another long silence but before anyone could say anything else, Castiel winged out.

"Celeste!" Gibbs/God barked.

"On it, Dad," Celeste replied, winging out as well.

God turned to Gabriel and Balthazar and studied the other two angels. "Balthazar, I want you to help Celeste. Try and keep an eye on Castiel and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

Balthazar seemed amused by that statement and after a few seconds, he said, "Well, I think it's a little late for that, honestly."

Seeing Gibbs—God's—look, Dean quickly interjected, "He's got a point. You don't get much stupider than working with Crowley."

"Uh, Dean-o?" Gabriel said as he looked out the nearest window at the parking lot outside. "I don't think Cas is your only problem."

Dean darted over to the window and his knees nearly buckled as he looked down at his baby, now a crushed wreck. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no…. Cas! Not my car, you dick!" Turning to Balthazar, he snapped, "Find Cas! And when you do, tell him that my car is OFF LIMITS!"

"Dean," Sam said quickly, from where his position on the floor next to Fiona.

"Fuck," Dean muttered as he joined his brother. "Come on—we gotta get her outta here."

Bobby and Ellen hurried after the Winchesters, leaving the angels and God alone in the room.

The news of Fiona Winchester's accident brought a faint smile to the face of Atropos as she stood outside the hunter's hospital room, unseen by the crowds. The head injury wasn't serious, though and right now Fiona was simply sleeping off the concussion. But watching the hunter, Atropos wondered what might be the best way of permanently dispatching her.

"Whatever you're thinking of doing to Mrs. Fiona Abigail Winchester, I would strongly advise against it."

Atropos was startled by the sudden appearance of Death and she glared at him. "Cas and I had a deal! Fiona gets pregnant—she dies. End of story."

"I believe the particulars of the deal were that Fiona's bloodline wouldn't continue," Death countered, calmly. "Which is why Cas impregnated her with a different soul. One which you have already taken—against orders, I might add," he threw in when he noticed Atropos ready to interrupt.

The youngest of the Fates crossed her arms and kept glaring at the Horseman. "You actually resurrected someone I killed? For what? To screw with me? The Winchesters do nothing except screw with the natural order and you're going to reward them for it?"

Death said nothing as he waited to see if Fate was done with her little hissy-fit. When he was certain that she was, he explained, calmly. "Kelly Gibbs was not meant to die in the car crash that killed her mother."

"It was collateral damage!" Atropos said, angrily. "I thought she would survive! And what did it matter anyway? Gibbs still joined NCIS and everything still went the way God wanted."

The Horseman turned to look at Fiona for a moment before looking at Atropos. "All these years and you still don't understand."

Atropos was known for her temper and right now it was growing as it always did when she talked with Death. For some reason, the Horseman had an annoying knack for finding her button and leaning on them. "Understand what?"

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs is God's true vessel," Death explained. "And while Gibbs has repeatedly turned down God's offers to bring his family back, he has never lost the desire to be reunited with his lost child."

On the one hand that made sense, but Atropos still didn't get what that had to do with impregnating Fiona with Kelly Gibbs' soul. It wouldn't be the same as bringing Kelly back as the child would only have partial memories of her old life as she grew up.

But Death didn't even bother to explain properly as he turned and walked away, smiling to himself. Having had more than a few interactions with the Winchesters and their extended family, he knew that it was those bonds and connections that were the most important and what Atropos ultimately could not understand. Sam and Dean were so emotionally attached that even dying wasn't enough to tear them apart. Of all the human characteristics Death had observed, it was the idea of family that he was most fascinated by.

It was most interesting, though, with Sam and Dean Winchester, though. Death had seen siblings go their separate ways and even fight one another to the death—no pun intended. But no matter how dark things were for the Winchesters or how much the two brothers fought, they always seemed to come back together. Not even demon blood and starting the apocalypse had been enough to cause a permanent rift between the two.

Given all that, Death figured it was time to give Sam and Dean a break or two. True, they did have the most annoying habit of screwing up the natural order… But existence was far more entertaining with the Winchesters in the mix.

As soon as Crowley had scampered, he'd quickly gone to his last-ditch bottom rung hideaway—a trailer park outside of Manchester, Tennessee.

Shortly after setting up shop, the King of Hell made sure that the sigils to hide him from angels as well as keeping him off the demonic radar.

"Hello, Crowley."

The demon froze, turning his head only slightly to see Castiel standing in the RV looking rather amused.

"You look stressed," Cas observed, enjoying the twitchy look on Crowley's face.

Crowley swallowed hard and instantly tried to pop out but found himself grounded. "Bollocks," he muttered, realizing that he was as trapped and powerless as if he was in a devil's trap. Getting out of the rather uncomfortable chair he'd been sitting in, he said, "So the jig is up… You found me."

"I never lost you," Castiel replied, looking at the sigils on the walls and ceiling.

"No, but you tried to lose us," Celeste said as she winged in followed by Balthazar. Seeing her brother about to try and kill her, she held out a hand and sent him up against the nearest wall. "Handy trick, huh? Dad loaned me some of his powers. You're coming with us, Cas. You and Crowley."

"I'm sorry, but why me?" Crowley asked, not liking the angel's tone.

"For starters, what you did to my brother," Balthazar replied, coldly. "And for what you did to Sam Winchester. And by the way…" Pulling out a sawed-off shotgun, he fired at Crowley who was thrown backwards by the blast. "Dean sends his regards."

Lying on his back on the front seat of the Impala, feet braced against the roof, Dean pushed as hard as he could, hearing the metal groan as he tried to fix his car.

Everything was so fucked up right now.

Cas was on the world's biggest power trip, Sam's brain was a mess of hallucinations and Hell flashbacks, Ziva was getting more and more temperamental due to pregnancy hormones… and now Fiona was pregnant as well.

"Need a hand, Bigwig?"

Looking up, Dean was surprised to see Sam standing next to the window. "First time you've called me that in years," Dean said as he climbed out of the car. Studying his brother with the practiced intensity that only an older sibling could possess, he asked, "How you doing?"

"I'm… I'm alive," Sam shrugged as he circled the car. "Fi's still out. Gabriel brought her over before dawn this morning. She was still asleep. Docs think that she'll be fine."

Dean just nodded without saying a word but he noticed how quiet Sam was being and that usually happened when something was bothering him. "What about you?"

"I'm good," Sam replied, quickly. "Anna's still hanging around but Lucifer's not, so…" He knew that wasn't what his brother was talking about but he didn't want to talk about the real issues. Fiona being pregnant changed everything. Once this whole mess with Cas was over, Sam thought about what he would do now that he was going to be a father. His own dad has dragged him all over the country on hunting trips and Sam wanted a better life for his own kid.

On the other hand, Jo wasn't exactly raised in the life and she still became a hunter.

"So how long until Ziva has the twins?" Sam asked, curiously.

Dean perched on the rear corner of the Impala and shrugged. "Couple months."

"Figured out names yet?" Sam wanted to know. Last he'd heard, Dean and Ziva hadn't settled on any yet.

This managed to get a smile from Dean and he grabbed a pair of beers from the cooler nearby. Handing one to Sam, he said, "Well, Ziva's having a boy and a girl. So we're naming our son Robert Jonathan and our daughter Beretta Talitha."

Sam paused with the beer bottle halfway to his lips and raised an eyebrow. "You're kidding, right? Beretta Winchester?"

"I know, man," Dean said, shaking his head. "And Ziva came up with that one."

Sam let out a sigh and after a moment, he asked, "Look, what are we going to do? About Cas? About… About the fact that no matter what we do… we'll never really be able to quit all this."

Dean stood up as he nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you're right, Sammy. But right now we need to focus. Any word on Cas?"

"Celeste and Balthazar managed to track Cas and Crowley down," Sam replied. "That's the good news."

Not liking the way his brother said the words 'good news', Dean asked, "So what's the bad?"

Sam gave a wry laugh and replied, "After Gibbs—God—pulled the souls and other…whatever out of Cas, it drained his angel mojo."

"Come again?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow. "So what you're saying is that Cas is…?"

"Human," Sam finished before downing the rest of his beer. "Crazy, huh?"

Dean nodded as he started working on the car again. "Every day of our lives is crazy, Sammy."