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The Next Chapter

Chapter One: Reconnections

"Mrs. Masen! This is total crap. I did not start that food fight. Rebecca Smith told Bobbie Richert that he was gay and HE started it," Jorie said. Why am I a dean? Put a fork in me. I'm done.

"Jorie, it doesn't matter who started the food fight. You participated in it and you will need to deal with the consequences," I said, staring at the young girl. Her black hair was covered with ketchup and a few fries nestled in it. Her mascara was running down her cheeks and her lip was quivering. "Don't start with the lip. It won't do anything. You will spend the rest of today and all of tomorrow in the in school suspension room. Here's your pass."

"But, Mrs. Masen!" Jorie whined.

"Do you want an extra day, Jorie?" I asked sternly.

"No, ma'am," Jorie grumbled. She snatched the pass from me and skulked out of my office. Once she left, I sprayed some air freshener. The smells of cafeteria invaded my office and was making me nauseous. I leaned forward and smacked my head against my desk. I. Hate. My. Job.

"You know, Bella," Alice said as she leaned against my door, "that will not make the kids make better choices."

"Maybe it'll make my headache go away," I said to the floor. "I hate this, Alice. Three years and I hate my job. I should have taken Sherrie's job. Principal Masen sounds SOOOOOOOOOO much better than Dean Masen."

"Bella, you had triplets. You were a mess. There was no way in hell you could have been the principal for this crazy building," Alice giggled. "What happened now?"

"Huge. Massive. Gargantuan. Food fight during the 8th grade lunch," I said as I looked at my sister-in-law. Her tiny features were framed by a short black hair cut that flipped out. Her eyes were covered with a pair of rectangular frames. She wore a chic pair of black pants and heels with a red sweater set on top. Her body was extremely small, only 4'11" and she was in killer shape.

Alice frowned at my admission. "How many kiddos were involved?"

"Twelve. I just sent the last one to ASDA," I said. "My job is going to lead me to drink. Gah!"

"Perhaps the good doctor can cure your ills. With some hot steamy lovin'," Alice said with a suggestive waggle of her brows. "Have Edward live up to his nickname."

"God, I still can't believe I called him that," I laughed. "What the hell was I thinking?"

"You weren't," Alice giggled. "We're having brunch at my house on Sunday. Jasper has some news. You and Edward will be there, right?"

"Wouldn't miss it, Elf," I smiled. "Can we bring Nessie? Separating the dog from Marie is quite challenging. Marie is attached to the furball."

"As long as the furball doesn't shit on my carpet, then we're good," Alice smiled. "I'll talk to you later, Bells."

"Love you, Elf."

"Love you, Bells." Alice turned and left my office. I finished my discipline report and contacted all of the parents involved. Half of the parents were pissed. The other half were ashamed. I had several requests for meetings and I arranged for them to happen tomorrow. The school day was almost done and I needed to pick up my children from Nana's daycare. I love my mother-in-law.

Once the bell rang, I went outside and did my bus duty. I chatted with several students and shooed them onto their buses. After that, Rose came up to me and weaved her arm through mine. "I heard about the food fight, Dean Masen," Rose snickered. "Thank you for putting half of my last period class in ASDA. It made my day so awesome!"

"I'm glad I could oblige, Mrs. McCarty," I smiled. "They'll be gone tomorrow too."

"Sweet! Are you coming to the football game tomorrow night? Emmett is so nervous about making sectionals. He needs all of the support he can get," Rose said.

"Edward is working tomorrow during the day, so I think it's feasible. I don't want to take Lizzie, David and Marie by myself," I replied.

"How are things going with Marie?" Rose asked.

"Edward is talking to a colleague of Tanya's. Her name is Dr. Kate Diamante. She's one of the best. We're going to be flying out to Seattle in a few weeks. Hopefully she can give us some answers for my baby girl," I said sadly. My three babies were my miracles. David Anthony was my oldest, by five minutes. He was a mini-Edward in his mannerisms. However, David looked like me, with Edward's jade eyes. Elizabeth Tanya was my middle child. She was the leader of her siblings. Super bossy and boisterous. There were times where I think she's not my child. Both Edward and I are very reserved and quiet. Lizzie, not so much. Marie Esme was my baby girl. The youngest of my triplets. She was the spitting image of Lizzie but didn't speak a word. She also refused to be touched by anybody besides Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Sue, Charlie or me. Her best friend is her dog, Nessie, a puppy that the triplets received two months ago for their fourth birthday.

"How long will you be in Seattle?" Rose asked as we walked back into Cherry Blossom Middle School.

"A week. We're leaving on a Friday after work and returning the following Sunday, the weekend before Thanksgiving," I said. "I hope that Dr. Diamante will give us some answers. I want my baby to be okay. Or least have some answers, you know?"

"I know," Rose smiled. "Well, text me if you are coming. Okay?"

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, Mrs. McCarty," I said as I went back to my office. I grabbed my bag and car keys. I headed out to my car and slid into my beautiful Audi. I grinned as the engine purred. I eased out of the parking lot and drove to Esme's house. I pulled into the large circular drive and parked my silver SUV. I opened the door and headed inside. "Hello?"

"In the kitchen, Bella," Esme called. "We're finger painting."

"Oh, god," I moaned. I walked through the large home and saw the large kitchen table covered with a plastic cover. David had blue paint all over his hands and the button-down shirt he wore. He even had some in his chocolate brown hair. His tongue was sticking out as he was rubbing his tiny hands over the paper. Lizzie was daintily making a rainbow, trying not to get dirty. Marie was sitting in Esme's lap watching as her Nana was finger painting. "David Anthony, you are a hot mess, child."

"I'm blue like the COOKIE MONSTER!" he bellowed.

"Inside voice, boy," I snickered as I kissed his forehead. "What are you making, Lizzie?"

"A rainbow for daddy," Lizzie said with a crooked grin. "He loves my rainbows."

"I know. He has them in his office. Such a good artist, Elizabeth Tanya. When are you going to make me a rainbow? My office is rainbowless."

"How about you I give you this one, Mommy?" Lizzie said, her brown eyes sparkling.

"I would love that, Lizziebear," I said as I kissed her forehead. "It would look awesome on my door so all the kids at school can know what an awesome artist my girl is."

"Am I an awesome artist, Mommy?" David asked.

"Yes, you are, Cookie Monster," I giggled. "You are so getting a bath tonight, child."

"I had one last night," David whined.

"You are blue, David," I rationalized with my son. He's four, Bella. He understands SpongeBob and Cookie Monster. "How about you, Marie? What are you making?"

Marie smiled shyly and pushed the painting that Esme was working on toward me. I saw her tiny hand prints in the center of the white paper. Esme added some flourishes with her own fingers. "So pretty, Re Re. What's your favorite part?" Marie pointed to her hand prints and grinned.

"Me, too, little one," I said. I kissed her cheek. Marie's arms wrapped around my neck and she latched onto my body. She's such a momma's girl. I balanced Marie on my hip and talked to Esme. "How were they?"

"Angels, like always. Alice came and picked up Grace and EJ a few minutes ago. EJ was covered in green paint. Alice was ready to spit nails when she saw him."

"I can imagine. It's her fault that she dresses her children in designer clothing," I snickered.

"That's Alice for you," Esme shrugged. "Is Edward dropping off the angels tomorrow?"

"Yeah. He has a meeting at eight," I said. "Okay, monkeys. Let's go home! Nessie needs to go potty and I need to make dinner. Chicken tenders or tacos?"

"Chicken tenders!" David yelled.

"Tacos," Lizzie countered, glaring at her brother.

"You're the deciding vote, Marie," I said. "Chicken tenders?" I asked holding up one finger. "Or tacos?" I questioned holding up two fingers.

Marie responded with two fingers and buried her face in my shoulder. "Looks tacos, monkeys. We'll have chicken tenders tomorrow, David." He pouted and crossed his arms across his chest. "No sulking, young man or no piano time with Daddy." David's green eyes widened and he quickly stopped pouting. "Okay, go wash your hands and we're heading home, my artistic brood."

"I'll give Edward the finger paintings tomorrow. They need to dry, Bella," Esme said as she kissed my cheek.

"Thanks, Esme," I said as I followed my children to the foyer. "I love you."

"Love you, sweet girl. Say good bye to Nana, babies," Esme said. David and Lizzie hugged Esme's legs. I was putting on Marie's jacket. Once she was covered, I handed her to Esme who covered her cheeks with kisses. Marie laughed silently and clutched her grandmother's neck, tightly. I helped my other children put on their jackets and we headed out to the car. Once they were safely strapped, I drove my babies home. I pulled up to my gorgeous home and we went into the kitchen. I opened up Nessie's crate and we took her outside to go potty. Nessie finished her business and sidled up to Marie, kissing her nose. Marie cuddled her puppy with such love; it brought tears to my eyes. After a half hour outside, the children came inside and I put on a DVD for them.

I took out some ground beef and began sautéing the meat. I grabbed some rice and began preparing some Spanish rice and corn while the meet was cooking. I heard the garage door open and my face blushed. Edward's home. My gorgeous, intelligent, fuckhot, doctor of a husband.

"Daddy!" Lizzie shrieked as she flew past me in a blur of bronze hair and pale skin. I heard a resounding crash and I groaned. My poor daughter inherited my clumsiness. A few moments later, a wail came from the laundry room.

"Lizziebear, what did you do?" Edward asked kindly. I walked toward the laundry room and saw Lizzie on the floor, clutching her ankle.

"My foot, Daddy," Lizzie sniffled. Edward scooped her up. He gave me a kiss as he strode past me, putting Lizzie on the island. He felt around her foot and had her do some simple tests. "Lizziebear, you just twisted it. Let's get you some ice. You are so much like your mother."

"Hey, watch it, Dr. Masen," I snickered. "You can sleep on the couch, buddy."

"And who would that be punishing? You or me?" Edward laughed. This is true. I do not sleep well without my husband. At all.

"This is true," I said, arching a brow. "You are such a drama queen, Lizzie. You hang out with Auntie Alice too much."

"Auntie Alice is cool. She let's me wear her makeup," Lizzie said, her eyes wide.

"Well, Daddy and Mommy are going to have to talk to Auntie Alice. You're four, Elizabeth Tanya," Edward said sternly. "You don't need makeup." He picked up his daughter and carried her to the family room after he got an ice pack. "Leave that on until Daddy takes it off. Love you, angel."

"Daddy! Are we going to play the piano tonight?" David asked.

"Yep. Why are you blue, my boy?" Edward chuckled.

"I finger painted. The COOKIE MONSTER!" David bellowed as he pounced on Edward's back. "COOKIES!"

"Well, Cookie Monster, you are not playing the piano until you've had a bath," Edward laughed. "I don't want blue piano keys, crazy boy."

I leaned against the island and watched Edward interact with our children. He was the most amazing father. He loved his children in their own way. He doted on Lizzie, but not to the point where he spoiled her. Though she was a daddy's girl. David and Edward shared a love for science and music. They bonded over the piano and the guitars. However, Edward's relationship with Marie was probably the most touching. Marie didn't speak. However, she and Edward could carry on conversations with their expressions and their hands. She also loved when Edward sang. Her eyes closed and she had the most blissful expression on her face.

I also couldn't imagine my life without my husband. He was the single most important person in my life. Edward was brilliant, caring, loving, gorgeous and perfect. At the age of 37, he looked fantastic. His body was lean and muscled. His skin was pale and smattered with freckles. His bronze colored hair had some gray in it, mainly at the temples. It gave him a refined look. However, his potty mouth quickly put the kibosh to that. We have a swear jar in our kitchen. I think Edward's swearing will put our children through college. Marie is the most relentless. Whenever Daddy swears, she tugs on his pants and points to the jar. He grumbles as he puts his dollar in there. Edward's looks have grown more rugged with age as well. His smile is still crooked but it suits him. His eyes are bright and green, with crinkles around them from his constant laughter. And don't get me started on his perfect mouth. I love his mouth. And his tongue. I miss his tongue…

I finished dinner. I plated the food and called my four children. Yes, four. Edward can be as much as a child as my four year olds. They ran to the table and we ate a loud family meal. After dinner, I gave David his bath, much to his dismay. Edward and the girls were noodling around on the guitar until David's piano lesson with his father. After I dried my wriggling son and dressed him in his jayjays, he sprinted down to the grand piano in our living room. Lizzie and Marie came upstairs, with Nessie following them to put on their jayjays after we brushed their teeth. We headed back downstairs and listened to David's lesson. Edward was extremely patient as David worked through 'Mary Had a Little Lamb.' His brow was furrowed and he focused on keeping his good posture and correct fingering. I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. Edward looked up at me, rolling his eyes.

After David's lesson, we all went up to Marie's room and read a story together. Nessie was curled on Marie's lap while the rest of our brood were nestled in our arms. Edward read a chapter from Stuart Little, using goofy voices and everything. Our babies fell asleep while he was reading. Edward picked up David while I got Lizzie. We put them in their rooms and turned on their nightlights. Marie was petting Nessie in her sleep. I picked up the tiny dog and put her in the crate we kept in Marie's room and turned off her lights. Edward's arms wrapped around my waist. "I missed you today, Mrs. Masen."

"I missed you, too. How was the ER?"

"Fucking crazy. How was Cherry Blossom?"

"Fucking crazy," I sighed. "Why was the ER crazy?" Edward led us to our bedroom and we sat down on the bed.

"We have a new batch of med students. They are so dumb. I mean, what are they teaching them in medical school? I asked one to start an IV on a patient. Pretty clear cut and it took her ten tries and three blown veins later to get it. No, scratch that. I had to do it. I felt sorry for the patient who was covered in bruises," Edward grumbled. "Then we had a car accident. One of the med students puked all over himself when he saw this gash on the patient's leg. Puked all over me when I tried to calm him down and then puked on the damn patient. I think he's rethinking his career choice."

"I'm sorry, handsome," I frowned. I sniffed him. "You don't smell like puke."

"I showered at the hospital. He had fish for lunch and it was foul," Edward shuddered. "Ruined my favorite pair of pants, too. Damn it."

"We'll get you a new pair of pants, Edward."

"What about you? Why was Cherry Blossom crazy?"

"Food fight during one of the eighth grade lunches. Twelve students involved and it was an all out war. I think I have some ketchup in my hair. Little fuckers. I hate middle schoolers. No, I hate my fucking job. I'm so done, Edward," I griped. "I'm done with parents constantly yelling at me. Students disrespecting me. My co-workers on the administrative team belittling me. I'm must done. I'm better than this."

"I'm sorry, beautiful girl," Edward said as he brushed my hair away from my face. A few tears glided down my cheeks. "Don't cry, Bells. You'll get through this."

"Edward, I'm so close to handing in my resignation. I want to spend the day finger painting with our babies. I want to take them on outings like Esme does. I am so confused," I sniffled. "I want to try and fix Marie."

"Oh, baby," Edward said as he gathered me in his arms. "We're going to find out what's wrong with Marie. Soon, baby. Kate is phenomenal. She'll tell us what's wrong with our little one. In regards to your job, if you want to quit, then I'll support you. If you want to keep working, then I'll support you. No matter what you do, I will support you, beautiful girl."

"Edward, I'm hardly a girl," I snickered.

"Not necessarily. But you're my girl," he said with a husky tone. "Shower with me?"

"I do need to get the ketchup out of my hair," I said as I laced my fingers through Edward's bronze tresses. "And it has been too long since we've 'showered.'"

"Bella, I love our children, but fuck me they are three little cockblocks," Edward said. He scooped me up and carried me to the bathroom. "I haven't made love to my wife nearly enough." With nimble fingers, my clothes from work were quickly thrown on the floor. Edward's scrubs were in a pile next to mine. He turned and shut the door, locking it. "Hopefully, no interruptions."

"Hopefully," I said as I crashed my lips against his. Edward walked us to the shower and turned on the water. "Fuck! That's cold, Edward!"

"Someone owes a dollar to the swear jar," Edward snickered as he ran his lips along my neck. I smacked his shoulder, arching a brow at him.

"Yeah, for every dollar I put in, you put in twenty. So shut it," I said as I fell to my knees. I took Edward's cock in my hand and began pumping him. Edward moaned and leaned against the marble wall of our bathroom. I licked the head of his dick. Sure fire way to get Edward to be quiet is to give him head. He loses all ability to speak. Edward moaned and caressed my cheeks. I smiled before I thrust his cock into my waiting mouth.

"Bella, as much as I love you giving me a blowjob, I need to be inside you," Edward whined. "It has been too long. Please, baby?"

"Do you remember the last time we tried shower sex?" I asked as I licked his shaft. "I had to drag your naked ass out of here and call an ambulance to drive you to Craven because you threw out your back. Narcotic Edward was funny."

"Um, shit," Edward said as he scratched his head. "God, I'm so not thinking with my big head today."

"Nope. You're using the head I'm currently nibbling on," I said as I swirled my tongue on the tip of Edward's penis.

"Fuck the shower. Bed. Now," Edward commanded as he helped me up. He swiped a towel from the rack and wrapped around me. He put another towel around his waist and we went into the bedroom. Edward locked the bedroom door and stalked me until my knees hit the edge of the bed. He whipped the towel off my body and he pressed us back into the king-sized mattress. Edward sunk to his own knees and he kissed down my body. I had changed a lot since I had carried three children. My breasts were not as pert as they were before and my stomach was flabby. Rose told me to get a tummy tuck, but I'm not that vain. Edward never complained. He actually loved my curves. Whatever. You're married to Adonis and you're definitely not Aphrodite.

Edward's lips ran across my hips and he nibbled lightly along my inner thigh. With a soft tongue, he ran it the length of my slit and I moaned. Must stay quiet. Sleeping children. Want to get fucked. PLEASE. I bit my lip and looked down at my sex god husband. He smirked and he moved back up to me. "I guess I can't go down on you. You are just too loud."

"Damn it. I miss that," I mumbled.

"Perhaps in Seattle, Charlie and Sue can watch Marie and we can spend an evening in a hotel room. Fucking like bunnies," Edward purred as he nestled between my thighs. "But now, we need to be quiet." Edward slipped between my folds and I bit back a loud groan. Edward's lips covered mine as he slowly began moving in and out of me. "Holy shit, Bella. It really has been entirely WAY to long. I miss being inside you, beautiful girl."

Cannot form coherent thoughts…

"Edward," I said against his perfect mouth. "Harder, baby. Please. I need you to take me. Completely."

That was pretty coherent. Hmmmmmm….

Edward smirked and he threw my legs over his shoulders. He sat back on his haunches and began to pound into me, hitting the deepest recesses of my core and my body. With his dexterous fingers, Edward pinched my clit while he slammed into me. God, he's so big and wow…Edward Masen = Sex God. And he's mine. I arched my back and swiveled my hips with Edward's movements.

"Bella, I'm so fucking close," Edward panted. "Come with me, beautiful girl. I need to feel you come with me." Edward's ministrations of my body and his words caused my muscles to clamp down. My release triggered his. Edward's face contorted into the most beautiful combination of bliss and agony. Though bliss overwhelmed the agony. My legs fell of his shoulders and he collapsed onto his side. Sweat was glistening off his pale skin. He was breathing heavily. "Never can we go that long without making love, beautiful girl."

"Tell me about it," I said, looking over at my amazingly sexy husband. The fact that he could still get me all hot and bothered never ceased to amaze me. It must be his loving stare that he always gives me. That shit makes me melt. Every. Single. Time. "I love you, Edward."

"I love you, more, Isabella," Edward said. He leaned in and kissed me sweetly when a loud crack of thunder resonated through the house. We both groaned as we know that naked fun time was coming to an end. We'd be sharing our bed with three monkeys and a dog. It was inconvenient, but I wouldn't change it for the all the money in the world.

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