Survivors Stories

Disclaimer: I only own copies of the Dead Rising games. Capcom owns the rights to Dead Rising.

Note: This is a story about the survivors in Dead Rising 2. I have only played Dead Rising 2, as well as Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, so I'll stick to what I know. This is also a story about the survivors and what goes on in the safe house, mainly character interaction, among other things. Hope you guys enjoy. Also, I am aware of some new survivors in Off The Record and we all know that Off The Record is mainly a "What If" type of story and that the original DR2 is canonical. However, I'll go with the survivors from both games and who were saved by Chuck first. I MIGHT use a few from Off The Record, as well as make reference to some of the missions regarding some survivors in the safe house.

Ch. 1- Survivors of Psychopaths

In a room in the safe house that is located adjacent to the Royal Flush Plaza, there sits Danni Bodine, along with Cinda Smith, Jasper Sanford, and Ray Teller. All four shared a common issue: They were held hostage by some really crazy people. They got themselves acquainted with each other and started having a discussion about what they had gone through. Jasper and Ray weren't exactly held hostage but were sort of witnesses or connected to what had happened.

"Danni?" said Jasper, wanting to try to talk to Danni, who looked very shaken earlier on. "Why are you wearing a wedding dress? Were you going to get married or something?"

"Something like that," Danni said, as she turned her head because she feels very reluctant in sharing her story. "I was kidnapped by some really crazy guy. One minute I was walking around Fortune Park, the next minute I wake up in a wedding dress and this creepy fat guy, who was wearing some S&M stuff, started calling me "Honey" and all that stuff, he got all fresh with me, started touching my body. I couldn't stand it. It was awful."

"Did you know him?" said Cinda, who seems really shocked at this whole thing.

"No, I didn't," said Danni, who then looked like she was about to cry again, even though she cleaned off some of the smeared eye shadow from earlier. "He had me tied up, he dragged me to the Swept Away Wedding Chapel. He had his father, who was a minister and owner of the chapel, tied up and tried to get him to marry us. He even brought along the corpse of one of his past brides. I was so scared. He had a really big chainsaw. Then Chuck came in and fought him. The dead bride turned into a zombie and then killed him. I never imagined my wedding day to be like that."

"That sounds awful," said Jasper, who is shocked over the whole thing.

"Wait until you hear what I went through," said Cinda. "Jasper and I were in the middle of the food court that was by the Slot Ranch Casino and were on top of some of the eateries over there. I went into Cucina Donnacci to get some more food to feed us to survive. I was then captured by Chef Antoine Thomas."

"Wait, do you mean the guy who owns Antoine's? I have heard about that guy." Said Ray.

"Yes, but he then put me in the freezer," said Cinda. "He was cooking human flesh. I even noticed a pot full of fingers and such. It was horrible. I don't think he worked there either, I think he was there to cook up something. I have a feeling he cooked up some of the employees."

"This guy was a cannibal?" Danni asked.

"Perhaps," said Cinda, shaken over having to share her story. "I think he was just staying in there to hide from the zombies. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed some of the zombies and cooked up. He was really crazy."

Jasper added something, "Damn, Cinda, I know all the shit you had to go through was crazy, but just be glad that you're safe. Chuck saved both of us from the outbreak and that nutcase."

Jasper hugged Cinda in the process.

"Man, and I thought that the guy who I had an encounter with was crazy." Ray decided to add his input to the discussion.

"What happened with you?" Danni asked, wiping off some of her tears and some of the smeared eye shadow.

"I was in the Fortune City Hotel," Ray said. "You know, the one with the mall that's still under construction. There was this mall cop who was like obsessed with Western movies. He had found some survivors taking refuge in some of the stores that were under construction and hung them. He claimed that they were trespassers. He carried a lasso and six-shooter gun. He also wore a cowboy hat. I swear, this guy was nuts. He called himself a sheriff. When Chuck heard me yelling, I thought that the mall cop was going to go after him and kill him."

"Damn," Jasper said, shocked at everyone's stories. "I did not think that some of the survivors of this outbreak would just snap like this."

"I still can't believe I was almost going to marry that…thing," Danni said. "I felt bad for the guy's dad who was killed by his own son, though it was an accident. I still want to get married someday but not like that."

"Do you have a boyfriend, Danni?" Cinda asked.

"Not anymore," Danni said. "We broke up a few months ago, I'm just trying to enjoy single life right now and then this happened."

"Well, all that matters is that we're safe from what's going on out there," said Ray, who is still relieved over what has happened. "Chuck has a lot of balls going out there and saving people and fighting off zombies."

"I will say this, I thought Chuck was going to kill me when I saw him," said Cinda.

"Wait, what?" Jasper said out of confusion.

"I saw the report on TV saying that the guy who started the outbreak and it said that it was him," said Cinda. "But I guess I was wrong, he has saved a lot of people. I can't imagine him killing innocent people."

"I don't know about you," said Danni, who got up from the bench she was sitting on. "But I need to go wash my face a bit. I'll be in the bathroom."

She then gets up and Jasper is looking at her a certain way, which then catches Cinda's attention. "Jasper, what are you doing?"

Jasper then turns over to Cinda. "Oh, nothing."

"Sure…" said Cinda, in a very sarcastic tone. "I see the way you are looking at her. Don't even try, she had gone through a lot."

However, Ray is glancing at Cinda, like he is maybe attracted to her something, which then catches Jasper's attention. Jasper didn't say anything, though he gave him a suspicious look.

I know what guy is up to. Jasper thought to himself. He is not jealous, but he feels like he might need to talk to Ray about this.