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The black haired man's steps echoed across the large empty hall as his bright blue eyes focused on his left hand. Closing his fingers into a fist he felt his bones cracking at the joints and then with a sigh, he stopped his almost jog.

Fenrir had only done a fraction of his half of the bargain and Thanos had been captured by a group of menial, worthless humans, earthlings, Midgardians nonetheless. And then he had found out that the Gauntlet had been virtually destroyed by no other than Odin's adoptive son, Loki.

When had that twisted, rapacious, obnoxious and hateful J├Âttun had decided to turn into a hero? And to save the very same insignificant realm he had once tried to destroy. Perhaps it wasn't as insignificant as everybody seemed to think; Loki didn't think so; Thanos didn't think so; even Odin hold Midgard in a very high pedestal. The god of mischief and the mad titan had underestimated the human race's powers and defenses and in return they had been defeated in the most ignominious manners.

But it wouldn't happen to him.
Yes; he had set his eyes on that tiny little blue planet. He coveted whatever made them rebellious and brave. They might have been confusing it with idiocy and recklessness but he was curious.

After all, Odin had left the Cosmic Cube under their care not once but twice in over a thousand years. Odin chose to give it to those inferior savages instead of putting it under his care. He, who had been loyal to no end; he who had been by Odin's side for millennia; he who had been the only one to be willing to face numerous threats without putting the real in danger.
Unlike Thor.
Since that immature, vain, foolish boy had come into their lives, Odin had had no eyes for anyone else.
From the moment Frigga had given birth to the future king of Asgard, everyone was never good enough for the All-Father, only Thor.

He had witnessed Loki's catastrophic plunge into madness and his disastrous fall from Odin's grace. It had been very dramatic and, well, quite literal.

But he wouldn't be like Loki. He wouldn't. It had taken him too long and too much to get to where he was now. Looking down at his other hand he reminded himself of all the sacrifices he had had to make in order to fulfill his rightful revenge.

Odin and Thor would pay for casting him aside and they would kneel before him, begging for mercy and death.

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