Silabus looked at Gaspard then at the man. "I'm not going to ask again…easy way or hard way?" Gaspard let out a whimper. Silabus bit his lip "I'll go with you…but don't hurt Gaspard"

"Silabus no!" Gaspard yelled but Silabus just silenced him. "hmm…" The man looked thoughtful he then shrugged "All right… but you come with me" he extended his hand and Silabus took a deep breath. Before he could move Gaspard grabbed his wrist "No!" he yelled. Silabus just bit his lip. "I'll be ok Gaspard…" Gaspard bit his lip and slowly he let go of Silabus's wrist.

Silabus looked back and smiled at Gaspard he opened his mouth about to say something but another voice rang out "Silabus?!" looking around he saw Haseo then there was a noise and he looked back the guy with blue hair was gone. '…..coward' he though letting out a deep breath. Before he could relax someone grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

Next thing he knew he was face to face with a very angry Haseo. "Are you insane?!" Silabus blinked but said nothing. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" Haseo yelled Silabus didn't say anything he just shook his head. The world started to turn; grabbing his head he tried to steady himself. The last thing he heard was his name being called by both Haseo and Gaspard.


Haseo, Kuhn, Atoli and Gaspard were in Canard, Silabus was curled up asleep. After fainting they brought him there and now they were integrating Gaspard on the matter.

"Are you sure?" Haseo asked for the fifth time and Gaspard nodded. "I know what I saw…." He then shook his head and looked over at Silabus "Is he going to be ok?" Kuhn nodded "Yeah he should be fine just let him sleep" Kuhn just sighed and got up. "I'm going to tell Pi he's been found and is alright" Without another word Kuhn left.

"Yeah I need to go to Haseo" Atoli said looking down "I have study" then she was gone and it was just Haseo and Gaspard. "Do you have to leave too?" Haseo asked after a couple of minutes. Gaspard just shook his head "Not for a while" he whispered and looked back at the unconscious blade bandier. "Is he going to be ok? Why would he just faint like that?"

"Once again Gaspard he'll be fine but as to why he fainted….I don't even now that one" he said shaking his head. Silabus laid there not moving. "He's actually in the game isn't he?" Gaspard asked out of the blue causing Haseo to look at him. "I know that, that day wasn't a dream, I know the difference between a dream and real life…." Gaspard said sheepishly. "I noticed he was acting weird today and he didn't want his health to go low which was weird" Gaspard then sighed.

"The last thing me and Kuhn ever wanted was you two to get involved in this kind of mess" there was a silence as Gaspard looked down. Then Silabus's eyes began to open. "I feel like I've been hit by a bus" He groaned then sat up. Looking around he blinked "I….fainted didn't I?" he asked realizing he was in the HOME

"Yeah, yeah you did" Haseo said standing up, Silabus rubbed his head "Why did you faint?" Gaspard asked blinking at Silabus.

Silabus just blinked then shook his head "I don't know everything just turned next thing I know I'm here" he then rubbed his head. "Silabus…." Gaspard said and Silabus looked up and smiled "I'm fine though just fainted" he said and Gaspard shook his head "I should go…see you around Silabus" Silabus then looked down and warped out. Silabus sighed and rested his head in his hand. "Are you ok?" Haseo asked sitting next to Silabus.

Silabus looked at Haseo then scooted to the side a little. Haseo took notice and scooted closer to the brunette. Causing Silabus to sigh "Yes, Haseo?" he asked and Haseo just looked at him "why did you leave? Silabus you knew you were in danger" Silabus just sighed "I don't know…I was-

"-Bored? Yeah Kuhn told me that"

Silabus sighed "I know it was a stupid thing to do-

"No, it was an idiotic thing to do" Haseo said correcting him and he sighed "Couldn't leave it at stupid?" Silabus asked and Haseo shook his head. "No"

"Anyways I don't know why I did it I….wasn't thinking yeah, I'm a moron"

"No you're an idiot there's a difference" There was a silence and Silabus sighed again. "I'm just going to take that as a compliment" he said and Haseo shook his head "Ovan…" he said and Silabus looked at him. "What?"

"The man…who was going to attack you and Gaspard his name was Ovan"

Silabus just nodded "he was your friend right?" he asked and Haseo nodded "Yeah, I think he was using you to get to me…wait I don't think I know" he then stood up and stretched. "Ok now we need to get a few things straight…one you don't go anywhere without either me or Kuhn with you" Silabus blinked then opened his mouth but then shut his mouth and nodded.

"Second we need a place for you to hide…it's either the outer dungeon or here…but Ovan can still get into here…." He went quiet then sighed. "Ok it has to be an outer dungeon sorry but…no chances" Silabus once again nodded then Haseo shut his eyes "Great…" he groaned he then looked at Silabus. "We have to hurry….I have to battle Taihaku" He then added Silabus to his party. "I'll take you to the nearest Outer dungeon" he mumbled crossing his arms then the two warped out.


'So bored…and lonely…' Silabus thought as he sat there crossed legged with his head propped up on his hand. 'Well, at least I got a little bit of freedom today…man, why can't I get over that look he gave me?!'

Silabus growled in his thoughts. Remembering the look of pure worry Haseo had on his face when he found Silabus with Gaspard. 'It's probably guilt' Silabus then rubbed his eyes 'Tired, might as well take a nap while I'm alone…and bored…' laying down on the ground he shifted until he was comfortable.

'well, good night world' he thought as he shut his eyes.