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Wide Awake: Chapter 27

"Will I be able to get some tea at this place?" Bellatrix asked as they walked down the street hand in hand.

"You can get anything to drink there I believe…but I would avoid any alcohol…" Hermione replied.

"Yes…I agree." Bellatrix replied.

"I used to come here as a kid with my dad. We would have a father daughter date once a week and we would always come here." Hermione said opening the door for Bellatrix.

The restaurant was small and cozy and dimly lit, Hermione led them over to a table in the corner. The waiter came over soon after and took their drink orders. Bellatrix looked around the place feeling slightly uncomfortable, this was only the second completely Muggle establishment she had been in with the younger witch.

"Bella it's alright." Hermione said softly, giving her lover a reassuring smile.

Bellatrix returned her smile weakly, at that moment the waiter returned with their drink orders. Bellatrix sipped her tea appreciatively watching her lover.

"How did your parents react when they found out that you were a witch?" Bellatrix asked breaking the silence.

The café was empty, so no one could really overhear their conversation; Bellatrix spoke low and directly towards Hermione.

"I um…they were a little confused, and it took them a while to come around. Professor McGonagall came to talk to them and explain." Hermione replied a little sadly.

She wasn't sure why Bellatrix was asking all of this, but since Bellatrix was a Pureblood, she didn't understand the Muggle immersion into the Wizarding World. Bellatrix eyed her lover curiously, Hermione never talked about her parents, which was making the older witch curious.

"Did you ever take Muggle Studies?" Hermione asked changing the subject quickly.

"I did, but I never paid much attention…my priorities back then…weren't directed on my studies, though I did manage a few awards." Bellatrix replied awkwardly, realizing that Hermione didn't want to talk about her parents anymore.

"I know…I um…" Hermione started but was caught off guard by the surprised look from Bellatrix.

Hermione's cheeks turned deep crimson.

"I um…well I did some research on you…" Hermione said.

Bellatrix smirked and shook her head in amazement.

"Research, really? What did all this research tell you about me?" Bellatrix asked.

Hermione could tell by her tone that she was impressed and a little afraid of what might have been said about her, but Hermione gave her a reassuring smile.

"Well…I read about all the bad stuff…then I went into the good stuff. Bella I didn't know that you played Quidditch." Hermione replied.

Bellatrix laughed softly, it all seemed a lifetime ago.

"I did, so did Andromeda and Cissy, though our mother didn't approve, our father was very enthusiastic about it." Bellatrix said sipping her tea.

The waiter returned to refill Bellatrix's tea and take their orders.

"I will have whatever she is having." Bellatrix said not taking her gaze away from Hermione's.

Hermione blushed and placed her order, they were alone again. Hermione ran her fingers through her hair, and sipped on her cocoa.

"Did you play?" Bellatrix asked.

"I did not; Harry, Ron and Ginny did though." Hermione replied.

"You didn't strike me as the Quidditch type…usually those who play Quidditch let it get to their heads, though my sisters and I didn't, others did." Bellatrix said.

"Ginny didn't let it get to her, though she did have her moments. Harry and Ron, they didn't either, well Ron sort of did." Hermione explained.

Bellatrix smiled and sipped her tea.

"I never…pegged you as the type Bella…and certainly not Narcissa." Hermione said.

Bellatrix laughed softly, and set her tea back down on the table, their food arrived shortly after. Bellatrix eyed the plate with complete uncertainty; Hermione smiled and picked up her burger.

"Try it Bella." Hermione said taking a large bite.

Bellatrix picked up her burger, looking around to make sure that it was only them in the café before sinking her teeth into it. Hermione eyed her curiously picking up a fry and eating it, before taking another bite of her burger.

"Well…?" Hermione asked.

Bellatrix didn't answer right away; she just sat there looking at the food on her plate. She grinned up at the younger witch who beamed back at her.

"It's amazing!" Bellatrix exclaimed.

Bellatrix couldn't believe that she was actually sitting with Hermione in a Muggle restaurant, eating greasy Muggle food, and actually enjoying it. She smiled wide at Hermione and finished the rest of her food.

"Enjoyed that did you?" Hermione asked finishing her last bite.

"I did….Hermione this was amazing." Bellatrix replied calling the waiter over.

He brought her the check and walked back over to the register.

"Bella…let me get this one?" Hermione asked softly.

Bellatrix stopped reading over the receipt and looked at her lover. She shifted uncomfortably, but eventually handed Hermione the check. Hermione took the check and she and Bella walked up to the waiter. She handed him the check along with her debit card. The waiter swiped to card and then handed it back Hermione. Bellatrix eyed it curiously, but kept in her question until they were out on the street again.

"Mione…what was that?" Bellatrix asked as they started to walk down the street.

Hermione laughed softly, buttoning her coat higher.

"It's a card that holds money on it…sometimes it is easier to have that then to have paper money." Hermione replied.

"Is it tied to Gringotts? Does your money come out of Gringotts?" Bellatrix asked.

"My Wizard money does…but the Muggle money….it's the money that my parents…" Hermione stopped.

The memory of her parents was still sensitive. She hadn't gone to Australia yet to bring them home. Bellatrix stopped walking and took Hermione's hand in hers, squeezing lightly.

"I understand Mione…I'm sorry." Bellatrix said.

"No, don't be sorry Bella, you're curious, and I don't mind. But I'm not…ready to talk about them yet Bella." Hermione replied giving her lover a reassuring smile.

Bellatrix smiled back, and leaned in, planting a soft kiss on Hermione's lips. The younger witch moaned and pulled Bellatrix closer, wrapping her arms around her waist.

"Mmm Bella…" Hermione moaned.

Bellatrix smiled against her lips, pulling her closer.

"I want to take you somewhere." Bellatrix whispered against Hermione's lips.

"I'm yours." Hermione replied.

Bellatrix wrapped her arms around Hermione tighter, making sure that no one was around before turning on the spot.