So Many Tries to See His Eyes

It was a nice sunny morning in Titans Tower and the gang was just sitting around in the common room. It was Cyborgs turn to make breakfast so he started to make bacon and eggs. As soon as the grease aroma hit the air, Beast Boy said "Dude! How many times do I have to say it? I'M A VEGITARIAN!" Cyborg just looked at him and said, "Then make your own breakfast!" After that, he headed over to the couch where Robin was flipping through channels. "Anything good on?" he asked him. "Not really," Robin replied. "Wanna play game station?" Robin smirked. "Why do you ask? You know you're going to lose!"

"Oh it's on now man!" Cyborg shouted. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Beast Boy looked at the food on the stove. 'Look away,' he thought to himself. 'Just look away. You'll be fine if you just….'

"Help us…." Said a faint voice. Beast Boy's thoughts were ended by hearing this voice. He looked around to see if anyone had heard it. Raven was over at the table reading, and Starfire was watching Robin and Cyborg kick each others butts. No one had obviously heard it but him. "Help us Beast Boy, help…." Now he was creeped out. Then he saw where it was coming from. The frying pan! 'I'm going nuts!' he thought. "Help us fellow brother! Help!" the food cried. Beast Boy decided it was unfair that innocent animals had their lives taken to feed people, so he quietly picked up the pan and tip-toed over the garbage can. He was just about to throw it in, but then a huge shadow stood over him. " I hope you're not doin' what I think you're doin'." Beast Boy turned around to see an angry Cyborg. "Heh heh, hey Cy. What's up?"


"Put it back on the stove man." said Cyborg. "No man!It's cruel what happens to these animals!" Beast Boy shouted. "How'd you know I was even going to throw it out?"

"I'm half machine man. all my senses are better than a humans." Cyborg said. Then Starfire flew over. "I wish I had the powerful eyes of seeing," Raven then walked over. "You can shoot starbolts from your eyes Starfire. you don't need to be jealous of Cyborg."

"What can you do with your eyes friend?" Starfire asked her. "I can look into peoples minds. You know i can do that." Starfire then turned to Beast Boy. "What can you do with your eyes friend? she asked him. "It changes depending on what animal I am." he replied. Then everyone looked over at Robin. He noticed the silence and turned around to find everyone staring at him. "What?" he asked his teammates. "We were talking," Beast Boy said. "About out eyes and what abilities they have," said Starfire. "Then we were wondering," Raven said next. "How come we've never seen your eyes?" Cyborg asked. "Ummmmmm... my eyes just don't wanna be seen." he lied. "Robin, for what reason do you hide behind to mask?" Starfire asked him. "I have my reasons." he said back. "We don't care how you look dude," Beast Boy said to Robin. "You guys just don't get it," Robin replied. Then he got up and left the room.