Survivors of Psychopaths (continued)

Words from the author: This takes place right after my first chapter. I have been meaning to do a continuation of this one.

Jasper and Cinda continue to have their discussion about Jasper's attraction to Danni. Danni had stepped out for a moment to go wash her face. Cinda got a little bit on Jasper's case for checking out Danni a little bit. Ray went to go get some food in the cafeteria. He was going to come back. Also, Jasper explained to Cinda about his attraction and how there is a little more than meets the eye.

"Jasper, you don't even know her," Cinda said. "Besides, after what she had just told us, the last thing she wants is to do is deal with another guy. I mean I thought what I went through was creepy but this girl? Sounds like the creep had major issues."

Jasper responds quickly because there is a little more than just an instant attraction he has towards her. "I think I remember seeing her before, maybe even a few times."

"What do you mean exactly?" Cinda asked, because she is a little confused.

"I recognize her," Jasper said. "I remember a few months ago, there was this girl who had a little too much to drink when we were tending the bar one night. She looked like an emotional wreck. I think both of us were working the bar that very night. She looked very down and mentioned something about a breakup and had more than a few shots. I think that was Danni."

"Oh, I think I remember that," Cinda said with her memory being refreshed. "I think she was out with a few other girls but I think it was Danni who was all bummed out. She had a few shots and some harder stuff. I think I remember both of us helping her and her friends take her out of the bar. I remember being worried about her because she had too much to drink that night."

"Remember when she mentioned earlier about how she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend?" Jasper said. "Well, I think that was not too long after the breakup. Besides, I felt for her because she looked very down that night."

Cinda is starting to see where Jasper is coming from. "So there is nothing else to it then?"

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Jasper said, saying it in a way that means that his attraction to Danni isn't exactly what a misconception. "I do have a thing for her, but I do remember seeing her and the same girls come to the nightclub other times and we kind of talked a few times when she was a lot more calm than she was that one night. I kind of developed a crush on her for some reason."

"Oh, it all makes sense now," Cinda said, starting to get what her friend is saying. "So you have had a thing for her for a little longer than I thought. I had a feeling she looked a little familiar, but she also looked like she had gone through a lot before. After she told us her story, there is no secret there."

Jasper and Cinda are both on the same page now.

"I might need to go find Ray right now," Jasper said. "I think I need to talk to him about something."

"What is that?" Cinda asked. "Anyway, I'll go find Danni. I might want to talk to her about what you and I just talked about to see if it's true."

The two friends split to go talk to who they need to talk to. Jasper came across Ray in the cafeteria where he was eating some food he had found in there.

"Hey," Ray said while munching on an apple. "Sit down, man. I want to ask you something."

"Sure, what is it?" Jasper said as he was setting himself on a chair.

"That girl that you were with, Cinda, right?" Ray said, all relaxed. "I am just curious, but does she have a boyfriend?"

Jasper knew right then and there that Ray was going to ask him about Cinda.

"I am just going to say this, Ray," Jasper said. "I saw that you were checking her out. But I am not mad at all, I just want to tell you one thing: Cinda has been going through some things right now especially with what had happened out there with her. You might want to give this some time first. She is a good person and I know that we had just met, but you seem like a nice guy as well. Believe me, I have seen my share of assholes trying to pick her up at the bar while we work."

"Where do you two work?" Ray asked.

"We are barkeeps at the Shoal Nightclub," Jasper responded. "You know where that is, right?"

"Yes, it's over inside the Yucatan Casino," Ray said. "I've never went into the nightclub, though."

The two share an awkward silence, but Ray continues to tell Jasper something. "I just think your friend is cute. I want to get to know her better, but if I am not mistaken, I think I saw you checking out that girl Danni. You know, the one in the wedding dress?"

"Okay, I'll admit, I have a thing for her," Jasper said. "But I know that she had gone through a very bad experience before coming here, so I'm going to give her some time before we can get to know each other."

Meanwhile, Cinda walks around some areas looking for Danni because she wants to talk to her about Jasper and how maybe she might be the same girl who they had helped once. Cinda sees Danni from a distance and calls out her name, which then draws Danni's attention. Danni looks over and starts walking in Cinda's direction.

"Hey, Danni, there you are," Cinda said as she approached her. "Hey, do you want to go and talk some more. There are some things that I want to know."

"Oh, sure," Danni said. Danni had washed her face from all the smeared makeup that she had on. She has less makeup on, but she doesn't look like the wreck that she was before. She started to look a lot like the beauty that she is.

Cinda and Danni continue to talk about the ordeals that they almost suffered. They're still shaken just thinking about what they had gone through.

"So tell me how exactly you came across that guy you almost married," Cinda said without hesitation. "I know it's a very sore subject and I noticed that you started to cry when we talked earlier."

Danni is surprisingly a little calmer than before, but she is still hesitant about talking about it. "I really don't know. I came out here with some friends, who I hope are safe somewhere. One minute I was trying to run and hide around Fortune Park from all the zombies and then I passed out and woke up in a wedding dress. I think this guy knocked me out. I just get grossed out thinking that he changed my clothes and what else he could have done to me while I was out cold."

"You said you didn't know him, right?" Cinda asked.

"That's right, I didn't know him, I had never met him before in my life," Danni said. "This guy was just really desperate. He said he was a virgin and he probably tried to marry me so that he could… you know. He was a very disgusting guy. I didn't know what to think when he was all feeling me up before the wedding."

"And I really thought that the cannibalistic chef who I had to deal with was creepy enough," Cinda added, feeling appalled by the situation that Danni had to go through. "The guy had human organs cooking up, but this guy sounds like a real pervert. To imagine what he could have done to you."

"Yeah, I know," Danni said. "We both got lucky, though."

Cinda feels like she needs to get something off her chest.

"Hey, Danni, may I ask you something?" Cinda said.

"Sure, go ahead," Danni said. "What is up?"

"What do you think of my friend Jasper?" Cinda asked. "I think he was checking you out when we all talked earlier."

"He seems like a nice guy, he's also kind of cute," Danni said. "But I just met you guys. I don't know about this."

"I know Jasper well, he's not a bad guy by any means," Cinda said. "He was just looking at you a little bit earlier. I am really good friends with him. He is a good guy."

"Well, I could just see about this," Danni said, being a little skeptical about this. "Don't get me wrong, he seems like a nice guy, but you have to remember that I went through a traumatic experience. I am not ready for this just yet."

"Danni, I am not asking you to date him," Cinda said. "I understand what you went through. I went through a traumatic experience myself, remember? I could have been cooked up."

"Cinda, you seem like a very nice person, too," Danni said. "When all this stuff blows over and we get out of here, I might consider it. Besides, I got over my ex. That guy is history. It's been a few months, so I'll think about this."

Cinda wants to add something, because she really wants to know if something is true.

"Danni, there is something that I want to know as well," Cinda said. "Have you ever gone to the Shoal Nightclub before? I think you look a little familiar."

Danni responds. "Yes, I have. I have been there a few times with my friends. It's a very happening place. Why do you ask?"

"Jasper told me that he thinks that he has seen you there before," Cinda said, not holding back any of what she and her friend had discussed before. "He remembers seeing you one night getting drunk because he said that you were depressed. I remember helping him and your friends get you out of there. He said that he has seen you other times when you were a lot better and he told me that you two had a conversation or something."

Danni is now starting to remember those nights of going to the club. "Now that you mention it, you two do look a little familiar. You two are the bartenders at that club. Wow, this is strange. I came across two people in here who I have encountered before. I think I was really wasted that night. That was fresh off of my breakup with my ex-boyfriend. My friends wanted to take me out to help cheer me up but I was really depressed that night, so I drank a lot. As for the other times, I do remember seeing this handsome bartender with a goatee. He was a really nice guy. That is so funny how I just run into you guys in here."

Danni and Cinda start to laugh a bit.

"I will try to talk to him," Danni said. "He seems like someone who I would like to know. By the way, did you happen to notice that guy Ray looking at you?"

Cinda responded. "No, I didn't."

"Seems like someone has his eye on you," Danni said.

Cinda starts to wonder if she should talk to Ray. Unlike the situation involving Danni, Jasper, and herself, she had never met Ray before, but she remembers his story about how he was in the South Plaza and ran off from some crazy mall cop.

The two then get up and start walking around to see what else there is to do being that they won't get rescued for another day or so.

Back in the cafeteria, Ray and Jasper still have their discussion about the ladies and also what they had gone through in the outbreak. They also seemed to start getting along more. Jasper sort of laughs about the psycho that Ray had to deal with because he didn't seem to have mental issues like the ones Cinda and Danni dealt with. Ray laughed about how the guy thought he was a cowboy, even though he did feel really bad about the survivors who he was with in the South Plaza and ended up being hung. Ray is just glad to be alive but he is still

Out of nowhere, Cinda and Danni walk into the cafeteria and met up with the guys. Danni sits in front of Jasper, while Cinda sits in front of Ray. Jasper and Danni get up to sit at a separate table from Cinda and Ray so that they can have a private conversation. They start to talk to each other more than before and seem like they are hitting it off in their discussions.

Later on, while the group were talking, Denyce and Vikki walk into the cafeteria to look for something to eat. Vikki is carrying the plant that Chuck got for her but the quartet overhears their discussion about what they had gone through as well. The four look at them with a little confusion because it seemed like there were a few others who had underwent the same thing that Danni and Cinda had gone through or something similar to what they had gone through.

All four of them get up and follow Vikki and Denyce and they go into a room and notice that Allison, Cameron, and Juan were in the same room. They had talked about their ordeals with each other.

"Wow, I guess it wasn't just us who had dealt with some psychos," Ray said, with Jasper, Cinda, and Danni looking on at their surprise.

Vikki looks up and sees the four and says hello and tells them to come in and join them. "We were having a discussion about the outbreak and what we had gone through before all of us got here."

The four slowly walk in and sit down on some chairs that were nearby. Cameron was still trying to relax his leg but he is better than before.

"Hey, we didn't realize that there were others who went through some ordeals like we did," Ray said. "What did you guys go through?"

"Let's just say that being a hippie is tough, especially when I had to deal with a total wackjob," Vikki said, as she was sitting with the plant in front of her. "I was kidnapped by some guy who had this vision of infecting other people. He was really crazy. He dragged me into a restroom. I think he was going to try to kill me and then Chuck arrived to save me."

Denyce tells her story. "I was terrorized by some looters trying to rob the drug store that I work at. They ransacked the store and were demanding that I tell them where to find a safe. Chuck fought all of them, though."

"Let's just say we were almost blown up," Cameron said with Allison sitting next to him and Juan sitting next to Allison. "But I don't think she will be doing anything like that anytime soon, after all, the woman almost got eaten by zombies. I don't know if she'll want to sing in front of zombies again. After being in here, though, I think she has cooled down a lot more than how she was before."

"Wait, that woman is here?" Danni asked.

"Yes, but she is a lot more sane than before," Allison said. "I guess the zombie thing cured her mentally. Well, to some degree, anyway."

The four decide to share their stories with the rest of the group. They all seem to have formed their own personal support group.

As for Danni and Jasper, they hit it off when they talked again and they had a discussion about the nights that Danni went to the nightclub. As for Cinda and Ray, they hit it off as well.