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Subject: we need to talk

Haseo! Meet me at the beast temple at sigma angry missing in-laws….it's really important so don't blow it over!

Haseo looked at the message and blinked. "Wow Silabus is being demanding for once I wonder what he wants" letting out an irritable sigh He logged into 'the world' and stared at the Chaos gate. "Let's get this done and over with" with another sigh he warped into Sigma angry missing in-laws.


Haseo walked into the beast temple 'this better be important Silabus' he thought with a growl. Once he saw the green clad blade brandier. "Silabus! You wanted to-!-what the hell?" Haseo stood there with a blade at his throat and a very distraught and angry looking Silabus staring at him. "Whoa! Silabus put your blade down! What the hell is wrong with you!" Haseo stared into his eyes and saw a bunch of emotions flicker though them before Silabus slowly lowered his sword and then put it away. Haseo rubbed his neck and growled but before he could speak Silabus cut him off.

"I want the truth! And I want it now!" his voice echoed off the stone walls and Haseo looked around. "what the hell are you talking about! What truth?"

"You know damn well! What I'm talking about! The demon and holy palace tournament that!-that! MONSTER! THING!"

Haseo blinked at him then it clicked. Slowly Haseo placed his hands on Silabus's shoulders in hope that the he can get the blade brandier to calm down. "Silabus where did you hear about that?" with a quick movement Silabus jerked out of Haseo's hands and glared at him. "I'll tell you if you tell me" Haseo then Shook his head. "I can't tell you Silabus trust me it's something you don't want to know about anyway" Haseo turned around and walked towards the warp gate. Taking a deep breath he went to warp out.

The next thing he knew he was looking up at Silabus, who had his hands on his shoulder blades pinning his to the floor. 'Geez, where did this strength come from!' Haseo thought as he struggled to get the lanky man off him. "NO! I have to know! I don't care what you say! I have to know….are you cheating?" Haseo looked into Silabus's eyes and saw sadness cloud over the usually bright golden eyes. Taking a deep breath Haseo just sighed. "I'll tell you…if you tell me?...Right?" Silabus nodded then got off of Haseo. Slowly the two gotten to their feet and Haseo wiped off his clothes. "you go first" he said looking at Silabus and the brunette sighed.

"not much to say I got an anonymous viewer it had a video clip attached to it and underneath the clip it said-"

Silabus took a deep breath and looked at Haseo. "'This will change your mind about the 'terror of death'" he then shrugged and then sighed. "Your turn" Haseo rubbed the back of his head then let out a small sigh. "I don't know how to put this…yes, I did summon that-I guess you can call it a 'thing'-

Silabus then cut him off. "It has a real name?" The two stared at each other for a few minutes then Haseo sighed. "Yes, they are called epitaphs or Avatars-"

"CHEATER!" Silabus yelled in outrage. Haseo put his hands up in defense for once actually scared of the blade bradier for once. He looked into Silabus's brown eyes and saw them clouded in anger. For a second Haseo though that Silabus was going to bring his weapon out again. But instead he backed up and then like that he was gone. Haseo took a deep breath then looked around the beast temple. "I'm sure if I give him some space and a few e-mails explaining everything he'll calm down" as Haseo started to walk over to the treasure (which Silabus never picked up) and as he got closer he started to think.

'Silabus said that he received an anonymous E-mail…not many people know about the epitaphs and I know that none of us want…well 'the world' knowing about us….but thanks to Sakaki almost every Pker knows…..oh no…no! don't tell me! SAKAKI! That bastard went and told Silabus! And most likely Gaspard as well! Shit! That most likely means that Sakaki's after Silabus!'

Ignoring the treasure, Haseo warped out of the area in hopes of finding Silabus before Sakaki.


Silabus let out a sigh and sat down on one of Canard's seats. Death grunty stared at him then spoke, "*oink* what's eating you *oink*" Silabus just sighed and turned his head away. 'I don't want anything to do with Haseo right now and that includes his grunty' closing his eyes Silabus let out another sigh. That was when he felt something poke his cheek. He turned his head and let out a small squeak. Death grunty let out a laugh and continued to poke Silabus's cheek. Silabus began to smack the stubby hand away. Death grunty just laughed again and continued to poke the blade brandier.

Finally Silabus just smiled and lightly grabbed the grunty. Slowly he got off the furniture and gently placed the grunty on his stool. "There *oink* that's more like it *oink*" Silabus looked at the grunty and sighed. "More like what?" he asked and Death grunty just laughed. "Stick to smiling *oink*"

"Yes, please do you look so much better with a smile"


Silabus turned around and stared at the man behind him and then he put his hand of his chest and took a deep breath. "ok..one how the hell did you get in here? And two who are you?" There was something strange and familiar about the man in front of him. His hair was spiked everywhere and crazy with black tips. His arms and legs had the weirdest modification Silabus had ever seen. They were black with red vain like things running through them. He had black dots floating around him as well. Breathing heavily Silabus gave the main a nervous smile and he just smirked. "No need to fear little Silabus….I am Sakaki you may know me from Moon tree" Silabus just nodded. "Ok and how did you get in here?" Silabus asked again and Sakaki just smiled and sat down on the nearest chair. "I have many ways my friend" Silabus looked at the black dots following Sakaki's every movement and suddenly felt very afraid.

Death grunty either felt Silabus's fear or just didn't like the guy because he then spoke. "*OINK* IF YOU AREN'T PART OF THE GUILD THEN YOU LEAVE! *OOOOIIINNNKKK*" Death grunty jumped in the air wiggling all his limbs at once. Silabus jumped back in surprise. 'I never heard him yell like that…something is telling me that I shouldn't trust this guy' nervously he licked his lips and stared at Sakaki.

"I-I think you should leave-ack!"

Sakaki quickly grabbed Silabus's wrist and pushed him up against the wall. "yeah but I don't…I quite like it here nice and….homey" With little to no warning Death grunty Jumped on to Sakaki's back and started to hit the player. Sakaki quickly let go of Silabus's wrist and grabbed the small grunty and quickly chucked him a crossed the room. "Just like that stupid 'terror of death'!" he then turned to Silabus eyes blazing in fury. "Now you're not going to act like him right…because nothing pisses me off more than…HIM" the last part came out as a growl and Silabus lightly bit his lip but didn't respond.

Sakaki then slammed his hand against the wall above the brunettes head. Silabus cried out as Sakaki spoke. "you're not going to act like him Right?" His tone wasn't angry or loud but it was very creepy and the smile on his face didn't help. "No…I won't" he barely spoke above a whisper and Sakaki smile grew. "good…good" Sakaki stared into Silabus's eyes. He stayed like that for a few minutes almost as if he was looking at something.

Then he started too chuckle creepily. "you know….Yuuichi you and Silabus look a lot alike" Yuuichi felt his eyes widen and Silabus mirrored his movements. "how do you know what a look like…and my name!" letting out another chuckle Sakaki moved his hand from the wall to Silabus's chin. "I know a lot about you Yuuichi…your nineteen years old, in college, you like to jog, you have a part-time job to help pay for your classes…and for some reason you want to be a reporter" Yuuichi and Silabus's jaw dropped then Yuuichi stood up and took off his head set. He began to look around the darkened room but saw nothing. Slowly he sat back down and stared at his computer screen. Shakily he put his headset back on.

Sakaki was gone but the black dots weren't. "Join me…help me rid 'the world' of people like Haseo!" Looking around the guild all Silabus saw were the black dots. Sakaki was nowhere to be seen. "No…." he whispered there was a silence…then he became aware of the background music distorting all over the place. "No? NO!" Sakaki's voice boomed loudly all over Canard. Silabus looked around for death grunty but didn't see him. "You don't have a choice! Yuuichi! You WILL join me!" before he could take off his headset or turn off the computer all the black dots lunged at him.

Yuuichi felt pain shoot though his entire body as his computer began to get staticy and malfunction. Getting up from his chair Yuuichi screamed and wrapped his arms around his body. The pain was unbearable, letting out another scream Yuuichi though his head back…the last thing he remembered was Sakaki's laughing at Silabus screaming in pain.

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