Chapter 15

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Crystal felt her throat dry up as she looked between him and Mr. Grey who gave her a small smile and a light nudging motion. She looked back up at Harry in confusion, " What are you-and how did you? And-and" She stammered as Harry pulled her in close, "It's ok Crys, just take deep breaths." He whispered as she tightened her grip around him. Harry smiled as he felt her in his arms; it felt like everything was right again as he slowly felt his eyes become heavy, relishing the warmth she was emanating, "I'm so hap…" He started to say as he felt himself begin to drift. Crystal felt his grip on her begin to slacken as she felt his weight on top of her. She grunted as she tried holding him up, "A little help?" she gasped as she felt Harry being pulled away from her, she looked to see that both Doug and Mr. Grey each had an arm slung around his waist, holding him up.

"Is he ok?" she said, feeling herself begin to panic. Doug looked over at his friend, "He's fine Crys, he's just sleeping. " He said as they started taking him upstairs, everyone following behind them as Tom spoke up, "Bout time too, he didn't leave the chapel for what? A week?" Crystal looked at them in confusion as she sat next to Harry on the bed that he'd been put on, "He hasn't left the Chapel in a week? Why?" She said looking between Harry and the others in the doorway. Judy slowly moved forward, "Crys… after you left Harry came back wanting to fix things, but you weren't here… So when Fuller came back and told us you had disappeared well…" she trailed off, not really knowing how to say it, finally Jeanne stepped in, " Chicky, he was a wreck! He didn't talk to anyone, he didn't shower, he didn't sleep, and I don't think he really ate that much either, but anyways. All he did that week was try and figure out where you were, it was sweet, a little sad, but sweet." It was silent as Crystal looked at him. Doug cleared his throat; "Why don't we leave them alone for awhile? Hey coach what embarrassing things can you tell us about kid Crystal, she had to have done something stupid when she was little. " He said as everyone cleared out except Judy, she moved further as she watched Crystal gently put a blanket on Harry.

"Y'know you're the first woman I've ever heard him say he loved? I've been his partner undercover for a long time and I've never seen him look at anyone or talk about anyone like he does with you. He's been through so much in his life, more then anyone should have to face in their lifetime. So please don't hurt my friend because I don't think that he could take it." Judy began to walk out when she heard Crystal speak up, " I won't" Judy smiled before walking out. Crystal smiled sadly at Harry's sleeping body, "I'm so sorry." She whispered, her fingers lightly touching his cheek as she sunk down next to him.

Harry felt something warm on his chest as he opened his eyes. He looked around the room till his eyes landed on a sleeping Crystal curled up next to him, her face lying on his chest with his arms around her. He smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead when suddenly her eyes snapped open, rolling over she landed quickly on her feet and ran. Harry sat there in shock for a minute before he heard retching coming from the bathroom, he quickly got up and ran over to see Crystal heaving into the toilet. Quietly he came up behind her and gently grabbed her hair, she turned and looked at him for a moment before throwing up one last time and flushing. She turned and smiled weakly, "You would think that morning sickness would actually occur in the morning. I hate to ask, but could you…" she trailed off, gesturing to the mouthwash. Harry quickly nodded and handed her the bottle, she slowly stood up, gargled and spat the mouthwash out. Wiping her mouth, she felt herself being lifted into the air putting her face to face with Harry.

"What are you doing?" She asked as he carried her out of the bathroom. He looked down at her, "You were kidnapped and you're pregnant, you should be resting." He said gently as he began to walk towards the bed. She frowned at him, "I've rested plenty, besides I'm not the one who hasn't slept in five days." She said softly. Harry gently put her down on the bed, she turned so she was sitting on the side as he sat down next to her, "Judy and Jeanne told me all about it, why didn't you leave the Chapel? Why didn't you go home?" she said curiously. Harry looked at her with a unreadable expression before speaking, "I didn't want to go back knowing that you weren't there, I promised that the next time I went back home you would be with me. " She looked at him in shock before her face softened and she tentatively held his hand, "I'm sorry that I caused you this much trouble." She said softly.

Harry gently pulled her into his lap as he looked at her with a serious expression, "Don't you dare blame yourself for this, if I hadn't left then you wouldn't have left and none of this would've happened. " She gently stroked his cheek, feeling the stubble beneath her fingers before smiling softly, "I guess we both have things that we're sorry for. "She said as Harry smiled down at her. She looked down and self-consciously placed a hand over her stomach, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you first about the baby I tri-" Harry cut her off "I know you did and at first I was terrified, but then it made me realize something that I already knew." She looked at him questioningly as he pushed a piece of her hair back behind her ear, "It made me realize that I want to wake up with you by my side everyday, I want to see our child grow up hell I want to have as many kids as you want," he paused as she laughed tearfully at him as he continued, " and I knew even more then I already did that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so now I'm going to try and do what I should've done over a month ago." He fished through his pockets and grabbed the ring box; he resisted the urge to chuckle at the wide-eyed expression on her face as he gently held her hand, "So Crystal Natalie Watson will you marry me?" She looked at him and nodded rapidly before whispering, "Yes!" Harry smiled widely as he slipped the ring on her finger she looked up at him and turned so that she was straddling his waist. She gently ran her fingers through his hair as he tilted his head, "Are you sure this is ok? Everyone's downstairs-" She cut him off as she gently kissed him.

"I doubt they'll be able to hear us, besides if we're quiet-"It was Harry that cut her off with a kiss this time before chuckling, "When have we ever been quiet?" Crystal threw her head back and laughed before their lips met again. She sucked on his lower lip as she slowly pulled away and stood in front of him playing with his slightly longer hair before slowly pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it across the room; she smirked at the lustful expression on his face as she slowly pulled her skirt around her ankles and kicked it aside. Clad only in a bra and panties she made her way back over and gently slid on top of him, Harry quickly pulled his shirt off and suppressed a groan as he felt his pants tighten while Crystal lips ghosted down his now bare chest. He managed to pull his pants down and bucked his hips into hers, both moaning out happily. Harry quickly pulled her down onto the bed and smiled down at her.

Doug looked up the stairs, wondering what was going on up there before going into the living room. He looked around to see Jeanne and Tom arguing over something, Fuller and Mr. Grey deep in a discussion while Adam was with Judy laughing about something. Doug looked at the pair; if he didn't know that Adam was gay he would've stormed over there and tried to scare the guy off, not that he really had the right too, but he hated seeing her with other men. He snapped out of his thoughts as they heard a thud come from upstairs. Everyone looked ready to sprint upstairs when a light squeaking was heard followed loud moaning. Tom glanced over at Jeanne and Adam who looked like they were about to burst out laughing at any minute; Doug and Judy stared at each other awkwardly as the moaning began to escalate into loud shouts. Doug looked over at Mr. Grey, who had paled significantly as the shouting upstairs had grown even louder, both names being yelled out happily before he piped up, "Well there's a bright side to this." Mr. Grey snapped his head to look at Doug, " How the hell is there a bright side to them having loud sex in my guest room?" Doug grinned at all of them, "Because it means she said yes."

Crystal sighed happily as she curled up to Harry as they buried themselves between the sheets. Harry smiled down at her, " I missed this." He said softly kissing her temple as she smiled at him, "I missed it too." She said leaning on his chest and gently kissed him, which he gladly returned as he ran his hand down her side, pulling her closer. Before it could go any farther though a knock was heard at the door, Harry groaned as Crystal buried her face in his neck, giggling lightly," Maybe if we pretend we're not here, they'll go away." She whispered as she began moving her lips down his neck he moved to respond when the knock was heard again. This time Tom's voice was heard on the other side, "Hey guys, hate to break up the love fest, but up and at 'em!" Crystal groaned before rolling off the bed, taking the sheet with her. Harry protested as she stomped towards the door and threw it open to see a surprised Tom. She looked up at him and frowned, "Go away Tom." She growled pulling the sheet closer to her body, slamming the door in his face before walking back over and laying next to Harry, smirking, "Now where were we?" she said as they leaned in closer before a knock was heard.

Harry's gaze turned from Crystal and the door before throwing his boxers on and opening the door, "Hanson what part of go away don't you get?" he said angrily. Hanson rolled his eyes, "Look as enjoyable as it was to hear you guys having sex, Fuller needs to talk to you guys." Harry looked over at Crystal and leaned in to Hanson, "Look I just got her back man, we just need some time alone." He said as Tom rolled his eyes, " Believe me Ioki I wish I hadn't heard you get more than me…Actually I'm pretty sure you just got more then anyone downstairs has in a while, but this isn't your honeymoon Ioki, Fuller is still your boss and he wants to know what happened to her. Don't tell me you don't want to know what happened last week?" Harry sighed, "Give us ten minutes and we'll be down." Hanson nodded in agreement before closing the door. He turned to Crystal who had already thrown her underwear and her skirt and was staring intently at the mirror, Harry snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She jumped slightly and playfully smacked him, "Don't scare me like that." She giggled as he pulled her around to face him, "What were you looking at so intently anyways?" he asked. She blushed slightly, "I was trying to see if I had a bump," She wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest, "You still going to love me when I'm huge and moody?" Harry looked at her, " I'm going to love you no matter what happens." He said as she looked up at him smiling before moving to get her shirt.

Within minutes they came down the stairs and were met with silence. Everyone turned to look at them before Adam and Jeanne stepped forward, both pretending to cry, "My god Jeanne, our little girls all grown up." Adam wailed playfully as Jeanne pretended to sniffle, "On the plus side, from the sound of it you're sex life will never be lacking." The pair blushed as Crystal retorted, "Says the woman whose slept with more men then I care to say in front of Coach." Both women glared at each other before bursting out laughing. Adam's attention however was focused on the ring on her left finger it was a dark blue stone with two bronze bands surrounding it, he gasped as her grabbed her hand; "This is ring is gorgeous!" he squealed. As the pair mobbed Crystal, Doug pulled Harry aside, "Congrats Iokage I told you that when the time was right you'd know it." He chuckled at the blush spreading across Harry's face. A cough was heard and everyone turned to see Fuller and Mr. Grey both standing by the fireplace, Fuller looking thoughtful at the pair and Mr. Grey looking apprehensive.

Crystal and Harry moved towards both of them. Crystal gently broke away and faced Mr. Grey; "Coach…" She started before Mr. Grey stopped her," Crys I think that you've been part of the family long enough that you can call me dad and as a dad, what I heard was kind of disturbing," He shuddered a little bit before continuing, "But I know that you're an adult and you have my blessing, but I expect you to clean that guest room and please don't ever have sex while I'm in the house, deal?" Crystal nodded and gave him a hug while Harry turned to Fuller who was looking at him with an amused expression. It was quickly replaced with a frown as Harry opened his mouth, but Fuller cut him off, "Save it Harry, I get it, but for everyone's sake let's just never bring it up ok?" Harry and Crystal looked at each other before looking to Fuller and nodding. Fuller sighed and began to move towards the center of the room, "What I want to know, is what the hell happened to my officer." He stated looking over at the pair one of whom had clenched up, "I not pressing charges." She blurted out. Fuller moved closer to her, " Someone took my officer and beat the crap out of them and left another in emotional turmoil for a week. I want names and you're the only one who can give them, so talk Watson." Crystal looked down at her feet not speaking.

Harry squeezed her hand gently, "Whatever it is Crys, it'll be ok-" she glared at all of them, " No, no it won't because it'll ruin two people's lives over something that they've wanted for a while. Because you're suppose to stand by your family, no matter what." She whispered. Jeanne gasped, " Wait a minute, are you saying what I think you're saying because I swear to god Crys-" Tom quickly chimed in, "OK, we get it, you're like sisters and you have some weird way to know what the other means, but you wanna tell the rest of us what the hell you two are talking about?" Harry squeezed Crystal's hand reassuringly, " We just want to help Crys, so please let us." He said pleadingly. Crystal looked at him and saw the bags under his eyes and the stubble on his face, all because of this. She gulped and looked at all of them, "They didn't hurt me all the time they never hit me in the stomach, hell after they grabbed me, they got me checked out to make sure the baby was ok. It's how I found out I was eight weeks." She said looking over at Harry as Jeanne piped up, "Sweetie that's all well and good, but they chased you into a tree, beat the crap out and did who knows what to you. Now I have a feeling who it was, but we both know that you need to actually say it." Crystal nodded in agreement, "It was Julia, she and her husband took me." She whispered to the shock of everyone in the room.

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