Chapter 1: Coming Home


I was standing by the luggage claim waiting to see his face. It has been a year since I've been able to touch my husband. He has been in Iraq fighting. I'm very proud of my husband, but I miss him terribly. That was his fourth deployment and he only had six more months after these two weeks. He was a general in the US Army and he has been elected by the President to train a special task force. In six months, he'll be here forever. Six more months until I wake up in my husband's arms every morning. Six more months of only being able to see his face on a computer screen and his voice on a phone.

Edward and I went to high school together. I met him when I moved from Phoenix to Forks, Washington. I was a junior and he was a senior. He was the popular star quarterback and could've gone to any college he wanted, but he chose to fight in the army. When he came back he would be training a special group of recruits for a top secret mission. They offered him a house on the base, but we decided we wanted to stay in the house we picked out after getting married.

The day I graduated, Edward, his twin brother Emmett, his little sister Alice, Emmett's girlfriend and my best friend Rosalie, Alice's boyfriend Jasper, Esme and Carlisle Edward's parents, and I headed for Vegas. Edward and I were getting married and all the important people were there. Carlisle walked me down the aisle and then I became Mrs. Edward Cullen. Bella Cullen. And I couldn't be prouder. It has been seven years and five months since that day. Edward has been gone for most of that, but we've managed.

While Edward has been away, I graduated from the University of Washington and became the head editor for Little, Brown, and Company Publishing. The best part of my job was I never had to go into an office. I got to work from home and I got to read stories all day long. It was fantastic. I also wrote my own stories on the side. I was pulled out of my thoughts by cell phone ringing. I pulled my iPhone out of my back pocket and checked to see who the call was from. Edward's little sister, Alice, who was also one of my best friends.

"Hey, Ali," I answered.

"Hey, Bella! Has Edward landed yet?" She asked hopefully.

"Nope, not yet, the arrival times say ten minutes. We'll call you when we get home, okay?"

"Okay! We'll see you guys tomorrow. We're supposed to be at Mom and Dad's at 10am," Alice reminded me.

"Okay, we'll be there. Love you, Ali."

"Love you too, Bella!" She sang as I hung up. My phone said 10:21pm and Edward's flight was supposed to land at 10:30pm. Suddenly, it was updated and the board said his flight had landed. I began to get even more excited. I rose up to my tiptoes when I saw a huge group of people coming my way. I planned to stay put and wait for Edward to come to me, but when I saw him, I sprinted towards him. He was still in uniform, but he looked as gorgeous as ever. He stopped and braced himself as I ran into his arms. When I got to him, he picked me up and spun me around in a circle. My lips found his and I could taste the salt from my tears mixed with the taste of Edward.

"Hey, Baby," he cooed when we broke apart.

"Hi," I chuckled as I rested my forehead against his.

"I missed you," he murmured as he traced my jaw with his finger.

"I missed you too. Now, let's get your bag and go home. You look tired," I said pulling him towards the baggage claim. He had black circles under his eyes.

"You look like you need some sleep too, Babe," he pointed out.

"I'm fine, Edward," I brushed it off. I didn't want him to worry. Most nights I couldn't sleep at all, but I never told him that.

"Baby, when was the last time you slept through the night?" he asked turning those gorgeous green eyes on me.

"Uh, a year ago," I admitted as he grabbed his bag.

"Babe, that isn't good for you." He looked very concerned.

"I'm okay, I just have trouble not being able to sleep without you," I told him as we headed out the main exit of the airport.

"I know, Baby. Let's go home and get some sleep. I'm guessing that we have to be at someone's house tomorrow," he groaned.

"We have to be at your Mom and Dad's at 10am," I answered.

"Ugh, I really just want to spend some alone time with my wife in our bed."

"Hey, they've miss you too. And they all have been there for me when I didn't think I could go through the day," I reminded him.

"Ugh, okay. Let's go home," he smirked and I led him to our Camaro. I let him drive because he has better reflexes than me. When we finally made it home, we trudged through the house and made our way upstairs. We made our way to our bed and collapsed with exhaustion, both physical and emotional. Edward stripped down to his boxers and I stripped down to my lace panties and one of his shirts from high school. I turned the lights off and climbed into bed with him. He pulled me tight against his chest and looked me in the eyes longingly.

"I've missed you," I whispered as tears fell down my face.


When my girl told me she missed me and started crying again, I didn't care that I was tired and I didn't care what time it was. I wanted to make her happy again. I wanted to take her pain away.

"I love you," I told her as I made love to her. We both needed the reassurance. It wasn't fast love making, it was slow and beautiful. I showed her how much I loved her three times before we finally let sleep find us.

The next morning, I was woken up by the house phone ringing.

"Hello?" I answered groggily.

"Edward!" Alice joyfully screeched.

"Hey, Ali, what do I owe the pleasure to be talking to you at…7:45? Ugh, 7:45, really, Alice? You couldn't let me sleep any longer?" I grumbled.

"I'm actually calling to tell you that Dad got called into the hospital for an emergency, so we decided to do dinner tonight instead," she explained. Oh, that sounded amazing! More sleep!

"When and where?" I asked.

"Mom and Dad's at 6:30," she replied.

"Okay, see you then. I'm going back to sleep."

"Okay, love you!"

"Love you too, Ali," I said hanging up the phone. I put it back on my nightstand and tightened my hold on Bella's waist.

"Edward, is it really time to get up?" she mumbled into my neck.

"No, Baby, Alice called to tell us that we aren't doing breakfast. Dad got called in, so we're doing dinner instead at 6:30."

"Wonderful, now, let's go back to sleep and then we'll christen your new chair," she giggled. We snuggled together and fell back into a peaceful sleep.

I woke up many hours later and realized that Bella was no longer in bed with me. Her spot was cold. She wasn't in our bathroom either. I pulled a pair of flannel pajama pants on and went downstairs. I found Bella sitting on our couch reading a manuscript with a red pen in her hand. She looked so cute in my t-shirt with her hair in a ponytail and her reading glasses on. She was so fucking sexy. I couldn't believe I was the lucky bastard she chose. She moved her legs and I realized she was wearing just panties, no shorts. My newfound discovery made me groaned.

"Oh, sorry, Honey. I didn't see you there," she snickered and patted the couch seat next to her. My erection began to make my pajama pants tighter.

"You're fine, Baby," I said as I sat down and played with them hem of her shirt.

"Let me finish this page and I'll make you some lunch."

"What time is it?" I inquired.

"Uh, I think it's like 1:30," she chuckled.

"Why did you let me sleep so long?" I whined and kissed her neck.

"You looked so peaceful, plus I didn't get up until like one."

"Okay, I wanted to talk to you about something," I admitted. She put the manuscript down on the coffee table and looked at me.

"What's on your mind?" she asked climbing into my lap.

"What do you think about trying for a baby when I get back in six months?" I proposed. She smiled wide.

"That would be amazing! I was actually going to talk to you about that."

"Maybe we should practice, Mrs. Cullen…" I hinted as I sucked on her neck.

"I haven't taken my birth control yet," she sighed and pulled away, heading to the kitchen.

"Baby, don't take it. We could just get a start on our family now, plus you couldn't get pregnant this soon," I told her. Her eyes lit up and she grinned.

"Really?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course, Baby." I pulled her against me. I knew I would do anything to keep that smile on her face.

"Well, then, I'm going to have my way with you, General," she said in a sexy voice and tugged on the waist of my pajama pants.

"Oh, please do. I think you said something about a new chair that needs christening," I reminded her. She led me to the new leather recliner and pushed me down and slid her hands in my pants.

"Oh, someone's excited," she giggled as she took the tip of my cock in her moth. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as she worked up and down my large cock.

"Bella," I moaned. She looked up at me. "I want to come inside of you, Baby," I said close to coming. She nodded and pulled me out of her mouth. I slid her panties down and I could feel the wetness from her pussy. She pulled her shirt off and my hands roamed up her sides and to her boobs. I love those things. I'm a boob and ass man for sure. More specifically, I'm a Bella man. I kicked my pants off and slid her down my aching cock. We both moaned as I hit the end of her. Bella took the lead and worked at her own pace.

"Edward… I'm close," she whimpered.

"Come on my cock, Baby," I huskily said. I moved my hand to her clit and pinched it. I felt her inner walls clamp down and squeeze my cock. I came quickly after she did. She collapsed on top of my chest with me still buried deep inside her.

"I love you," she mumbled against my neck.

"I love you too, Baby," I cooed kissing the top of her head.