Garfield looked around the living room of Mount Justice suddenly, groggily waking up. He had fallen asleep watching a nature show, yet again, and noticed he was in the shape of a kiwi, a creature found only in New Zealand. He shook himself back into his preferred form—that of a monkey—and stood up, wondering why the cavernous halls of the cave were so quiet and echoless. He walked into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter top. At once, Garfield read the letter and recognized M'gann's lovely print. After reading the memo—which stated she had gone grocery shopping with Connor—Garfield realized what this meant. He was all alone, with only the automated computer to keep him company. But, just to check, Garfield asked the empty space, "Is there anyone else in Mount Justice?"

"Negative," the female, disembodied voice replied.

"Noted," Garfield said shortly, wondering at all the things he could do with this free time. He decided on practicing his shape-shifting. Settling back down on the couch, Garfield transformed into a large grizzly bear and growled. Quickly changing to his human form, Garfield acted like a translator. "Mister Pelican, what Mister Bear said was that he enjoys eating fish." Garfield at once shifted to be a pelican and squawked loudly, twice.

Back to a human, Garfield 'translated' again. "Why, Mister Bear, Mister Pelican believes he could eat more fish than you in a minute. What do you have to say to that?" A bear then appeared in Garfield's place and roared menacingly. "Now, now, Mister Bear, there's no need to get so touchy! What's your opinion, Mister Rooster?" A now human Garfield asked the empty room before transforming into a green rooster, which crowed and pecked at the sofa.

"Quite right," Garfield said, nodding. "Grain is rather tasty… But I feel I should ask what Mister Hawk has to say. Well, Mister Hawk?"

Garfield continued this little game, transforming into a rat, ostrich, crocodile, hamster, tortoise, and tiger. Soon, all the different animals were 'fighting'—particularly Mister Crocodile and Mister Tiger, who were both intent on eating Mister Hamster. Eventually, though, Garfield got all the arguments settled, promising Mister Tiger and Mister Crocodile he would get them something to eat, and convincing Mister Bear Mister Pelican would, in fact, beat him in any fish eating contest.

When he heard M'gann and Connor come back, he quickly flicked on the television. "What've you been up to, Gar?" M'gann asked.

"Oh, nothing," he replied, back to his favored form. "Just learning about animals."