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Author's Note: I am attempting a Bellamione fanfic...go easy on me it's my first...So I heard "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry and it made me think instantly of Bellatrix. So I am trying something different. It's set after the war. Plot has changed, an doesnt follow a specific one. So no hating. eventual Bellamione and Cissatrix. Please read and review.

Bellatrix sat alone in her room staring out of the large window that looked over the gardens that covered the grounds of her sister's Manor. The war was over and the Dark Lord was dead. He was gone. She was no longer tied to him, her dark mark disappeared. That was conclusive proof that he was never going to return. The dark haired witch sighed and pulled her sleeve down; she no longer wanted to look at the unblemished skin of her forearm any longer.

Almost twenty years of servitude was a long time, and Bellatrix wasn't sure where she should go from here. She didn't have any friends. The only person she could count on was her baby sister Narcissa. And Narcissa as of late wasn't very pleased with Bellatrix. Ever since the final battle, the Wizarding world had been trying to get back its feet. And Bellatrix had rarely left her room since they arrived back at Malfoy Manor.

It had been almost two years.

She was snapped back out of her reverie by a knock on her door.

"Come in." She said.

The door opened and Narcissa walked in carrying a tea tray. She sat the tray down on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed staring at her older sister, barefoot and sitting with her knees to her chest on the window sill.

"I thought you might like some tea." Narcissa said breaking the silence.

"No thank you Cissy." Bellatrix said not looking at her sister.

Her voice was thick; Narcissa knew that she had been crying before she came in.

"Come one Bella. Please." Narcissa said.

"Cissy I went years…years barely eating anything…I don't think I will ever be the same." Bellatrix said, her voice was numb as she said this.

"But you have gained some weight back, and you're beautiful Bella…you have always been beautiful to me." Narcissa said softly.

She wasn't sure why she was trying to convince Bellatrix of anything, but she loved her sister and she hated to see this once strong and confident woman down and lost. It killed Narcissa inside after the war when she was taken away and questioned, but Bellatrix had helped during the war and she had done her time paying for her crime. But she wasn't out of the woods yet; she was scheduled for psychiatric counseling, and was required to attend it twice a week until the Psychologist determined whether or not she was stable enough to be out in society again. Not that Bellatrix Lestrange needed a job, she was filthy rich and she had no need of a job to support herself.

Narcissa couldn't stand this anymore. The silence was getting too much to bear and so she had to take things into her own hands. The blonde knew that Bellatrix would be furious, but she had no other alternative. This isolation wasnt good, she had already been isolated for so long that it didnt make sense that she needed to contiune to be isolated. But Narcissa supposed that this was a comfort to Bellatrix, the isolation in this room, since she spent fifteen years alone in Azkaban.

"I made that appointment for the counseling." Narcissa said after another short silence.

At this Bellatrix actually moved, getting to her feet so quick Narcissa jumped.

"You did what?" Bellatrix shrieked.

"Calm the fuck down Bella!" Narcissa said angrily.

Bellatrix advanced on her baby sister, a mad glint in her eyes, a look that Narcissa didn't like so much, because she knew what was happening next. The slap echoed across the room, Bellatrix's heavy ring cutting her face. Narcissa laid there, not moving, she was too in shock to move or say anything. Bellatrix didn't back away she stood her ground as Narcissa found the strength to stand and face her older sister.

"You will go, and if you don't…well you know where you will end up. So I suggest that you make yourself presentable because your appointment is in two hours." Narcissa said in a voice of deadly calm.

Bellatrix knew that she had crossed a line that she swore to herself that she would never cross again, but the anger and rage that pulsed through her was too much to handle. Hitting Narcissa set her back and she knew it. Before Bellatrix could say anything Narcissa had left the room leaving Bellatrix alone once more.