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It looks like we have lift off for season 2! Forgive me if the first chapter starts a little slow. I won't be getting into any serious action until chapter 3 or 4 maybe. Not to mention some of the interactions between the real world and other world may not "meet in the middle" every time, but so long as you've got drama and fighting, you guys don't care, right?

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I'll be using the lyrics to Magnet as chapter titles like Ordet did for Miku's - "Black Rock Shooter."

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This is the beginning of the story,

Of a girl who could take on the world.

Who strived for completion in all things. Nothing forgotten, nothing left behind.

This is the beginning of her story...


Cradled deep inside the center of the hollow world, empty space that was not-so empty lied hidden, darkened by the shadow of a domain of white in the distance. A light eclipsed by blinding darkness.

Where stars twinkled like diamonds and the ground was broken and upheaved, until they orbited like satellites in midair. There was a strange beauty amongst the chaos of it all… or so the observer who sat at the top of this world, believed.

Her silent world carefully incased in glass. It had been difficult to craft such a master piece, but the effort had been worth the end results. She smiled as she observed it all from her high place, embracing the majesty her power had created.

She walked, her heeled shoes clicking from each step taken.

"Well? How is it?" She asked, holding a hand to her heart.

There was no reply, but this did not seem to faze her.

"I think it combines the best of both our personalities. Harmony and disorder… You and me."


The girl sighed, and hugged her knees from a crouch position on the ground.

"If only you could see it… How much longer until you awaken? I miss you…"

The sound of a hungry stomach gurgled loudly as the girl stood up.

-guuurrgle- -gurgle-

"I'm starving…" The girl scoffed.

"Time to continue my hunt, perhaps the next will lead me to who I'm looking for…"

The girl walked off, her heels continuously clicking against the ground. She hummed to herself as she kept an even pace with her steps. The girl left behind the remnants of a warrior's black hooded cape and battle axe, black ash piled underneath.

Though it marred the great beauty of her world she paid the remains no heed. She would clean it later. For now, it was meal time…

The sun rose over the horizon, bright and shining. It bathed everything it touched in a golden glow, illuminating colors of every kind. The green of the trees, the pink of the cherry blossoms in bloom, even the black asphalt on the street seemed to brighten in the sun's warmth.

The sun's revitalizing effect proved useless however, to one young teen that refused to greet the morning. She lay peacefully deep in sleep, her dreams much too sweet to awaken. Everything except her messy, raven hair was nestled under her blanket, hiding herself from view.

Still the sun rose higher, cascading the girl's hidden form in yellow light. Her room was blue in color, which almost looked white when the sun hit it. A simple decorated room as it was, had the charm of belonging to either male or female, matching the tomboyish style of its owner.

The young girl mumbled as she turned over under the covers, and continued to slumber.

A beep was heard, and the iHome that sat on the girl's bookshelf clicked to life. Six-thirty on the dot, the pre-selected song on the girl's blue iPod nano played, blasting at glass breaking decibels.



Mato burst forward from under the covers screaming, as a loud heavy metal beat pounded in her ears. She searched around for the racket, frantic and nervous. She glared sheepishly when she realized it was her alarm going off.



Mato groaned and searched around, blarey eyed and tired for the remote. She gritted her teeth when she saw it was all the way on the other side of the room, on her desk.

'What the hell is it doing there?'

"I wanna bring it back, We never carry on!"

"I wanna bring it back, We never carry on!"

The first two steps Mato took out of her bed resulted in her tripping over her own two feet, and falling onto the floor. She capsized the oval table next to her bed as she went down.

"Seize it somehow, Seize it somehow!"

"Only thing I lose!"

Mato growled, beyond angry, the music still blasting away. She stood up, and ran to her desk for the remote. Grabbing it, she quickly mashed the off button.

"We hurry on, ( On! ) 'cuz we are coming to the end!"

"We hurry on, ( Yeah! ) 'cuz we are co-"

The iHome went off with a click just as quickly as it had turned on, and Mato grumbled at her own stupidity for believing One Ok Rock had been the right choice to wake up to that morning. She turned the table right side up on its legs and teetered back to her bed.

"Sleeeeeeeep…" Mato mumbled collapsing onto the covers.

There was nothing that could possibly make Mato want to get out bed this morning, not even-

Brreeeeeep! Brreeeeeep! Brreeeeeep!

The ringer of Mato's cell went off as it received an incoming call. She groaned again and pulled it from its perch on her windowsill, next to her potted fern. She eyed the name on the cover of the phone, intent on snubbing the caller, but changed her mind when she saw who it was.

She answered it. "Hmm… Yomi?"

"Good morning!"

Mato held the phone away from ear for a moment, cringing. 'How can anybody be so loud first thing in the morning?'

"Morning…" Mato managed to mumble back.

"Wake up; we've got a full day ahead!"

"…Don't remind me."

"Aww, where's that spunk of excitement you had the first day of junior high?"

Mato thought for a moment. "…It flew south for the winter."

Yomi giggled over the phone. "Well its spring now, so tell it to come back home. Still meeting at our usual corner?"


"Good then get ready. I'll be waiting!" Yomi hung up.

Mato sighed and put her phone down. She closed her eyes, intent on ignoring Yomi's request for a few minutes more.

Buzzzzz! Buzzzzz!

A text was sent.

From Yomi, 'Get out of bed!'

"Oh come on!" Mato growled in defeat and sat up. It wasn't fair to have someone who knew you that well.

From Mato, 'Alright, I'm up!'

Mato set her phone down and stretched her arms lazily above her head, her back cracking in several places. She gave a yawn as she eyed her new uniform hanging from the top ledge of her closet door. She managed a small smile as she tried to lapse back into her usual morning routine for school.

Was the break over already?

Mato yawned again as she popped toast into the toaster in the kitchen, and then headed to the bathroom. She ran her fingers through her lengthy raven hair, and scratched her scalp. Staring at herself in the mirror, she contemplated the extent her hair had grown in just the past two years. She turned around and looked back at it.

"Almost past my back… Maybe I should cut it?"

She shrugged, and picked up her tooth brush.

Cerulean frost eyes opened slowly from silent meditation, and watched the world.

The white wind blew at her long twin tails, swishing them around like black ribbons. From her high place she felt she was at the center of everything, and it was the perfect place to view the ensuing battle below.

Black Rock Shooter watched the fight beneath her with mild interest as two of Black Gold Saw's seedlings did battle practice. Her golden child roamed away for something more interesting to look at.

("Always wandering off…") Rock murmured with a twitch of her brow.

Rock stood up not bothering to wipe the dust from her jacket, as she left her perch on the high cliff, and jumped down.

Black Gold Saw frowned as the battle of her seedlings was interrupted by a THUD! Rock landed in the crouch position just meters away, and walked passed them without giving Gold Saw a second glance.

Gold Saw grinned as she passed. ("Come to give my little ones a hand? They should learn from an expert, so long as you don't kill them again.") She asked hoping to gauge some semblance of a reaction.

Rock turned around, her face unreadable. ("I'm hardly interested in helping you train more future killers. I'm headed to the arena. Mato woke up in a bad mood this morning.")

Gold Saw smirked in amusement. ("Oh! It's a fight you need? I can help with that…") She held up her king saw, offering her services.

Rock declined. ("No. Thank you… It's minor; I'll find Chariot for this one.")

Not wishing to waste any more time, she took off in the direction of the white coliseum in the distance. Gold Saw chuckled and turned back to her children. She held up her clawed hand and ushered them to continue their practice battle.

Rock came upon the wandering seedling and watched her. The little one occupied herself with poking a small black beetle crawling on the ground. Rock put a hand to her shoulder, startling the girl out of her fun.

("Vega, return to your mother.")She ordered, and walked way.

The little seed watched Rock go with curious eyes, and turned back to her siblings. Then, she turned back to Rock. Vega smiled and followed after the girl in the black coat.

Rock stopped when she heard another set of footsteps.

("Didn't you hear me? I'm about to go look for a fight, I'm not interested in babysitting you.")

The little redhead didn't listen, and clung to Rock's sleeve. She smiled with adoring auburn eyes and something about them made Rock want to hug her.

Or bash her face in; either one…

Rock sighed deciding neither was a good idea, and simply turned on her way.

("Fine, but don't get in my way. If you get caught in the crossfire, it's not my fault.")

The little one nodded, still hanging onto Rock as she followed her.

Mato hopped her way into the kitchen, her mood picking up a little as she veered for the toaster. She handled her hot toast and spread it with butter, as always. Ms. Kuroi yawned as she walked into the kitchen, surprised to see her daughter up before her.

"Hmm? Am I dreaming or are you actually up early for once?" She asked with a chuckle.

Mato grumbled biting into her toast. "-crunch- My iHome blasted me awake this morning."

"Ah, I was wondering what that awful noise was."

Mato shrugged. "I would've stay in bed, but then Yomi took the liberty of -crunch- giving me a wake-up call."

"Bless that girl. She seems to be the only one who can actually get you moving."

Mato snorted, holding back a laugh. 'You don't even know the half of it, Mom.'

Ms. Kuroi set her frying pan on the stove and pulled out a carton of eggs.

"Mato go and-"

"-Wait, let me guess. Wake the brat?" Mato asked uninterested, polishing off her toast and licking her fingers.

Her mother looked back at her and grinned. "You got it!"

"Huuuuuuuh!" Mato let out an exaggerated sigh and staggered her way upstairs. She stood outside Hiro's door deciding on how to proceed.

'Telling the little twerp that breakfast is ready won't work… I need something loud to actually get him out of bed.'

She grinned as an idea popped into her head and nodded. With a loud voice, she barged into Hiro's room screaming.


"AHHHHHHHH!" Hiro nearly hit the ceiling as his sister broke out into her own rendition of "No Scared." Mato sang louder, bobbing her head to a beat only she could hear.



"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Hiro demanded, covering his ears.

Mato ignored him and put her foot on the end of his bed, shaking it and rattling the mattress. She lifted her arms and played an air guitar as she sang.

"I wanna bring it back, We never carry on!"

"I wanna bring it back, We never carry on!"

"Seize it somehow, Seize it somehow!"

"Only thing I lose!"

"AHHHHH! SHUT UP! I'M AWAKE! I'M AWAKE!" Hiro leaped from his bead and pushed his sister away.

"Your singing sucks!" He yelled sprinting from his room.

"Mission accomplished." Mato gave herself a pat on the back for a job well done and made her way back to the breakfast table downstairs.

She sat back in her usual seat and sent a mischievous smirk to her brother, who was now clinging to his mother's apron strings.

"Hiro, go sit down at the table." Ms. Kuroi coxed, still at the frying pan.

Hiro frowned before walking over and sitting opposite of his sister. He sent her a glare and Mato pretended she didn't see him, as their mother set a breakfast of eggs and beacon down in front of them.

"Eat up, and then get ready for school. Don't wanna be late on your first day!"

"Yes mom!" Hiro said happily, digging into his eggs.

Mato yawned again. "I can't believe the break's over already." She whined, shifting her eggs around on her plate.

"Well, what do you expect? You practically slept through the whole thing." Ms. Kuroi said with a laugh. She sat at the table to join her children for the morning meal.

"Oh I've been meaning to tell you two since yesterday, your father called."

Mato immediately froze in place, her mouth opened and her fork just an inch from her face.

"Really? Dad called?" Hiro asked overly excited.

"Yep, he said he's going to be in town this weekend and he wants to see you two. He said he had some sort of surprise ready."

"Sweet! Dad brought us presents!" Hiro exclaimed rubbing his hands together.

"Greaaaat. Why does he wanna see us again? We just saw him over the winter break." Mato grumbled stuffing a fried egg in her mouth.

Her daughter's tone of voice did not settle well with Ms. Kuroi. "Mato…"

Mato ignored her and continued to eat.



Ms. Kuroi sighed. "Mato I just can't understand you sometimes. When your father and I first got divorced, you acted like it was the end of the world. Then you were acting like you didn't even notice it. Now you're hating the man. What's going on with you?"

Mato sighed. "Let's just say… I stopped ignoring the pain he put in my heart when he left, okay?"

"In other words, you're finally embracing your teenage emotions, huh? Mad at the world?"

"I'm not mad at the world. Just him! I can't understand why you'd be happy to tell us he called; you're the one he left!" Mato exclaimed.

"Don't you take that tone with me! What was I gonna do Mato? Have our phone line hotwired to send him electric shocks whenever his number pops up on the caller id?"

"Cool! Can we really do that?" Hiro asked biting into his beacon.

"Oh just forget it." Mato pushed her half eaten plate aside and stood up. "I'm gonna go get dressed." She muttered trekking upstairs.

Ms. Kuroi sighed as she watched her daughter go.

Hiro looked to his mother, tugging on her sleeve. "You know… I still love dad."

"Hmm? I know you do hon." Ms. Kuroi chuckled, kissing her son on the cheek.

"Bad enough I'm forced to see him during holidays…"

Mato grumbled to herself fixing her hair into the usual choppy pigtails with rubber bands. She eyed them in the mirror as they fell just past her back, scrutinizing them. She nodded, satisfied with her handy work and grabbed the hanger hooked to her closet door. She gave the uniform a once over before putting it on.

The shirt was white, with a dark-maroon collar and bow. The skirt boasted the same color as the collar and Mato was reminded of dog poo while looking at it. She cringed.

'Maybe dark chocolate is a better comparison.'

She slipped into them quickly, and went about looking for socks to put on. As she rummaged through her draw for a pair, she spotted a set of white cable knit legwarmers with light blue pompoms hanging from the top.

'Ah, I forgot Yomi gave me these.'

Mato pulled them up her legs and grinned.

She was ready.

Grabbing her cellphone and new school bag Mato made her way down stairs. She sat on the step leading to the front door next to her brother, as they put their shoes on.

Hiro looked to his sister while he laced his sneakers up. "Nee-chan? How come you don't love dad anymore?"

Mato sighed; she should've seen that one coming. "More importantly why do you still love him?"

"Because, he's our dad!" Hiro stated as if it were the most obvious answer in the world.

Mato scoffed. "Hmmp! So, just because we're related by blood, I have to love him?"


Mato rolled her eyes and stood up. "Typical. Bro, you've got a lot to learn about the harsh facts of life."

Hiro stood after his sister, becoming angry.

"I know about the facts of life!" He shouted stomping his foot.

Mato sent him a smirk. "Oh yeah? So you finally found out where babies come from then?"

Hiro squirmed at his sister's question, and his face became inflamed with embarrassment. Mato noted it, and broke out into laughter.

"Ahahahahah! So you do know! Well, maybe you're not a lost cause after all. Heheheh!"

Mato ruffled Hiro's hair affectionately. "But you've still got some growing up to do. I'm taking off, tell mom I said bye."

Mato opened the door to leave, but stopped short to look back at her brother.

"And for the record? It's not that I don't love Dad anymore. I'm just mad at him, okay?" and Mato left it at that.

Hiro watched his sister leave, his head filled with more questions than answers.

"Mad at him? For what?" Hiro asked, knowing he wouldn't receive any answer.

Mato sprinted fast to the corner street where she knew Yomi was already waiting for her. She found it amazing that no matter how early she woke, Yomi was always at the corner long before her.

'That girl must rise with the sun!' Mato thought gaining a spring in her step.

Sure enough, Yomi was waiting for her, with Kagari in tow. They too, were dressed in the same uniform as she.

"Morning!" Mato called to them.

"Morning!" Kagari called out.

"Morn-mmh!" Yomi was cut off, as Mato pressed their lips together.

"Good morning, my love!"

"G-Good morning." Yomi stuttered with a slight blush. "Funny, I thought you'd be angry, what with me waking you out of your beauty sleep and all."

"Nonsense! I would never be mad at my Yomiiiiiii!" Mato cooed, snuggling tight to Yomi's arm as they made their way for the train station.

Kagari pouted, receiving no attention and hooked herself to Yomi's other arm with a huff.

"Hey, get your mitts off!" Mato yelled.

Kagari just held on tighter and stuck out her tongue. "Yomi almost tried to leave without me this morning!"

"Too bad, you made it any how…" Mato grumbled.

"Yeah, and after I slept over last night too!"

That definitely caught Mato's attention.

"You slept over? Why didn't anybody tell me? I would have come over too!" Mato said shifting her gaze to Yomi.

Yomi shook her head trying to defend herself.

"It was hardly a sleepover. Kagari just said she wanted me to wake up her up so she wouldn't be late for the first day."

"You could have just called her, like you did me." Mato reasoned.

"Well, uh, she still has the key to our house, so she kinda lets herself in every now and then…" Yomi trailed off.

Mato frowned so hard, Yomi thought her face would fall off.

"…She still has the key to your house?" Mato asked eyeing the blonde clinging to Yomi's opposite arm.

"Uh huh!" Kagari proclaimed confidently. "Mr. Takanashi said I'm welcome anytime I like! …are you jealous?" She asked sending a grin Mato's way.

"Not in the least." Though it was more than obvious, Mato was.

Yomi sighed as she found herself caught in-between a potential catfight.

They made their way to the station just in time to catch the train; they boarded it together still locked arm in arm, and the train took off.

Yomi sighed as the two females next to her stared each other down. She clapped her hands together startling the two, and took back both her arms.

"So, you two excited about seeing our new school?" Yomi asked trying to change the subject to something more pleasant.

"Excited about school? Is that a trick question?" Mato asked quirking her brows.

Kagari snickered. "Of course you wouldn't be excited. You'll be copying your way through high school, just like you did junior high."


"-Entrance exams." Kagari whispered with a cheeky smile.

Mato immediately gnashed her teeth together, and shrank down with a scowl. Of course Kagari would pull that one out of her sleeve.

Yomi looked between the two confused. "Huh? The entrance exams?"

Mato's brow twitched, and she visibly began to sweat as the memory returned...

It had been the final year of junior high; applications and booklets for the student's to choose their high school of choice had been passed around. Naturally, Yomi had agreed to attend any school Mato applied to, much to Mato's happiness.

But then, Mr. Takanashi had intervened.

He had not only picked out a school for Yomi, ignoring her request to pick it herself; he had also signed a fat check to said school. His daughter didn't even have to take entrance exams to get in. It had been bribery in it's purest form.

Kagari had applied to the same school after hearing about what happened from Yomi. Though her family didn't exactly have "Takanashi" money, Kagari had always been a good, productive student in class; she had been an easy pass for the entrance exams.

And then there was Mato.

Mato had nearly torn her hair out when she'd heard. The threat of she and Yomi attending other schools had loomed over her head, like a condor circling the carcass of dead animal. Getting put in separate classes Mato could handle. But separate schools? And this was a top ranked school too. Mato could have studied for weeks and still not have been prepared.

Mato had always been the type to "just pass" her way through, not realizing all those 70, 65's, and the occasional 50 on her report card would have backlash in such a big way. She needed to have scored an 85 or higher on the exam in order to even qualify. She had in fact scored a 90.

With Kagari's help, that is.

Kagari had come to her dressed in the guise of the angel of mercy. She had given Mato study and review notes about important topics that would, more than likely, be on the test. She had even found Mato "testing study guides" online with questions and answers for Mato to memorize.

And in case that had failed, Kagari had let Mato sit next to her during test day and copy answers from off her own test. Oh yes, Kagari had been quite the beacon of light in the darkness for Mato… Until the exam was over.

Then Kagari traded her wings and halo, for devil horns and a pitch fork!

"I did you a favor, now you owe me one!" Were Kagari's exact words, the day Mato had received her letter of acceptance.

Kagari still had yet to express what she wanted Mato to do for her in return, and wasted no opportunity to bring the subject up as a reminder. Mato quickly found herself caught in Kagari's bear trap, with the barrel of a hunting rifle constantly at her forehead.

All that, and Yomi was none the wiser to any of it. Also courtesy of Kagari…

Yomi turned to Mato, confused. "What's she mean by entrance exams? What happened?"

"Heh, n-never mind, it doesn't matter." Mato said trying to laugh it off, and stared out the window with a nervous smile.

Kagari continued to snicker to herself, and Yomi was left feeling like she'd missed something important.

The train rolled on…

At the center of the white, and colorful world, stood a tall, decaying coliseum, its walls rattled slightly from the battle ensuing with in.

The outside was intricately built of white stone walls, and formed in an elliptic circle. Though somewhat fractured, the coliseum boasted of high buttresses and ornately engraved arches. It gave the illusion of sophistication, hiding its true purpose.

To house the savagery of the female gladiators, that fought within.

The reason for the new arena's existence; to ensure that while within their shared world of colors, there would be no killings, accidental or otherwise. They were to win by either incapacitating their opponent, or knocking them out of the center ring.

Every fight was to take place within the coliseum, and every fight was to be "organized" to some extent. These were rules to which they were all to abide by.

In the center of the open air arena, Black Rock Shooter made a charge for Chariot with her sword at full speed. Chariot blocked the attack with her own, the metal rubbing together, creating sparks. She pushed forward knocking Rock away, and slashed down.

Rock just barely dodged as Chariot cut into her abdomen drawing out blue blood, and took a swing at Chariot from the right. It missed and Chariot stabbed into the shoulder of Rock's dominant arm, popping the joint out of place.

Rock was put on the defensive as a gleeful Chariot jabbed at her left and right without mercy. Rock held her wounded shoulder with one hand as the other held her sword to double as a shield. Some hits missed, and some were dead on, still Rock made sure to keep her balance and stay on her feet.

She looked back and gritted her teeth as she caught on to Chariot's plan to knock her out of the ring. Rock grounded the sole of her boots into the dirt, while Chariot's nonstop onslaught forced her to the very edge. She let go of her shoulder and charged for a thrust attack, determination in her eyes.

Already anticipating this, Chariot swiveled behind Rock, missing the sword and catching her off guard. A slash cut from behind had Rock writhing on the ground, blue blood pouring from her back and her sword knocked away from her grasp.

Rock stayed on the ground for beat.

Then two…

Then three…

Chariot looked down at her defeated opponent and relaxed her stance. She held her weapon high.

This battle had been her victory.

Rock sighed, accepting defeat for now, and sat up waiting for her back to heal and her shoulder to pop back into place. Chariot held out her hand and passed Rock a dark blue confection.

("Macaron?") She offered.

Rock eyed the cookie for a moment before accepting. It was hardly a consolation prize, but it would do for now. She stood up and faced Chariot; they bowed to each other and left the ring in opposite directions.

Vega ran to Rock after watching the battle and gripped Rock's arm in worry. Rock nodded, messaging to the seedling that she would be alright and gave the macaron to her, instead.

High above the coliseum walls, floating just out of view, were two twin skulls with green glowing eyes. They stayed silent and unmoving so as to not attract attention to themselves, as they observed the scene below.

Their master watched through their eyes as Black Rock Shooter was defeated and left the ring. Within her green pit, she frowned and narrowed her eyes.

It was odd. The hit to Rock's back might have hurt, but that was hardly enough to have her too overpowered to keep fighting. Rock had taken Black Gold Saw's sword to her gut once and survived. The scratch Chariot had given should have been nothing.

This was hardly just Rock following the grand rule of 'dispersing pain', she had actually taken a dive. Since when was Rock ever willing to throw a fight so easily?

"Wow… the school is even bigger now, then when I saw it with dad."

Yomi stared in awe as she observed her new high school. The girls stood out in the front gate looking curiously at the building that would serve as their new learning environment.

The school was formed in shape of C, four stories high and solidly built of gray stone and brick. The school carried a beautiful array of garden flowers, and well groomed, green lawn.

Kagari shrugged. "Kuroi-kun and I have seen it already."

Yet Mato too, stood in amazement at the size of the school. During exam day, Mato hadn't paid much attention to the scenery, much too focused on not failing. Now that she had the chance to admire the building without the threat of failure looming over head, it was actually quite pretty to look at.

The girls made their way inside to the auditorium for the welcoming ceremony, and took their seats. It seemed to drag on forever before the principle finally finished his speech. Mato gave a yawn and a stretch as they stood up about an hour later, to exit it and locate their new class for the semester.

Yomi looked over her notice sheet of classmates and grinned.

"Mato look, we're both in class 1-B this year!"

"Really?" Mato looked to her own sheet and grinned. "Great that means I can copy homework off you again!" She exclaimed completely unashamed.

Yomi laughed. "How'd I know you'd say that?"

Yomi looked over the sheet once more realizing Kagari's name was not on her list of classmates. "Kagari what class are you-"

"-Class 1-A next door." She supplied for Yomi, holding up her own notice sheet.

The girls roamed the halls in search of their classes, as they chatted.

"So, where should we meet up for lunch?" Yomi asked looking to both Kagari and Mato for an answer.

Kagari shrugged unsure.

Mato put a finger to her chin, also unsure. "We haven't explored the school enough to decide on a regular hang out yet so… For now we'll have lunch in class and pick a spot after we look around?"

"Sounds good to me." Kagari said, tugging her ponytail.

Yomi nodded in agreement.

Mato puffed up her flat chest and grinned. "Well, I know the first thing I'm gonna look for. The gym! Basketball club, here I come!"

"Muscle head." Kagari teased.

Yomi laughed. "Just like Mato to have basketball on the brain." She said in between giggles.

Mato shrugged her shoulders. "What can I say? A taste and I was hooked. Ne, Yomi? You're gonna go for Volleyball club again right?" Mato asked with hope filled eyes.

Yomi's smile quickly became somber. "Uh, I might."

"Huh…? Might?"

Mato gave Yomi a puzzled look.

Yomi tried to smile again. "Well no matter! It's still early so I have plenty of time to decide!" She exclaimed with a fake smile.

Mato quirked an eyebrow, skeptical of her girlfriends words. Did Yomi not want to play volleyball anymore? Well it was her decision, but Mato admitted she would miss getting the chance to ogle Yomi at practice from across the gym.

'Speaking of ogling…'

Mato took her eyes off Yomi for a moment, to glimpse other first year girls on their way to class. Some of them looked even younger than her. There were a few that looked familiar from her junior high days, but none immediately recognizable, and all of them in the same uniform as she.

The halls were long and fancily decorated for the new arriving students, and the floor looked freshly polished too. Mato's eyebrows quirked curiously, when she looked down and saw her own reflection in it. She gasped in shock when she realized… the floor reflected what was right up her skirt!

Mato clamped her legs closed as she walked, panic breaking out on her features. Why hadn't she worn a pair of shorts today? Her head swiveled left to right, eyeing the other girls as they walked and chatted obliviously. Was she the only one who noticed it?

Mato felt her face heat up, and embarrassment flared. 'The floor! It's so shiny I can see.. right up…'

A light bulb lit and Mato grinned, an evil idea popping into her head. Silent as a ninja, Mato slowed her steps until she was just behind Yomi, and looked down. She leaned in close…



Mato yelped and grabbed her chest in pain, as Yomi elbowed her. Mato rubbed her heart for a moment before sending Yomi a quick glare. The condescending smile Yomi sent back had Mato shivering.

"I don't know what you're up to, but don't even think about it, pervert." She stated simply before walking into their assigned class.

Mato grumbled, "Tease…" following after her.

Kagari shook her head. 'When will Kuroi-kun ever learn? I'm the only one good at "pulling wool" over Yomi's eyes.'

She continued on to her own class next door.

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And yes that was "One Ok Rock's - No scared" Mato woke up to, which is the opening for the BRS game. Damn I want that game! I myself woke up in the same manner one morning, with it blasting in my ears from my iHome and thought; 'Hey.. That's kinda funny.' So I stuck it here, and decided to make Mato (and her little brother) suffer with me.

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