Mr. Mom

It was a cold and windy night at the central Park Zoo, it was one of those nights that there are no clouds in the sky and you can really see the stars.

It is on this night that a certain lion was looking up at the stars mulling over today's events.

if you would take the time to ask anyone in the zoo they would most likely tell you that this particular lion never slid past "disturbingly-detached" on the emotional spectrum.

But all things aside he was a good guy its just that you got to get to know him first then his subtle insults just roll off your back like falling rain.

Nobody knows why he is like this, he just is, that and every time someone asks him he always responds with "Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to".


The third shift zoo workers were known to be the cruelest workers.

Steven Octavio was the cruelest he was the supervisor, and none questioned him.

He was making his rounds trying to wake and annoy the animals as best he could, When he heard a pitiful mewling coming from the other side of the main gate.

He slowly made his way over to the sound taking his time getting there.

When he got there he saw lump under a blanket, when he lifted the blanket he saw a baby female jaguar cub under it.

He picked it up by the scruff and looked at it closely, it made no sound its breathing was slow and uneven, he could see all of its ribs.

It was a gangly thing, he curled his lip in disgust he absolutely despised animals, his life's joy was making them suffer as much as he can.

He walked into the office with the cub he had had a plan, he was going to feed the lion and he would make the cub his unwitting desert it was perfect.

He got the meat together and put it over the cub and laughed, it was genius he went over to alex the lions exhibit and set it down inside and left.

Now alex was known to eat at night so when he saw him leave he went over and sniffed the meat, it smelled fine.

He was about to take a bite when he heard it meaw quietly, he picked up the meat and his eyes widened when he saw the cub.

He picked it up and gently looked it over and decided to move the cub to his bed.

He ran over to gloria's area, hay gloria wake up... WAKE UP GORIA.

"Hmm what is it alex it's like 3:00 in the morning what could possibly be so important that it could not wait until morning.

He pointed at the cub and after that she squealed and picked her up.

Where did she come from and why is she so thin.

"Steven tried to feed her to me but i saw her just in time,what do i do gloria by the looks of it she hasn't eaten in days, and you can see every rib and not to mention it is the middle of winter".

"Calm down alex and take a deep breath and relax, go to the penguins and see if they have a bottle and some milk i will keep her warm until you get back, and don't forget to warm the bottle in the microwave".

Ok see you in a sec" and with that alex ran off toward the penguins in hopes of finding what he needed.