Fateless Romance: Prologue

She wasn't sure how that of all the things she couldn't remember, her convictions shone through like a beacon in the void of her memory. To Miah, being a rogue meant nothing more than the fact that she, despite her Varani lineage, was better with a bow than a blade. She despised thievery and only killed when it was necessary for the greater good.

The gnomes at Allestar Tower all gave her suspicious glances, as though by merely wearing a rogue's armor she had caused the catastrophe that had claimed so many of their brethren. Even those outside, who knew nothing of her rebirth, were apprehensive when she approached. The first person she met, the first living being that didn't try to kill or con her was a fateweaver that wasn't entirely convinced that she wasn't a hallucination.

"Agarth," she breathed to herself. The fateless hero had been smitten with the warrior from the first time they spoke. She remembered with fondness the look of total shock on his face the first time she fateshifted. She hadn't activated it consciously. The main thing on her mind at the time was an overwhelming desire to impress this man who obviously had seen more battle than she had. Or at least that she could remember. He had asked her to meet him at another fateweaver's home, but upon arrival found him dead. She still suspected Alyn Shir of killing him. She snorted in disdain. That alfar wasn't worth her curiosity, let alone her trust. When Agarth arrived she could do little more than apologize repeatedly; for not bypassing all those villagers' requests to save time, for not being faster, for not saving his friend, and for not stopping the woman who might have killed him.

Agarth, for one, wasn't sure what to do with a clearly distressed woman on the verge of tears, especially one that only days earlier he had seen tear apart an entire contingent of Tuatha without blinking. Luckily a pat on the back and the reassurance that he didn't really like the guy, no one did, seemed to calm her down. He then informed her, reluctantly, to meet him in Ettinmere, at the ruins of Delach.

Which is where she is now. She arrived in Ettinmere a while ago, even took the time to help the lake's sole resident. She would be at the ruins entrance… just as soon as she crosses this bridge. "By Mitharu, I hate heights."