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The titans barely recognized their leader as he walked through the door. He had his hair slicked down and his mask was off. Plus his costume was totally different. He didn't wear his cape, utility belt, or steel toed shoes, they were more like slippers. Beast Boy and Cyborg started snickering, but they quickly shut up after Starfire looking at them with glowing electric green eyes. "Okay, who are you and what have you done with Robin?" Beast Boy asked him. "Ha ha," Robin said back climbing the ladder up to the trapeze. "Now, for the first time in years ladies and gentlemen, Dick Grayson is back on the trapeze!"Cyborg said in his best announcer voice. Robin grabbed on to the pole, bracing himself. "The acrobat looks a little nervous folks, but hopefully he'll swallow his fear and perform!"Cyborg said into a microphone that had appeared out of nowhere. 'I hope he is the okay,' Starfire thought to herself. 'This must remind him so much of his parents.' Finally, Robin jumped and swung on the trapeze. "Woah!" Beast Boy emitted. "Wondrous!" Starfire bursted out. "Nice." Raven said smiling. "What a great performance folks!"

"Will you please stop talking like that?" Raven said annoyed. Cyborg didn't feel like getting thrown out the window again so he quieted. Up in the air, Robin was flipping so many times he'd probably set a world record. "Hahahahaha!" He laughed. "He's laughing?" Cyborg said shocked. "He's doing awesome!" Beast Boy said. After he said that, Robin landed on the other platform. Below him, his teammates cheered. "Can I go change now?" he asked.


The others let Robin change and then they all went back to the common room to watch TV. "So Robin, why didn't you want us to know who you were before?" Raven asked Robin. "You know, I don't really remember," he said. Robin and Starfire smiled at each other, because they were the only ones who knew the he was lying. "So what do y'all wanna watch?" Cyborg asked his friends. "Me kicking Beast Boy's butt in video games?"

"NO!" everyone yelled. Starfire looked at the time on the computer below the TV and her face brightened. "World of Fungus is about to begin friends!" She said happily heading for the remote. "AHH! ROBIN, STOP HER!" the guys yelled. Robin quickly grabbed the remote. "Why don't we just record it Star?" Robin said to her. "Very well. Then I can watch it over and over!" She said finding the bright side in it. Every one groaned. "OH! OH! OH!" Beast Boy shouted while doing a little dance. "What?" Cyborg asked. "WICKED SCARY!" Everyone's eyes grew three inches. "I'd rather kiss you again," Raven muttered. "You liked kissing me?" Beast Boy said "I said I like you, didn't I?" she said to Beast Boy. "Do you wanna go get something to eat later? We could go to your favorite café!"

"Sure." Raven said smiling. "Really, get a….." then Cyborg remembered what would happen if he said that, especially towards Raven. "What was that?" she asked raising an eyebrow. "Nothing!" Cyborg said fearfully. "AZARATH METRION….


Cyborg was saved by the bell. Well, in this case the alarm. Robin dashed over to the computer. "What is of the matter Robin?" Starfire asked him. "Mumbo, he's downtown." He said informing his team. "TITANS GO!"


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