Here it is ladies and gents, the last chapter of the wedding story. Please don't shoot me or flame me if anything is wrong with the wedding scene…seeing as how I'm not even 20 and I've never been to a wedding…but I have seen a lot on TV so hopefully it'll be enough! Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Together Forever

Everything was hustle and bustle as last minute touch ups were done and taken care of. The bridesmaids in their varying shades of pink, knee length, strapless dresses, click clacked around making sure flower arrangements were in order. The groomsmen were straightening bow ties and smoothing lapels. In the back rooms, the bride and groom were doing last minute touch ups themselves.

"I'm so happy you decided to not put in your orange streaks," Emily said as she finished piling Haywire's blonde hair into an elegant bun on her head. She carefully removed the sakura blossom hair comb that Nightshade was letting her borrow. She placed it to the side and made sure it was in tightly.

"For once, I'm agreeing on the lack of orange," Scarlett said as she moved into the dressing room with the other bridesmaids.

"Oh, Haywire, you look amazing!" Baroness squealed as she moved to hug her.

"You really clean up from jeans and converse," Nightshade said with a smile.

"You really think I was going to leave my converse out of this?" Haywire asked with a smile. She lifted the skirt of her gown and showed of the bright pink of high top converse. The girls just laughed and shook their heads while Haywire simply shrugged and dropped her skirt. "Well I do plan on dancing, so why dance in uncomfortable heels?" she asked as she fixed the pendant on her necklace.

"Are you wearing blue underwear?" Nightshade asked as she looked in one of the various mirrors and touched her makeup up. She and the others busted out laughing when Haywire flashed them her underwear in an exaggerated curtsy. "You could have just told us," she said once she calmed down.

"But where's the fun in that?" Haywire asked with a smile. A solid knocking resounded through the room. "Come in Uncle," Haywire shouted out. The behemoth of a man walked in dressed to the nines in his sleeveless black tuxedo and signature hat and shades. "Well look at you, I never thought I'd see you in a tux…even if you did take the sleeves off. I hope that's not a rental," Haywire said as she moved to hug her uncle.

"Just be happy I'm in a tux," Slaughter said as he carefully hugged his tiny niece. "So did Stone and I do a good job with the paintballing?" he asked as he looked at Haywire who was doing last minute touch ups.

"Oh I just love it. You two did an amazing job, I just love the swirl design," Haywire gushed as she admired the dress in the full length mirror. "I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me, and not just with the wedding," Haywire said as she turned to look at her uncle. "I don't think I'd be here and be who I am if you didn't step in when my father stepped out. And I have no idea what mom would have done if you didn't step in," Haywire said as she threw a teasing smile at her mother who stuck her tongue out at her daughter.

"Well at least I was of some use outside of Joe," Slaughter said before General Hawk popped his head in and told them it was time. The bridesmaids and Haywire's mom all scurry out after giving the bride last hugs before joining their escorts. Haywire took a few deep breaths before taking Slaughter's arm and her bouquet of daisies and sakura branches. "Let's get you hitched," Slaughter said with a gruff smile before leading Haywire out the door.

The procession was amusing to say the least as General Hawk kept throwing glares at the giggling and whispering bridesmaids and groomsmen as he escorted a touchy Emily to her seat. The priest simply smiled behind his bible at the scene. Snake Eyes rolled his eyes to the ceiling, hoping that things continue to go this way. The music changed and the wedding march began. Everyone in the seats stood up and smiled towards the entrance as a glowing Haywire walked down the aisle with her uncle.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" The priest asked once the duo reached the end of the aisle.

"Her mother and I do," Slaughter said in his gruff voice. He kissed Haywire's blushing cheek and handed her over to Snake Eyes. "You hurt her, I kill you, you got it?" he said before relinquishing his hold on her. Snake Eyes nodded his head yes before smiling at his giggling bride. The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch as the two traded vows and said their "I do's". Snake Eyes spun and dipped Haywire before softly kissing her smiling lips. The audience applauded and laughed before watching as the newly wedded couple walked back down the aisle towards the room where the reception was being held.

The room was done in a dojo style with tables scattered around with various finger foods spread out. The couple opted out of a full on dinner and kept it light and easy, just like their relationship. The room had sakura panels and various other Asian themes hung carefully around the room.

"Ladies and Gents, it's time for the wedded couple to share in their first dance, as husband and wife," General Hawk announced over the microphone at the DJ station. Everyone cleared the dance floor as the beginning chords of the song started to play.

Haywire laughed loudly as the song "Maybe Love" by Steve McClintock began to play. Her smile was its signature thousand watts as she and Snake Eyes twirled around in a fast waltz like dance. After the song ended, everyone joined in as the music continued to play. Haywire and Snake Eyes stayed dancing before there was a slight nudge to Snake Eyes' leg. Both looked down and smiled at the wolf who bowed his head to Snake Eyes.

"I think he wants to cut in," Haywire said with a giggle. Snake Eyes bowed out gracefully as Timber hopped up to put his front paws in Haywire's outstretched hands. "Now let's show these party goers how to really dance," Haywire said with a bright smile. Timber woofed in reply and lolled his tongue out in a dog like smile.

The music was turned off and Highlander took up the mike. "If ya'll could be so nice as to settle down, it's time to get to the horrible speeches that are designed to embarrass the happy couple. And since I was slapped with the supposed honor of being best man," Highlander teased to the slight laughter of the small crowd, "I figured I'd start it off and let Scarlett top it off with her own speech," Highlander finished with a smirk. "So where to start, how about when I first met Snake? Well that wasn't all that interesting; we started sword fighting not even 5 minutes after meeting each other. Of course everyone believed that it was going to be one or the other. Well everyone except, Haywire. She said that it was going to be a tie and then went back to working on her latest project. 10 minutes later we both walk in with our heads hanging and said it was tie before walking back out. I guess that was the only time I questioned Haywire. Little blonde head is hiding some serious ESP or something," Highlander teased as Haywire stuck her tongue out.

"I have to say though, the idea of a silent ninja getting hitched let alone dating our lovable and sometimes ridiculously hyper toy maker to be the oddest thing I'd ever hear. Though having a little push by a furred comrade does tend to help," Highlander continued as he gave Timber a quick wink. "So to not drag this on any longer because I really do hate giving speeches, I'm just going to leave it off with a quick toast. To Snake Eyes and Haywire, hopefully they don't destroy the world together," Highlander said as everyone laughed at his final words. Scarlett took up the mic with a giggle as she tried to calm herself down.

"Alright so I'm going to focus on when I first met Haywire. I didn't quite know how to interpret her as she bounced in after General Hawk and bounced right back out in a neon blur. But after one particular incident, I knew that she's definitely a one of a kind character. And that was after she tried to complete her first shooting simulation," Scarlett started as everyone started laughing at their own memories of Haywire's attempt at shooting. "The poor girl was terrified of the gun, which is ironic because of what she does here. But it was her little monologue as she took out the few enemies she did. Saying to herself that she was being a total ninja and taking out bad guys. The poor thing didn't even realize that she had an audience. And after when she realized she only took out less than a third of the enemies. She jumped for joy, that was the most hits she's ever had when shooting a gun," Scarlett said between giggles. Haywire simply shrugged as she leaned into Snake Eyes' side.

"It was the most enemies I've taken out, and it still is," Haywire said with a smile and a giggle. "That's why I married a ninja, it saves me the trouble," she continued as everyone laughed once again.

"My final piece, to the bride and groom, a chaotic duo that works so harmoniously," Scarlett toasted. After the speeches it was time for the bouquet and garter toss. Haywire turned her back to the crowd of smiling women and threw the bouquet over her head. She turned and watched with a sneaky smile as Baroness caught it.

"You do realize that now you'll be the next woman to marry," Haywire said with a wink. Baroness simply smiled and cuddled into Duke before he walked over to where the men were gathering for the garter toss. Snake Eyes pulled the elastic lace as far as he could before letting fly across to hit a startled Highlander in the face.

"Get it off!" Highlander panicked before throwing it towards a laughing Duke. "Oh isn't that just ironic. Baroness has the bouquet and you have the garter. Should we start planning the next wedding?" Highlander said with a chuckle. The reception wrapped up with final well wishes and hugs. Haywire yelped in surprise when she was hoisted into Snake Eyes arms.

"I say it's time for us to enjoy our wedding night," Haywire hinted as she hugged Snake Eyes' neck and nuzzled his nose with her own. Snake Eyes smiled and carried his new wife off to their rooms to celebrate. Timber looked between the couple and Emily, who was the last remaining guest, before trotting over to her and whimpered.

"Let's go boy, I don't think you want to stay with them tonight," Emily said as she gave the wolf an affectionate scratch behind the ear. Timber licked her hand in reply and trotted after the older version of Haywire.

And there you have it everyone. The wedding of Snake Eyes and Haywire went off without a hitch! So now it's up to you guys what I should write next. Obviously there will be a honeymoon story; but what else would you guys like to read? Let me know through PM or reviews!