Castiel sighed, content. The bees were so beautiful, always buzzing, flower to flower.

"Two hundred fifty seven," the angel counted happily as the bumble bee landed on a tiger lily. He look over to the insect. "Congratulations. You're going above and beyond your duties of pollination."

He leaned back, assuming the cross-legged position he had been sitting in for the last nine hours. He loved this garden. There were hundreds of specie of flower, frequented by butterflies, grasshoppers, aphids, ladybugs, and best of all, bees. He had occasionally seen small mammals and birds pass through, but they never stayed long. Not like the bees. The bees stayed as long as their tasks of collection required, sometimes longer. They were content to simply buzz, land, collect; buzz, land, collect. No need for unnecessary violence, no, no violence was required in their tasks.

"You know, I used to partake in fighting," Castiel informed the bee. "I think your methods are much better... Especially the honey making."

Castiel started humming to himself, trying to ignore the gaping silence in his head. Something familiar pulled at the back of the angel's mind as a strange gust of wind blew through the flower garden. He looked behind him,
A strange-wrong blue box had appeared on a nearby patch of grass, the strange-wrong-disgusting-horrible-fearful-great-powerful-alien man standing in between the angel and it. Castiel smiled.

"Hello again," the angel greeted the alien serenely. Looking into its eyes, his face fell. "Why do you look so sad?"

The alien quickly replaced the pitying look on his face with a sad smile. "Nothing."

"That's a strange reason." Castiel said matter-of-factly. He looked up at the other man. He patted the grass next to him and smiled warmly. "Join me in watching the bees."

"Alright then." the Timelord sat down next to the angel, clasping his gangly legs up to his chest.

"I suppose it would be more polite if I stopped referring to you as 'the alien' or 'the disgusting wrong thing'." the angel said peacefully, watching a passing butterfly. He looked at the disgusting wrong thing next to him. "Although you still repulse me and make me want to erase you from existence. But, if we're going to be watching the bees in each other's presence, it would be more comfortable if we called each other by name. I am called Castiel."

"Yes, I suppose it would be easier if I could stop referring to you as just 'the angel'. I assume you aren't the only one of your kind." the alien said happily. "It's nice to meet you, Castiel. I'm the Doctor."

The Broken Angel and the Lonely God sat in silence for awhile, the only sound the occasional buzzing.

"I might be." Castiel said finally, focusing on a particularly fuzzy bumble bee.

"You might be what, exactly?"

"I might be the only one of my kind." the angel said nonchalantly. "My brothers and sisters are never this quiet. It distracts me from the bees. And the flowers. Maybe I should inform Dean."

"Multi-dimensional beings held together by a psychic link... Now that's broken and you've gone mad." the Doctor whispered sorrowfully.

"Oh, it's not me. It's everyone else that's crazy." Castiel informed him. He sighed. "Although, the silence does hurt, a little." he said, tapping his temple twice. "I think even Jimmy's gone, now."

"Jimmy being... your host?" the Doctor's eyes were carefully guarded.

"My vessel." the angel corrected. "He gave himself willingly. We aren't demons, we don't take them without permission. But Jimmy left, anyway. I don't know where he went."

The Doctor nodded, deciding not to press the matter. They continued sitting in silence.

"If it's any consolation, I'm the last of my kind, as well." the Doctor said quietly. "I went mad, too, at first. I destroyed anything I came across, committed more genocide than I had already." he shivered. "Being alone in your head, isn't it horrible?"

"I appreciate your attempt at comfort through solidarity, but really, I'm fine." Castiel assured him. "Everyone says I'm broken, but I feel infinitely better than I did before."

The angel suddenly looked around, realizing something. "Where's your human friend? The female you were with the last time we met."

"Oh," the Doctor looked at the ground. "She's- She's gone."



"That's okay," the angel said, pulling out a small cardboard box. "You can still play Yahtzee with two people."

I just watched the Supernatural Season 7 finale and I was just struck by the similarity between these two. Thus, this is now a two-shot.