Chapter 1

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Sergeant Harry Truman Ioki stood outside of the Jump Street Chapel on a Saturday feeling ridiculously tired and eager for the one thing that would wake him up besides Penhall's snoring: coffee, the sweet black liquid that could wake anything. Lately Ioki had been drinking more and more coffee ever since Doug and Clavo had moved into a different apartment across town. He kind of missed the chaos in the morning, Penhall yelling at Clavo to get up, Clavo running around until Doug grabbed him all while he sat at the table with some toast the things like that. He sighed and walked into the noise that was the chapel. Hanson and Hoffs were busy filling out reports from their latest bust and Penhall was sitting at his desk, paper in hand. Captain Fuller was nowhere to be seen though, peaking Ioki's curiosity.

"Hey Hoffs where's the Captain?" He asked, snapping Hoffs out of her daze. Before she could answer though, Penhall immediately butted in.

"He's in his office with someone, it's been kind of quiet though." He said. Hanson put down his reports and strolled over to his teammates.

"Either it's something big or the Captain's getting bad news." He added, the others scowling at him before he continued.

" We should be finding out in three…two…one." Hanson counted down. Almost like clockwork, Fuller came out of his office, expression unreadable. He looked around until he spotted exactly who he was looking for.

"Hoffs, Ioki, Penhall my office now." Fuller said before retreating back into his office. The three of them exchanged glances before heading towards Fuller, leaving a puzzled Tom in the dust. They went in immediately not bothering to knock, they saw Fuller looking back and forth from the door to them, Judy slowly stepped forward.

"What do you need Captain?" She asked, trying to figure out, just what was going on. Fuller simply stood up and walked to the door.

"Well I was going to introduce you to your new teammate, but it seems that you might have squished her." He said calmly as he closed the door. Behind it was a young woman dusting herself off. This gave the team a chance to look at her; she looked like she was in her twenties like the rest of them, but that seemed to be the only similarity. Her dark brown hair was braided down her back and hidden under a large fedora, her glasses kept slipping down her nose, and she wore an oversized beige sweater and a dark blue skirt that went to the floor, which seemed more large on her seemingly short stature. No one knew what to make of her until she spoke.

"It's fine Captain, it was just an accident." She said, her voice clear and concise. She went over to the three and extended her hand.

"I'm Officer Crystal Watson, and you must be Hoffs, Penhall and Ioki." They all shook hands before they turned to Fuller questioningly.

"So…why are we here and not Hanson? I mean if she's new he ought to meet her right?" Penhall asked. Fuller motioned for everyone to sit down.

"Well for starters I called Ioki and Hoffs in here because I needed them to work on clothes and hairstyling, that kind of stuff," He turned to the two who nodded in agreement, Fuller then turned back to Penhall.

"As for you Penhall, Watson is going to be your partner for your next assignment, we think there's an extortion ring going on during summer school at Emerald High. You and Watson are going in as Doug White and Crystal Ellis, cousins," He noticed Penhall was about to object when he continued.

"It's only one case Doug and it's just so that I can see who I should pair Watson with ok?" He asked. Penhall glumly nodded and everybody filed out of Fuller's office, it was a quiet walk down the hallway until Judy turned to address Crystal.

"So…Harry and I are suppose to help you with clothes and that kind of thing, I was kind of wondering if I could look at the rest of your stuff?" She asked quietly. Crystal looked at Judy before smiling.

"Umm… Sure? If you want we could go take a look right now?" She said questioningly. She silently hoped that Judy would say no and that would be that, she didn't want anyone to see where she was living. Unfortunately luck was not on her side.

"I'd love to look, Harry are you busy right now?" Judy asked earnestly, Harry snapped back to reality.

"I'm not busy right now, so sure let's go." He said. With a sigh Crystal walked forward and into the parking lot, Harry and Judy following closely behind her. She headed towards a beat up 1965 purple beetle sedan and stopped in front of it. Judy and Harry stood off to the side waiting to be let in, instead Crystal popped the trunk and rummaged around till she finally pulled two trash bags and a single suitcase and placed them on the pavement. The two officers looked at each other then at Crystal.

"What's this?" Judy asked curiously, while examining the trash bags. Crystal looked at them slightly ashamed.

"You said you wanted to look at my stuff, this is my stuff." She said. As Judy continued her inspection of the bags, Harry pulled Crystal aside.

"I'm going to ask you a question, and please be honest," He waited for Crystal to nod before he continued.

"Are you living in your car?" He asked. Crystal considered lying, telling him that she had only just gotten to town and hadn't had a chance to unpack, something like that. She got ready to lie when she saw his face, the picture of seriousness, but caring, she simply couldn't lie to him. All she could do was nod her answer, hoping not to look pathetic. Before Harry could respond Judy walked up to them.

"No offense, but we need to take you shopping for some clothes ASAP." She said, trying to avoid the elephant in the parking lot. Everyone just headed for the Bug with Crystal driving Harry in the passenger seat and Judy trying to squeeze into the cluttered backseat.

"Judy you can put one of those boxes on the floor, if that would give you some more room?" Crystal told her looking through the rearview mirror. Judy began to move one of the boxes, which was filled to the brim with books. She looked around the back of the car to find two more boxes of books and one box the contents of which she couldn't figure out.

"You like to read Crystal?" She asked jokingly. Crystal simply smiled and replied:

"Yes I love to read, actually if I hadn't joined the academy after school I probably would've become a librarian." She began to laugh and Judy joined her while Harry simply shook his head and looked out the window. A few minutes later they pulled up to the thrift store that the team used for their teen outfits. Judy quickly pulled Crystal while Harry laughed at her expression of horror as Judy constantly handed her different clothes until she couldn't hold them anymore. At the fitting room they waited as Crystal was trying on the clothes, Judy turned to Harry.

"Harry we need to talk about what to do." She said, as Harry played dumb.

"Talk about what Juds?"He asked, Judy rolled her eyes and began to talk when they heard the dressing room curtain open they turned to the room to see Crystal standing in the doorway, looking uncomfortable. She was wearing a deep orange shirtdress that stopped a little above her knees, but what caught the two officers surprise was that she wasn't wearing her glasses. Without them they could see her face, it was petite like her body, which without her shoes on looked to be about five one. She looked at them slightly terrified her dark blue eyes wide. Judy squealed and ran over to her.

"You are definitely getting this it looks so good! Go back and try on some more!" She said. Crystal began to go back in, when Harry stopped her.

"What happened to your glasses?" He asked curiously.

"I only need them when I'm driving or when I'm sitting far away from something I need to read, I usually just forget I have them on." She said very matter of fact, before walking back in the dressing room. Judy walked back over to him and like a switch had been turned off, she was serious again.

"I'm serious Harry, she can't live in her car." She said, almost mirroring Harry's thoughts exactly. Since Crystal had admitted to her living "situation" he had wondered when Judy would bring it up. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Judy calling his name.

"Harry? Harry? Earth to Harry!" He jumped at the sound of his name. Judy just rolled her eyes and continued what she was saying:

"We need to find a place for her to stay… Do you think Doug would…." Judy trailed off, but Harry cut her off.

"No, he just moved into a new place with Clavo, you know that." He said, chuckling at Judy' expression. She sighed and leaned back, thinking deeply, Harry turned to her:

"I have an idea, but I want to talk to her about it privately. She doesn't seem like the type who wants everyone to know her business y'know?" He said looking at Judy. After a few seconds she simply nodded and waited for Crystal to finish up.

About thirty minutes later, the trio walked out of the store, shopping bags in hand. They shoved everything into the back and headed back downstairs to where apparently "cool" haircuts were given. Judy and Harry walked side by side while Crystal followed, looking at the dark dank walls. They went inside and were approached by a tall lanky man with a mullet. He eyed each of them till his hard gaze landed on Crystal.

"You getting the cut?" he asked roughly. Crystal simply nodded and followed him, while Judy and Harry went outside. She sat down and the man who mentioned his name as Roy looked at her.

"So what are we doing?" he asked gruffly. She sat there quietly for a minute before clearing her throat:

"I just want to look normal, but please don't make it to short…" She trailed off, he nodded before grabbing his scissors.

"I'm gonna cut the braid off ok? I promise it'll look fine when I'm done." He said roughly. Before she could say anything, he flicked his wrist and her braid was on the floor, what was left of her hair barely hung on her shoulders. He quickly began to cut, clip and curse while he worked.

Meanwhile Harry and Judy sat outside once again.

"As much as I like getting out of paperwork, why am I here?" He asked. Judy looked up from her nails to him.

" Fuller probably wanted a guy's opinion and you were the best choice. I mean let's face it, Penhall would've had her looking like a biker chick and Hanson would've made her look like a young Republican," Harry chuckled at this, knowing she was right. Judy waited for Harry to stop laughing before continuing what she was saying.

"Are you going to talk to her? Because if you are, I would do it soon." She nagged slightly. Harry rolled his eyes before speaking.

" I want to talk to her alone. You know without anyone I know around because she might be embarrassed about the fact she's been living in her car for who knows how long." He replied heatedly. Judy was taken aback for a minute before nodding.

"Chill Harry I was just wondering," She said calmly "How about when we go pick-up lunch I'll leave you two alone ok?" Harry nodded in agreement, when they saw two people come out of the shop. One was the lanky hair cutter, but the woman they saw, they couldn't believe it was Crystal. Her braid was gone and in its place were dark brown curls that ended just below the jaw line, gone was her long skirt and sweater, she instead wore an outfit that Judy had picked out for her: a purple knee length dress that flared slightly with a light-washed jean jacket over it, a pair of black combat boots to complete the look. The two gaped while Crystal shook hands with the gruff hair cutter. They headed towards the two and overheard their conversation.

"Thank you Roy!"

"No problem kid, come back anytime." Roy grunted before heading back into the shop. Crystal turned to see Harry and Judy slightly shocked. She self-consciously began playing with a curl.

"Does it not look good? I mean Roy said it did, but I didn't get a chance to look…" She began to babble until Judy grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around to face the mirror. She looked at herself and softly gasped. She didn't recognize the person in the mirror, this person had wide blue eyes, a pale thin face framed with dark curls. She looked up and saw Judy smiling at her and Harry looking at her, his expression unreadable. She turned around and smiled at them.

"Ok," she said "I'm ready, teach me how to be a teenager."

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