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And another small warning, some violence in this beginning, just letting ya know. Hope it's exceptional.)

Chapter 1

The canine strode across the land like he was the owner of it all. Like he was the only one out there, which was, of course, untrue. The groups of those after him attested to that. He was wanted by both man and wolf, for good reason too. The deaths of six wolves, eleven dogs, and two humans, along with severe injuries to countless others had been laid directly at his paws. While most of that was true, he had never touched a human. He had been falsely accused as the killer of the humans, just because of what he was. That had led to him being forced to hurt and sometimes kill the dogs, and later wolves, to ensure his own survival.

He'd gotten quite good at it, so good in fact that he didn't even feel it any more. The first time had been the worst. That was when he'd known they wouldn't forgive him. When he had realized that he had killed someone, then and there everything had been turned off. Now he cared about very little, and felt even less. So he often wondered why he didn't just let them catch him and end him. He wouldn't care… not after what they had done.

The pain from those memories was one of the few things he still felt. How much it hurt to see someone you cared about so much betray you right in front of your very eyes. And then to not even care about what had happened to him after that… The canine's eyes narrowed. That was his purpose. To catch the one that had hurt him. Make her pay for what she had done, and all the others that had had a part in it.

Of course it would be suicide to even consider going back there now. No, he would have to wait a while. Lie low somewhere, until the whole thing passed over, if it ever passed over. He knew the humans and the wolves would not let him get away so easily. In fact… He glanced off to his left. There stood a wolf, staring at him with icy eyes. He turned and met the gaze with one of his own, and more materialized from the brush and trees around him to encircle him. All it did was make his smile bigger.

The more the merrier.

These wolves weren't here to take him prisoner. He knew they were ready to end him, and were only restrained by their leader's orders.

Mistake number one.

With speed so fast he surprised even himself; he leapt forward, heading straight for the first wolf he had seen. The wolf leapt forward to meet him.

Mistake number two.

At the last second he dodged left, letting the wolf's teeth snap down on where his neck had been a moment before. This gave him the opportunity he needed, and the canine lurched forward to take the wolf's neck in his jaw. He ignored the taste of blood in his mouth and summoned his strength, swinging the still fighting wolf around and tossing it into one of his pack mates, sending them both tumbling to the ground.

Another wolf leapt at him and he rolled onto his back, kicking the wolf square in the ribs and causing it to sail over and land yelping at the base of a large tree. He was back on his feet in time to receive a slash to his right side, followed up by a pair of fangs sinking deep into his right paw. He brought his left down on the back of the wolf's head, either killing it or knocking it unconscious. He didn't have time to check which.

The wolf he had kicked and the one that had had his partner tossed into him were coming at him again. The former wolf thought he knew better this time, and charged instead of leaping.

Mistake number three.

He leapt clean over the wolf, earning a gasp of amazement from those still able to fight. He landed and was attacked immediately, receiving a cut just above his right eye and another bite mark on his right shoulder. Needless to say, it didn't end well for the two that had inflicted those wounds. Both of them now lie in pools of their own blood. Only two wolves still stood, and both of them were weary.

"You can walk away right now." He said calmly, staring the two down. He knew he didn't have time to wait around, reinforcements would be here soon. While he did his best to ignore his injuries, he knew they, on top of the countless others he had received over the past few weeks were beginning to weigh down on him. He was tired, hungry, and in need of a few days of sleep.

He took a moment to glance down at his left leg. A bullet had gone straight through it, now almost two weeks ago. It wasn't a big bullet, fired only from a small pistol, and it should have been healed by now. But due to his constantly moving around it hadn't healed, and as a result still hurt significantly.

The two wolves glanced at one another uncertainly, and he knew an advantage when he saw it. He leapt for the wolf on the right, striking it across the face with a downward swipe of his right paw. While the blow itself would've only left a bruise, his claws gouged the wolf's left eye, sending it to the forest floor, writhing in pain.

The left wolf on the left moved forward and struck him across the face, leaving yet another set of claw marks on his left cheek. The wolf ducked and dodged two more swipes of his paws before throwing itself and colliding head on with him. He bounced off the wolf and tangled his paws in its, sending both of them tumbling to the ground. The wolf, having the advantage of being well fed and rested, recovered first.

The pain of his injuries and the lack of food were taking their toll on his body, and he didn't know how much longer he could last. His vision was now outlined by a hazy red, and he knew it was time to finish this. He threw his entire weight into the wolf as they fought, but this wolf was good.

Time to see how good.

He feigned left and attacked right, scoring a couple of lucky hits on the wolf's left shoulder. He pressed forward as the wolf stumbled back, biting and slashing at anything the wolf left exposed. Finally, with one last downward strike, the wolf lay still, surrounded by his dead and dying comrades.

The canine took a moment to breath before limping off. He had to find a river to throw them off his trail, otherwise it would be all too easy for them to smell his blood and follow it. After a few minutes of an ambling limp he came across just what he needed. It was a small river, but it would do nicely.

He waded in, relishing the feel of the cool water washing over his body, numbing his wounds as well as cleaning them. He was thankful that the spring was finally here, because snow would've made it even easier for him to be followed. He wished he could close his eyes and just let the water carry him away, but he had more walking to do.

He swam up the stream a ways, going maybe two miles before deciding that was far enough. He got out on the opposite bank, feeling just a little bit better thanks to the cool water. He made his way steadily through the growing wildlife, relishing the songs of the birds, the tug of the wind on his fur, and the warm sun. It almost reminded him of… well, he didn't want to remember it. She meant nothing anymore.

Finally the forest gave way to a tundra that sloped gradually downward, new grass and flowers beginning to repopulate it. He could see down there a fairly large human town. Perhaps he could hide out here for a while. He knew wolves wouldn't come this close to the town and that it was far enough away from where he'd come to be safe for a while. He was sure he had lost the team of humans and dogs tracking him more than a week ago, but still it was better to be safe than sorry.

For now he would find a quiet place to rest, and then venture into the town later to see if he couldn't find something to eat. He only hoped that he would be safe here for a while.

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