The Belly Tales: Adventures of Liv and Fitz

Chapter 14 – The House that Perfection Built

Two Weeks Ago

Mellie sat perfectly still in her chair, her back rigidly straight. This was the second time in as many weeks that she found herself seated in the conference room adjacent Fitz's office in the Residence. Mellie honed in on what looked to be a chip in her recently manicured nails – forcing the commotion that surrounded her to become nothing more than background noise. Placing her hands into her lap, Mellie surveyed the room. She rolled her eyes in annoyance as she listened to Abby shriek, with all due respect, at Fitz about the morning Post article.

"Abby," Olivia warned.

"No, Liv. He needs to listen to me." Abby stood for effect. "Olivia's name is now out there. It's only a matter of time before shit hits the fan."

"I know that." Fitz answered, annoyed by her tone.

"Then do something sir." She shrieked. "She's going to be as big as a house by like tomorrow, with no would-be father by her side, and you're here with your perfect smile and yo—"

"Abby" Olivia admonished.

"Your perfect hair an—"

"Sit down." Harrison pulled her back into her seat and glanced apologetically across the table at Olivia. "That's why we're here…to figure all this out."

"I'm just saying, he has a lot less to lose…and I hope he appreciates that fact." Abby muttered defiantly as she glared at Fitz.

Mellie quickly dismissed Abby and Harrison – they were of little value to her and frankly bored her to tears. A smirk played on her lips as she watched Cyrus openly glare at Fitz. He made no attempt to hide his disgust at the President; and while he had given up on trying to change Fitz's mind, he was by no means an active participant in the quest to attain the "best outcome" possible. Why is he here? Mellie thought.

When Cyrus' eyes narrowed into tiny tense slits, Mellie followed his glare. Her smirk abruptly dropped and her lips formed a thin, tight line. Fitz, unaware of the audience he'd drawn, caught Olivia's eyes and winked – his wore a pensive, yet passive, expression on his face as he feigned interest in Sam's words. Mellie didn't miss the glare Olivia shot at Fitz nor the fact that Olivia had all but stopped breathing; neither did she miss the fact that Fitz's right hand was conspicuously missing from on top of the table. She raised her brow at Fitz when his eyes met hers and smirked at his expense when Olivia scooted further to her right, away from Fitz.

Mellie watched Olivia scan the room in an attempt to ensure that Fitz and his antics had not drawn any attention. Mellie's eyes mirrored Olivia's path and when Olivia's eyes landed on Sam, much to Mellie's dismay, her's did too. She cursed her betraying eyes when they refused leave his face.

Her visceral reaction to him once again angered and confused her. She wondered why his voice washed over her, feeling as rich and as smooth as the $300 bottle of wine she'd consumed the previous night. She wondered why his hair was so blond and thick – too blond, too thick. So blond that it seemed as though the sun had birthed a sun-baby and it had taken up residence on top of his head.

'Ugh, way too blond; much too thick and curly – my fingers would get lost for days in those curls.' She shuddered inwardly, belying the disgust she attempted to muster. Her scowl deepened as she stared at his lips. They were moving, yet the words were lost on her. Despite her best efforts, she also noticed that they were deep pink – the color of thoroughly kissed lips. She hated Sam Bosely.

Mellie's world had been picture-perfect, her life akin to that of a perfectly constructed tower of blocks. She had the perfect pedigree. She went to the right schools. She married the perfect guy. She bore the right number of children. She was the perfect wife. Every piece of her life had been thoughtfully chosen, meticulously placed, intricately woven with all other pieces, and irreplaceable. Fucking Fitzgerald.

So yes, Mellie hated Sam Bosely, because he didn't fit. But her Sam Bosely problem was merely that of an unwanted addition. She was much more concerned with the subtractions that had taken place.

She hated Fitz for leaving her. She hated him for having fallen in love with Olivia. She hated him for being weak and unfocused.

She hated Cyrus for having been so incompetent at his job that he needed his beloved fixer to save Fitz's presidential campaign. She hated him for having brought Olivia into their lives.

She hated Olivia – not for having saved day, for without her she would not have been the first lady – but for being susceptible to Fitz's advances. She hated her for not being able to stay away from Fitz. She hated her because she held his heart.

She swore vengeance against her brother, Judas, whom she suspected was not as innocent and concerned as he appeared. Et tu Brute?

Mellie was snatched out of her reverie by the realization that Sam's lips were no longer moving and the corners of his mouth were turned up. With a feeling of dread, Mellie's eyes left his lips, travelled past his straight nose and peered into his sea-green eyes, which she swore were mocking her. She defiantly held his stare and tried to ignore the flutters in her stomach. Fuck you Samuel Bosely. Her false bravado fled as quickly as it came when her eyes involuntarily dropped to his tongue, which casually slid across his bottom lip. Her eyes quickly left his face and focused on the portrait behind his head. She shifted in her seat, suddenly uncomfortable, and her neck and ears grew warm. What the hell is happening to me? She began to panic.

Out of the corner of her eye Mellie caught Fitz shooting a knowing look to Olivia.

Fuck you Fitz. Why didn't you fire him?! She thought angrily. The more Mellie lamented about the situation at hand the angrier she became. She felt as though she had been a team player as of late. With nothing really in it for her, she had gone along with the idea of a divorce and making peace for the sake of a pregnant Olivia and all of their children. All she asked in return was to fire one man. One man. A man Fitz didn't even like. A man who smiled too brightly at Fitz's precious Olivia; a man whose touches lingered on Olivia's arms a little too long for Fitz's liking. And yet, in spite of it all, he refused her this one request.

No more. Her back straightened and she once again sat tall in her chair.

No more. She knew her tower was coming down, but she would be damned if it came down on her head.

No more. When this house falls, it will because I pushed it goddamnit. She drew in a deep breath.

No more.



The room was instantly silenced and all heads turned toward Mellie.

"What?" Fitz eyed her suspiciously.

"I said 'no'." She rose from her seat. "We do this on my terms now. And I, for one, am done with this meeting."

"But we haven't resolved anything." Abby rose from her seat and faced Mellie, alternating between shooting daggers at Fitz and glaring at Mellie.

"For all I care you can tell the world she fucked my husband and is having his children. I. Am. Done." With that, she waltzed out of the room, leaving behind six people with stunned expressions on their face. 'Jenga, bitches!' She thought.

Fitz slowly rose to his feet and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Have Glen put out the press release announcing the divorce – seeing as how she has already signed the papers –and be sure to state that, as is customary, there will be NO comment by the White House as to my personal life." Fitz barked at Cyrus.

"Sam, let's see just how good you are. Buy me a week with the press about Olivia. I don't care if you have to carpet bomb a country to do it. Seven days."

"Consider it done."

"Good. In the meantime, it's about time my wife and I had a little chat." Fitz kissed Olivia on the cheek and exited the room.

Cyrus followed suit.

"You need me to stay?" Sam asked Olivia as he gathered his things.

"No Sammie, thank you. You work for them remember. I'll be fine."

Sam glanced at Olivia a final time then quietly exited the room.

Abby was the first to break the silence. "Liv, y—"


"But Liv…"

"I said no Abby. Give her some time, she'll calm down."

"Ok," Abby relented. "But if she strikes first, we have everything we need to bury her. You know that right?"

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't." Olivia joked. She began gathering her belongings.

"Hungry?" Abby inquired. "I've been baking again."

"Have you?" Olivia and Harrison laughed at the thought.

"Course. I wanted to be a good host to my newest roomie." With a small army of reporters camped out in front of Olivia's apartment building, she'd decided to stay with Abby, across town, for a while.

"Good…Margaret, Madeline, Hillary and I are starving."

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