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Remus brought over Harry's dressing gown as well as the one they purchased for Sirius. "Are you okay, Padfoot? Here put this on you will be more comfortable. Here you are Harry," Remus said, giving a friendly squeeze to Harry's shoulder as he set the dressing gown over the young man.

"Remus is that really you?" Sirius asked, turning to look at the man in front of him and then the boy who once again had a death grip around his neck and had buried his face in the crook of Sirius' neck. "Oh Harry, come here. I am here and I am not leaving you again. Do not cry. I hate when your beautiful eyes are filled with tears," Sirius said. He quickly put his dressing gown on and pulled Harry into his lap.

"Yes, Sirius, we found a way to rescue you after looking for the right books all summer. Neither of us were certain that it would work, but here you are. Albus will be a little upset that we managed to prove him wrong on this. He has been trying to dissuade Harry from bringing you back since he figured out what we were planning," Remus said, sitting down next to Sirius and Harry. The latter had buried his face in Sirius' chest and had actually fallen asleep, the comfort of Sirius' return being enough to allow him to rest after the magic draining ritual.

"You have taken good care of Harry this summer. He looks happy and not as pale as he usually is. I do not want to let him go ever again. How can it be Remus that I love you and then Harry comes along and I love him just as much?" Sirius said, rubbing circles on Harry's back as the young man slept.

"I am pretty sure that is what allowed the ritual to work so well. We all love each other and are willing to sacrifice for one another. I have to tell you, Sirius, that there is one more ritual involved. It is a ritual to bind you to us so that you do not return to the place behind the veil. There's the binding and there's also sex magic involved. It is up to you if you want to do it. I will understand if you do not want to, although I think Harry would be devastated. I have to give you the option to back out though," Remus said.

Sirius tightened his grip on Harry as he listened to Remus. "It is okay Moony. I have shared in your dreams while behind the veil. I see how this will end and I am ready for it. I want to be with you and with Harry for good. I do not think that I could stand being taken away from you or Harry again. You know I love him that way and not just as my godson. Nothing has changed since I have been away. In fact, that love is growing stronger as is my love for you," Sirius said. He shifted Harry's weight. "Perhaps we should put him to bed," Sirius said, seeing that Harry wasn't going to wake up any time soon.

"He sleeps better if he shares with us. He has been spending the nights all summer with me so that he does not have nightmares," Remus answered, helping Sirius to stand while holding Harry in his arms. They carried him upstairs and Remus pulled down the covers on the large bed.

"Right where he belongs," Sirius said, putting Harry down in the centre of the bed and turning to find a pair of boxers to wear to sleep in. Finding a pair he slipped them on and slipped the dressing gown off before pulling Harry closer to him so his head rested on Sirius' chest. Remus smiled at the sight and slipped into bed. He curled around Harry's back and all three of them drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was hectic. Harry woke up with the familiar feeling of sleeping on someone's chest. He opened his eyes quickly, remembering what they had done the night before and looking around for Sirius to make sure he had truly returned. "I am here Harry. Come on we will go see if Remus has made breakfast," Sirius said. They walked downstairs where Remus was at the stove making pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. They had a long breakfast full of stories and laughter. Then the floo chimed and out walked Albus Dumbledore.

He looked around the table, slightly shocked and upset that they had gone ahead with the ritual anyway. "I see that you have succeeded in bringing him back for a short time. Prepare to say your goodbyes again as he cannot stay on this side of the veil. I expect that tonight, after I bring Harry back from our errand, that you will do the right thing and return him from whence he came," Dumbledore said, giving a pointed look to Remus.

"Where are you taking Harry?" Sirius asked, not at all concerned by Albus' expectations that they return him to the veil.

"He is needed for some training. Come along now, Harry. You will have a brief moment to say your goodbyes to Sirius once again when we return," Dumbledore said.

Harry, who was already dressed for the day, knowing that Dumbledore would be coming to force him to talk to Slughorn, got up from the table. "I will be back as soon as I can. We will go ahead with our plans when I get back," Harry said.

Sirius smiled. Dumbledore would not be able to interfere after tonight. They were going to replace the current Fidelus Charm on the house with one of their own so that they would be left alone to complete the final ritual in the spring without any distractions or interruptions. They knew Dumbledore would not like it but there would be very little he could do once the spell was cast this evening.

Dumbledore apparated Harry to the home where Slughorn now lived. "Now, you will go in and ask him questions while I bring up the memory in his mind. Then you will ask him directly about Tom Riddle and the conversation he had about the making of a Horcrux. He will give you the memory at that point and you can return to the house for a few more hours before you come back to school. There is no point for you to remain there once you send Sirius back and I will need Remus for an important mission," Dumbledore said. They entered the house and Harry marvelled that it only took two hours to convince Slughorn to give up the memory of telling Voldemort how to not only make a Horcrux but that multiple Horcrii could be made, even going so far as suggesting the number seven for its special magic properties. Dumbledore finally dropped him off at Grimmauld Place and left after chiding the people inside to give up and finish sending Sirius back before he turned into the demon he must be, having been behind the veil for so long.

"Finally! We really need to cast the charm. He wants to send Remus out on an important mission. I will bet it is dangerous as well. I am not letting him take anyone away that I love again," Harry said.

"It will be okay, Harry. We just need to figure out which of us will be the secret keeper and then we can cast the charm and start to prepare for the final ritual," Remus said.

"I think it should be Harry. He would have to be pretty stupid to betray himself on purpose and you said his shields were strong enough to keep Snape and Albus out of his head," Sirius said, hugging a worried Harry close to him.

"That would be the best solution I think. I will lock the secret inside him, and you will witness the secret being bound," Remus said, knowing that this charm brought back painful memories of James and Lily.

"We should get this done before someone else decides to stop in. I am sure that Albus told others that you had brought me back and the rest of the Order could be here soon demanding that you put me back in the veil. Or willing to do it themselves because Albus said so," Sirius said, preparing to witness the secret get placed inside Harry.

"Do you Harry accept this secret?" Remus asked

"I do accept the secret," Harry answered.

Do you Sirius witness the holder of the secret?" Remus continued.

"I do witness the secret," Sirius replied.

"And I bind the secret within you so that no other may find it. So mote it be!" Remus finished, jabbing his wand and creating a flash of purple light that reset the charms on the house so that they would be the only ones able to find it from now on.

After protecting the house they received several angry howlers from members of the Order. Among the most vocal were Dumbledore, Molly, Snape, Hestia, Emmaline, and Mundungus (mainly because he now had to find somewhere else to steal things from). Remus and Sirius simply cast earplug charms on themselves and Harry and let the howlers all explode at once. This continued for the remaining week of the holiday and Harry was not looking forward to going back to school for the first time ever. He knew that Snape and Dumbledore would be trying everything to get the secret out of him and he empathized with how Sirius felt when he had decided to switch secret keepers for his parents. Harry was not sure that he could keep the secret but he worked on strengthening his mind shields for the entire week.

The next term was as difficult as Harry thought it was going to be. He quickly found himself in almost nightly detentions with Snape who spent the time trying to get into Harry's mind to find out who the new secret keeper was and where the headquarters had disappeared to. Harry had nightly headaches and was no longer able to write to Remus and Sirius because he did not want to risk Hedwig by sending her out with a letter. He would not put it past Dumbledore to intercept her. Harry did not think that he would hurt the owl but he did not want to risk it all the same.

The lessons continued with Dumbledore as well. They were still just as pointless and uninteresting. Now they were studying different artefacts that could have been turned into Horcrii. They had narrowed it down to something from each of the founders as well as the Special Services award that Tom had been given for falsely accusing Hagrid of opening the chamber of secrets. It had given off the same kind of sharp pain feeling in Harry's scar when he had gone to retrieve it with Dumbledore a few weeks ago. It had been destroyed after a trip to the Chamber of Secrets to retrieve the other Basilisk fang. There was enough venom inside to destroy the remaining Horcrii with.

The term ended and the spring break started on one beautiful late April day. The air was cold and crisp, but the sky was blue and carried a hit of summer and warmer weather. Harry was once again making his way to Hogsmeade to meet up with Remus to return home. He had a shrunken package of flower petals and sticks he had collected from the grounds and the edges of the Forbidden Forest for use in the ritual. He walked faster as he saw Remus standing there waiting for him. "Remus. I've missed you. I have the things we need for tomorrow night," Harry said, nervously playing with the straps on his bag.

"Harry cub. We should check you for tracking charms and get you home. Our mutual friend is probably pacing the floor waiting for you to show up so he can get into some more mischief. Keep him occupied would you, while I prepare everything for tomorrow?" Remus asked as he scanned Harry head to toe for any tracking charms or listening charms that may be present. He found four and disabled them. "He really was determined to keep you under his thumb. Four charms that overlap are a bit much. There now. He will have fun tracking the rocks around here. Grab my arm and we will get going," Remus said, putting his wand away and grasping Harry's arm. Harry grabbed on and they popped to Grimmauld Place in a flash.

As soon as the room came into focus, Harry was pounced on by an overeager black dog and bowled over. Harry laughed as the dog then started licking his face and neck. "That tickles Padfoot. Hey come on now stop it and let me up you big mutt. Fine then, if that's how you want it," Harry said between laughs. He started the process to transform into his animagus form and after a few minutes he popped into the smallish black dog/wolf. He immediately pounced on the stunned dog and wrestled him to the floor. At least that was his plan, but Sirius was too strong and flipped Harry so that the young pup was the one who was pinned to the floor. Harry whined and licked at Sirius' snout trying to get the older dog to let him up so he could play. There were all sorts of new smells in the room that Harry wanted to explore.

Sirius let Harry pin him to the floor after another brief tussle and then transformed back into a man. "Remus was right again. I was not sure what you would be but Padfoot has always liked your scent so I should have known you were canine as well. We will need a Marauder name for you. I know how about Emeralds?" Sirius asked.

Harry slowly transformed back, still laying on top of Sirius. "I like it. Emeralds the new Marauder. Now how do you transform faster? I can only get it down to three minutes and it is way too slow to be useful for anything," Harry said, sitting up so that he was straddling Sirius.

Sirius squirmed a little as he felt Harry pressing against him in all the right places. "It is a matter of practise more than anything. If you work on it when you wake up and before you go to sleep you will get down to under 30 seconds. You might even make it an instant change like I have. Your father tried but the fastest he managed was 10 seconds," Sirius said, shifting to keep the blood flowing to his legs since he did not want Harry to move off of him any time soon. Sirius held his breath as he felt his cock swell and also felt Harry's answering hardness pressing into his hip.

Harry felt Sirius squirm and had to bite back a groan. He could feel Sirius rubbing against him but he did not want to move. He finally had to shift slightly, afraid that he was going to come in his boxers and embarrass Sirius and himself. Harry leaned down and rested his head on Sirius' chest. He could smell the forest scent that he remembered and the slightest hint of wet dog that Sirius could not get rid of even in human form.

"Comfortable pup?" Sirius asked, laughing at the position Harry had ended up in.

"Very," Harry answered, wanting to stay right here for as long as possible.

"Well these bones are getting a little too old for the floor so how about we get comfortable on the sofa over there and talk. I want to know everything that has happened since I have been gone so start talking pup," Sirius said, levitating Harry and walking over to the sofa. Sirius laid back down and pulled Harry back onto his chest. He ran a hand through Harry's hair and Harry snuggled closer to Sirius just like he had done as a baby.

"I told Remus that everyone always plays with my hair. No wonder I cannot get it to lie flat properly," Harry said. "I do not know what you want me to talk about Sirius. There have been so many things that have happened. I thought I lost you, Sirius. I saw you falling through the veil and I could not do anything. When Remus held me back I was angry and scared that he hated me for letting you die. I had the same nightmare every night. You were falling over and over again and no matter what I did I could not even move let alone try to save you. Then the first night back with the Dursley's, the nightmare changed. Remus was blaming me for you dying and told me that I killed my parents and that I should have been the one to die. I woke up screaming and Uncle Vernon decided he had enough of my freakishness. He poured a teapot of boiling water over my head, burning my face and neck enough to bleed. Then he slammed the door on my hand and broke it in several places, at least. I had to brew potions to fix the injuries so I could paint their garage the next day. Uncle Vernon was not happy that I used my freak powers to not be injured," Harry said, tears flowing freely as he pushed himself closer to Sirius and buried his face in Sirius' chest.

"WHAT! I WILL KILL THOSE DIRTY MUGGLES," Sirius shouted, startling Harry who sat up, his vivid green eyes wide with fright.

"No Sirius, I cannot lose you again. You would go back to Azkaban and I would never make it. Besides Dumbledore said they were going to muggle prison and Dudley was going to reform school," Harry said, his hands on Sirius' chest to push him down so Sirius would not be able to do anything rash.

"Why did you not at least write to Remus. He would have come to get you right away," Sirius said, relaxing back into the couch cushions.

"I thought that he hated me and I was too afraid to find out if that was the truth or not. Then I started having the visions of the rituals and I knew that Remus loved me. I could feel it in the dreams we shared. So I wrote him that I needed to see him. I expected someone to write a note back that it was not safe for him to visit, but Remus came right away and brought me back here," Harry said, laying down again, his cheek against the bare skin of Sirius' chest where his dressing gown had come open.

"Something nice had to have happened for you this summer. I could only sense bits and pieces from beyond the veil, but tell me you had some good times," Sirius said, his hand running up and down Harry's back softly.

"Remus gave me the potion on my birthday to become Emeralds. We found the rituals to bring you back to us. I think that is the best part of the summer. Ron and Hermione came for my birthday dinner, but they did not stay long since Mrs. Weasley worries and Hermione did not agree with my decision to take the potions since they were illegal and not entirely approved according to some potions journal or another. Ron, Hermione, and I really have not talked too much this year. She is still a little angry at me for not listening to her and I think that she and Ron are dating now so they do not really need me any more," Harry said.

"I am sure that your friends still need you. Even if they are in a relationship or they are mad at you for doing something that you want that they do not understand," Sirius said, wrapping his arm tighter around Harry's waist.

"Dumbledore has been teaching me about Voldemort's past. He was evil all along. Even as a child before he came to Hogwarts he was using his magic to hurt the other children in the orphanage to get what he wanted. Now he is killing anyone who gets in his way. I do not want to lose anyone else. I do not think I could bear it if you or Remus were gone for good and could not come back," Harry said, seeing the flashes of memories that Dumbledore had shown him of Voldemort's early days. "He did something vile to make himself live forever. Now I have to find all the pieces before I can do something about Voldemort," Harry said.

"I would not want to lose you or Remus either. Moony told me some of what Dumbledore wanted when he came to take you for that mission. He also told me the prophecy that you learned. I know you can do it Harry. You will find the rest of the pieces and I will be right there to hold you when you succeed," Sirius said.

"I am not sure what is going on any more I did way better than I thought I would on my OWL. I even got into Potions, but Snape is making my life miserable because of it. He gave me detention almost every day for the last four months trying to find the secret I was hiding from him. He breaks my potions, asks me questions that are not in any of our NEWT texts, and lets the Slytherins do whatever they want to my potion without punishment. I may have to follow your example and take my Potions NEWT at the Ministry instead of trying to stay in that class next year. Oh, and I am thinking about playing professional Quidditch instead of becoming an Auror," Harry said, feeling close to tears from the overwhelming emotions surrounding him. He was, at the same time, feeling happy, sad, angry, confused, comforted, and nervous.

"That greasy git. He has no right to make your time miserable. If he keeps this going I would recommend taking the test at the Ministry and saving yourself the trouble. And I cannot wait to see you playing for a team professionally. Hopefully it is not the Chudley Cannons though," Sirius said. He looked at the clock and noticed that it was getting late. "Come on Harry, we have a ritual to prepare for tomorrow. I think it is time for us to get our beauty sleep," Sirius said, picking Harry up.

"I would never play for the Cannons. They cannot win even if they cheated," Harry said. He laughed at the comment about beauty sleep. "You need all the help you can get with that beauty sleep," Harry joked, poking Sirius in the ribs. "You know that I can walk myself right? You and Remus are always carrying me around like a baby," Harry said, not really minding being carried.

"I need to take care of you. As long as I can carry you like this then you are far too light and need to be carried around so you are always in my sight," Sirius said, feeling Padfoot's possessive nature emerging.

"Fine then, carry me all over the place. I will find a way to get you back for this after the ritual. Just keep that in mind," Harry said, planning his revenge. He cuddled into Sirius as soon as the old dog had laid down on the bed. Harry tried to stay awake to wait for Remus to join them but all too soon his eyes closed and he slipped into a rare dreamless sleep.