"Alexandra," he whispered. She didn't respond, which shouldn't suprise him. She was asleep and from the many times Sayuka came to him complaing about how Alexandra wouldn't wake up he assumed she was a heavy sleeper. He didn't know what to do to wake her up but he needed to be quiet and it needed to be soon. It was midnight and he really shouldn't be there, seeing as visiting hours were over but he figured as long as no one knew he was there it shouldn't be that big of a deal but he didn't think of the possibility that she would be sleeping. She never slept this early.

"Alexandra, wake up we need to talk." She rolled over so that her back was facing him and he felt his eyebrow twitch. She had to be awake. She was so frustrating sometimes. He put his hand on her shoulder to roll her over. Crimson red hit an icy gray in a hard glare, making both of their eyes widen. They didn't look into eachother's eyes often. She didn't like to look into his for a serious fear of eye raid, and he always found himself staring at hers for too long when she was younger, so he made a special effort to avoid it.

Now they were staring into eachother's eyes and they each saw something interesting. She saw different emotions swirl around in his eyes, all centering around one main one; confusion. She never realized he was so confused about this. She was confused too but she never considered the idea that he may be thinking about any of this. She never thought he even cared, but maybe the reason was because it's been a while since he cared about anything or anyone. He didn't really remember how to feel.

He saw something much different. He saw something he hadn't seen in her eyes since the day he met her: fear. She had never been afraid of anything. She always faced things with out any help, and never let anything get to her. She was always so strong. Now she was frightened of something and he didn't know what. The more he looked the more scared she became, and he began to realize that she was scared of him.

"You've healed already." She nodded. "Are you going to continue training?" She nodded. "When will you be discharged?" She hesitated before speaking.

"Tomorrow after they run a couple tests to make sure I'm all healed." He nodded in understanding. She was perfectly fine, and it took a huge weight off of his shoulders. He was so scared she wouldn't be. What if she hadn't been? What would he have done? Would he have been able to save her? Would he be willing to do that to her for his own selfish reasons?

"Zelman?" He looked back at her, snapping out of his thoughts. "You broke your promise."

"I promise, as long as you're with me, I will not let you get hurt."

The words echoed in his head as he remembered the night nine years ago when he said that to her. She was right, he did brake that promise, and he already felt terrible enough for it it. He looked at anything but her, but she grabbed his chin and made him look at her. He found himself gazing at her eyes. He loved them, they were icy and cold right now but when she was happy they shined with joy. When she younger it was a common thing. They jumped out at people, or maybe just him.

"I'm not mad at you. I just need some time to myself. Go home and hang out with Sayuka. I'm sure she'd love some attention and you look hungry." She let go of his chin, but he didn't look away. He just kept looking at her even as she rolled to look away. She really just wanted to sleep, but he wanted to talk to her and he wasn't going to leave until he talked to her. He rolled her back around to look at him.

"We need to talk." he stopped for a second. "Better yet, let me talk." She sighed before nodding.

"I've been alive for over eight hundred years. I'm older than most everyone here and in some ways that does have its advantages. I know more and have fought more and I have abilities that others don't obviously. But in living this long I've learned a few things and one of them is that emotions aren't necessary. They become a nuisance and get in the way so I learned to supress them.

"But then I met you. I have a lot of pride and I would never even consider raising a kid. Had it been any other kid I would have just left them to die or gave them up but you were never scared of me. In fact, I don't think you liked me very much. You were really interesting so I kept you around and honestly I thought I'd get sick of you but I didn't. Then you got older, and I started to get really confused, especially after that night when you started asking for Sayuka to come pick you up instead of me.

"I've been thinking about it a lot and I've realized you are making me feel again and I don't like it but I... I still want to feel it." She kept looking at him, unnerving him to no end. He had no idea what she was thinking with such a blank stare, and then it happened. She laughed. She laughed at him. She was laughing at him!

"I... I'm sorry.. HAHA... Sentamentalism doesn't.. HA.. Suit you..."


The next day Zelman brought Alexandra home so she wouldn't have to walk. She was healed but she still felt very weak. She was tired and wanted to sleep for a day or two before going back to training. She was going to join the next class, seeing as she missed so much of this one and they wanted her to fully recover. She was okay with this, because she wanted to try to help Zelman, seeing as it was apparently something she was born to do.

She needed to go to the library and see if there were any books on the topic. She highly doubted it, seeing as her bloodline was thought to have died out four decades ago. Zelman probably knew something of it, seeing as he was eight hundred years old and heard a lot of things in his long life. Now that she was aware of what she had to do, a lot of interesting things were happening.

The first thing she noticed was she could always sort of sense where he was. If he was far away she could sense that. If he was right outside the door or moving around the room, she could tell. Ever since she woke up she could always tell where he was. Another thing she could sense was how he was feeling. If he was tired she noticed. If he was angry she felt the rage in her blood. If he was jelous she felt it wash over her like cold water. Because of all of these things she found herself very annoyed with the fact that she couldn't just block him out. She always felt what he felt and right now he was feeling hungry, and she was beginning to look appetizing.

She felt his arms snake around her waste and she sighed in annoyance. He took it as a sighed of contentment, and pulled her closer. It was then she realized this feeling thing only went one way. He still had no idea what she was feeling so he had no idea that right now she was not in the mood to play blood bank. He brought his mouth down to her neck but didn't touch it, letting his warm breath dance across her skin, sending chills down her spine. He brought up a hand and pulled her blonde locks out of his way. He kept a grip on her hair though and lightly pulled her head to the side to give him better access. His other hand was rubbing circles around her stomach, making her feel weaker and weaker against his actions.

She let herself lean against him, and he took that as a sign to continue. She could feel the want coming off of him in waves, making her feel it first hand. This was nothing like the first time he bit her. This was much, much stronger. She could feel averything he was feeling almost as if it was her own emotion and it made it harder and harder to resist. Everything was screaming at her to keep this going, make this contact last longer. She wanted to be touched by him, and he wanted to touch her.

He let his lips move up and down her neck, tickling her skin and making her let out a breathy giggle. She felt his lips move up to her ear. He licked the shell of it causing her to shiver. He smirked to himself.

"Would you like me to continue?" She couldn't stop herself from nodding. She wanted to feel that way again. She wanted to feel the same way she did the last night she spent in his house, where if felt so good stars danced across her vision and temporarily blinded her. She wanted to feel the euphoria that danced through her veins. She wanted this and she wasn't about to stop him, because she felt that he wanted this too.

He let go of her and picked her up bridal style and carried her to her room. He threw her onto the bed and looked her over. She was still beatiful, and was wearing an outfit that only consisted of denim shorts and a red tank top. He loved the color red, and he especially loved it on her. She was laying there, legs spread, and torso propped up by her elbows, asking with her eyes why he was taking so long. He unzipped his jacket and pulled it off along with his hat, throwing it onto the floor. He wanted to friction. He wanted to feel her skin against his so badly, and she wanted the same thing. She wanted him.

He placed himself on top of her and pressed his hips against hers, causing her to breath heavier and her heartbeat to quicken. She let her hands roam over his chest and felt all of the lean muscle she hadn't know was there until now. She felt him grab her hands and push them next to her head. He laced his fingers with hers and he smiled when he looked into her eyes. It was then that she felt something different than the raw lust. She felt his emotions change to something else.


It wasn't love, not by a long shot, but it was definately more than just instinct, and it made her smile right back before pressing her lips to his. She loved the way his lips moved against hers and how he always took what he wanted instead of just asking. He forced his tongue into her mouth and a small noise escaped her lips. He let go of one of her hands and brought the other one to her face, deepening the kiss.

When they parted they were both breathing heavy. She smiled when he brought his face down to her neck again. He began sucking and nipping at her neck, leaving marks no doubt as he went along. He finally got to the part where her shoulder and neck connected before he bit down roughly. Alexandra's grip on his hand tightened and she felt her vision blur from pure bliss. She didn't realize that she actually missed this feeling until she felt it again. It felt so good, and she couldn't help but press herself into him even more. She wiggled and squirmed and how good it felt, unable to keep still.

This was on a whole new level than the first time. It was better now than it was before. Zelman unlatched his teeth and licked the bite marks like he did the first time before rolling them over so that she was laying on top of him, using his chest as a pillow, her hand still attached to his. She liked that he was holding her hand, and she didn't want him to stop. She wanted to stay like this, at least for now, and she was feeling that he wanted the same thing. Maybe he wasn't a complete sociopath like he used to be, but he still had a long way to go.

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