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Chapter 1: Dangerous Mission

"I'm going to do it, Timber," Snake Eyes signed to his loyal companion as he sat on the edge of the bed holding a ring box. "I'm going to ask her to marry me," Snake Eyes signed with a pleased smile on his face. He opened the ring box and gazed at the lab created, square orange topaz in a gold setting. In his curiosity, Timber trotted over and stared at the ring, woofing in joy. "Now to ask at the right time," Snake Eyes thought in anticipation. He was startled by the swift knocking on his door. Throwing a quick, confused look towards the wolf, he made his way swiftly to the door.

"Hey Snake, I was wondering if…is that a ring box?" Scarlett started to say before spotting the black velvet box Snake Eyes was still holding. "Oh my God you're going to ask Haywire to marry you!" Scarlett shouted in joy before Snake Eyes reached out of the doorway to grab Scarlett and cover her mouth in slight panic. "Snake! What was that for?" Scarlett asked indignantly once she was man-handled into the rooms.

"I'm trying to keep everyone in The Pit from knowing my plans," Snake Eyes signed rapidly before slumping his shoulders once the adrenaline left his body.

"Oh oops, sorry about that Snakes, I was just so happy to when I saw the box. Can I see the ring?" Scarlett apologized before she became excited again at the idea of a wedding. Snake Eyes simply rolled his eyes and handed the box over to the slightly bouncy red-head. Scarlett took it with glee as her smile grew even larger at the sight of the orange stone. "Oh she's going to love this, Snake," Scarlett gushed as she handed the silent ninja the box back.

"That's what I thought when I saw it. It may not be a naturally made stone but it is her favorite color," Snake Eyes signed before he turned to return the vacated bedroom. Scarlett tailed after him with all the eagerness of a puppy.

"I see Haywire has already started working on the disaster known as the bedroom," Scarlett teased as she looked around the startling clean bedroom. Snake Eyes threw a quick glare at his comrade before carefully hiding the ring in his bed-side table. "It's about time you know," Scarlett started as she casually leaned against the doorway. Snake Eyes gave her a confused look before he went back to searching the closet for one of his body armors. "I'm talking about asking Haywire to marry you. Have you figured out how to ask Sgt. Slaughter? He is after all the person that her dad entrusted her to," Scarlett said with a devious smile as she watched Snake Eyes shudder in horror. "You already asked didn't you?" She asked. She was given a brief nod yes in response. "Snake? You ok there buddy?" Scarlett asked when she saw Snake Eyes space out.

~Flash back begins~

Snake Eyes was nervous. No, he was beyond nervous. He was about to embark on the most dangerous mission he's ever been on. He was going to ask the most dangerous man in G. I. Joe if he could have his niece's hand in marriage. His shoulder slumped in utter defeat before he squared his shoulders and shook his head quickly. "You can do this! This is for the crazy, hyperactive, neon woman that has succeeded in stealing your heart! You have to do this. She wouldn't have it any other way. So what are you? A wuss puss, or a ninja?" Snake Eyes thought to himself as he made his way to the training area. He stood in front of the training area door before his shoulder slumped again. "I'm a wuss puss. Oh Haywire would be having a field day knowing I'm using her terms," He thought before he quietly made his way into the training area. He watched in slight horror as trainees were thrown about.

"Is that all you have to offer?" Sgt. Slaughter shouted to the general population of the training area. "I have more of a challenge facing my niece, and that's all because I have to catch her first. Fast little sucker," He grumbled before walking over to Sgt. Stone who was standing by laughing behind his data pad. "What are you laughing at buttercup?" Slaughter asked with a glare.

"Just listening, that's all. That and the ninja that tried to make a sneaky entrance," Stone replied before he pointed out Snake Eyes. "It looks like he's on a mission," Stone murmured before turning back to the trainees and relieving them to go shower up or go to medical. Sgt. Slaughter narrowed his eyes in confusion before he stalked over to the ninja that was waiting patiently on the side lines.

"What do you want ninja boy?" Slaughter asked when he was directly in front of Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes breathed a couple of times before raising his hands to sign his request.

"I would like to speak with you about something…" Snake Eyes trailed off, trying to figure out the right word, "personal," he settled on after he shrugged and settled on it.

"Personal?" Slaughter asked in confusion. "What do you mean by personal?" He growled out.

"It involves my relationship with your niece, sir," Snake Eyes signed. Slaughter straightened up and growled dangerously in his throat.

"What about your relationship with Haywire?" Slaughter asked menacingly.

"It's nothing bad, I swear!" Snake Eyes signed rapidly as he saw the murderous glare in the sunglasses that Slaughter wore. "I just want to ask you for her hand in marriage!" He signed out without hesitation. Slaughter took a step back in shock.

"You're actually asking my permission to marry my niece?" Slaughter asked out slowly. Snake Eyes nodded his head yes with confidence. "Well that's the last thing I was expecting to hear today," Slaughter mumbled to side before he looked directly as Snake Eyes. "I don't see why not. I haven't heard anything bad about you from Haywire. But if I hear one bad thing from Haywire, it will be the last thing I hear about you," Slaughter threatened before stalking off to see if there was any poor recruits still lagging around. Snake Eyes took a few deep breathes before he jumped up in joy, throwing a fist up into the air in utter excitement. Stone, who was watching the whole scene, simply shook his head and continued to work on his pad.

~Flash back ends~

"It was certainly not how I was expecting it to turn out. But either way, I have his blessing. Now onto the easy task…asking Haywire," Snake Eyes thought before smiling at the drawer of his bedside table.

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