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He remembered her last words. They burned, like a fire in his mind. She spoke, with labored breathing, "I love you, Harry." And then she stopped breathing. There was no dramatic exit. No last wish. Only those last words. And then Hermione simply ceased to breathe.

Panicked, Harry began to whisper her name desperately. "Hermione? Hermione? Don't die? Hermione!" He repeated it like a desperate chant, as if it would bring her back. But desperation falls flat on the deaf ears of the dead.

He bitterly remembered the last time they spoke, not argued, but had a real conversation. Inevitably, it mutated into another one of their arguments. She had stormed out, bitterly, pausing at the threshold of the door to almost whisper "To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful."

At first he had not realized the point she was trying to drive. Though now, as she lay dead before him, he realized what she had meant. She had loved him, and their constant arguing, and their constant bickering was putting both of them through Hell.

That had been the first somewhat civil conversation they had had in weeks. Their arguments were born of the resentment of how the war had displaced them; and their love, born of desperation. All a result of war. It did not make for a truly peaceful and harmonious relationship, but in these dark days, nothing did.

He muffled a cry of rage beating at the stone, and howling out his loss to the world. And for a moment, he found one he could blame. Not one, and entire family: The Weasleys. It was all that woman, the mother's fault. She was always trying to set up Ron and Hermione, him and Ginny; always encouraging them to stir up conflict between the pair. He stood shakily and let out a cry of rage. He made to walk in the direction where the Weasel- Family was hidden, but he was so distraught, so fatigued, that he simply fell. All he could do was howl his rage to the moon.

He did not know how long it was until he looked up and saw Hermione lying on the stone, where she had died. If he didn't know better, she could have passed as sleeping. Harry slowly crawled over to her and began cradling her lifeless body. Only then did he realize how misdirected his anger was. The Weasleys were not major antagonists.

The real one was Bellastrix Lestrange, Azkaban escapee, Death Eater, and servant of the Dark Lord. Bellatrix was also the murderer of Hermione Jane Granger, the brightest witch of her generation. He let out a shudder as he realized the date. September 19th, 1997. Hermione's 18th birthday- truly an ironic day to die.

As he began to rise, he kissed her lifeless lips, touched by death's pallor. He simply whispered to her "I will kill Bellatrix for killing you. And I will kill Voldemort," He let out a deep breath before finishing with a tone of finality "and I will kill Dumbledore. I swear it."

In that moment, Harry James Potter unintentionally made a Unbreakable Vow. This vow was not ordinary, or else it would not have happened with a single wizard. This vow was called the Anima Disiderium. It was directly translated as the Soul's Desire, it formed as a result of a deep passion, or desire born of love or hate.

Harry received a flood of knowledge at the same moment he made the vow- the Anima Disiderium. If broken it bore higher consequences than the Unbreakable Vow. One would lose their right to exist, and simply ceased. In some cases, their desire to exist was so strong that instead of ceasing to exist, they were forced into a endless torture, a Sicilian task, and when they finally lost their desire to exist, it did not matter. Because they had also lost their sanity. The Bogey Man, Tantalus, Carrie, and others all suffered because of it.

He would be placed into his body, before he had come to Hogwarts. And he would have to fulfill the vow before he reached his majority- or he would cease. The sudden influx of knowledge overwhelmed Harry and as crackling green electricity began to spread along his skin, he began to feel unbearable agony. He collapsed, unconscious, due to magical and mental exertion, as well as pain. Harry had a high pain tolerance and most would have collapsed as soon as they were touched by the electricity. And those who did not died.

The electricity began to crawl over him and rip him apart, molecule by molecule, almost like unraveling a ball of yarn. To any observer it looked as though he had been swallowed by a ball of green fire. And then, the ball vanished. Nothing was left. Not a trace of Harry. He had been literally wiped out of that timeline from that point on. Magical spells would not detect him, things he had majicked would break, and things he was tied to would become invalid.

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