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Eternal Love

Chapter 1: A Horrible Beginning

"I'm going to get you Emma", a 15 year old brunette said gleefully in the darkened night.

"You can try", giggled a thirteen year blonde as she ran deeper into the woods. Emma was a pale skinned with golden locks and green eyes. She was being chased by her girlfriend Regina. Looking back behind her and realizing that Regina wasn't there Emma stopped for a quick breather. Just then out of the darkness Regina tackled the blonde and pinned her to the ground.

"Found you", Regina said smugly.

"How is it that you can run so fast?" Emma questioned with a grin.

"That is my little secret my darling Emma one I will tell you later", Regina said as she kissed Emma lips. The kiss deepened as Regina placed her tongue in Emma's mouth making the blonde moan with pleasure. They broke away breathing heavily as Regina wrapped her arms around Emma and gently cradled her. "So my sweet what shall we do now?" Regina asked softly.

"I don't know how about we just lay here and gaze at the stars", Emma suggested.

"A fine idea", Regina said with a smile. She laid down and Emma cuddled up to her as they gazed up at the night sky. "The night is just so beautiful don't you agree Emma?" Regina asked in a dreamy tone.

"Yeah it truly is", Emma said with a smile. Then a frown came to her lips as she looked at the sky.

"Emma what is wrong?" Regina asked in a worried tone.

"My mom and dad don't want me to see you anymore", Emma said sadly.

"Did I do something wrong?" Regina questioned.

"No I don't think you did anything wrong they just said that I am never allowed to see you again", Emma said sadly as a tear fell from her face. Regina was crying too because she had known Emma all her life ever since Regina was 7 and Emma was 5. Just the thought of having her love and best friend taken away from her was just unbearably. She held Emma as tight as she could and softly whispered", You know there is one way we can be together forever and your parents will never be able to separate us".

"Really what way is that?" Emma questioned with wonder.

"Close your eyes for a minute and I will show you", Regina said softly. Emma did as she was told and Regina got close to her neck revealing a set of canine teeth. Before Regina could bite Emma two figures appeared out of the woods.

"Emma get away from her!" a woman shouted. The woman had short black hair with pale white skin and blue eyes. The man beside her had dirty blonde hair with green eyes and a light tan. They were Emma parents David and Snow White. Emma's dad grabbed Emma by the arm and pulled her away from Regina. Snow wrapped her arms around Emma and pulled her away to the horse.

"Take Emma home Snow I will deal with her", David said sternly. Snow placed Emma on the horse and galloped away.

"No, give her back!" Regina cried with tears streaming from her chocolate brown eyes. David revealed a cross and Regina shrank back into the shadows.

"We know what you are monster and you will never have our daughter", David stated firmly.

"Please I would never harm Emma I love her I would do anything for her", Regina cried.

"Stop your lies demon we know what your mother does and we know what you will become", David said. He let out a whistle and a black horse appeared out of the shadows. Emma's dad climbed on the horse and said" Out of kindness for my daughter's sake I will spare your life but you are never to come near Emma again. If you do I will kill you in a second consider this your only warning", David hissed as he rode away. Regina fell to the ground and sobbed on the ground. With a heavy heart she flew home thinking only of Emma. She came to a black castle and walked inside sobbing.

"What is the matter my daughter?" asked an older woman with short black hair and a hard face.

"Emma's parents found out about me and they took Emma away", Regina sobbed.

"Oh my darling hush now it is alright", Lady Cora said gently.

"Her father said I am never allowed to see her again and if I tried he would kill me", Regina cried.

"Does Emma know you are a vampire?" Lady Cora asked.

"No I was about to bite her but before I could her father dragged her away from me", Regina moaned.

"You were going to bite her?" Lady Cora asked in wonder.

"I love her mother I can't live for an eternity without her by my side", Regina admitted.

"Regina go straight to bed and I will send some of our guards to bring Emma's parents here so we can show them that we mean them and Emma no harm of any sorts", Lady Cora said.

"Of course and once we shown them how nice we are I can see Emma again", Regina said happily.

"Yes darling now go on and I will set it up", Lady Cora said.

"Oh thank you mother", Regina said as she hugged her mother. Lady Cora nodded and Regina went to bed with a grin on her face. Lady Cora summoned two of her vampire guards Jefferson and Ginger (Hansel and Gretel Witch). She told them to go to Emma's cottage and peacefully ask Emma's parents to come to the castle for a meeting of peace. The two guards nodded and flew off into the night. Back at Emma's cottage her parents were packing their stuff in a hurry.

"I don't understand why do we have to leave?" Emma asked as her mom packed her things in a bag.

"Sweetie we told you Regina is a bad person and we don't want you to be with her", Snow said firmly.

"But she is a good person why can't you believe that?" Emma asked as a tear fell from her face.

"Believe me sweetheart one day you will understand", her father said as he kissed her forehead. Suddenly there was a noise outside and her father went to check it out. He grabbed a crossbow and headed out into the night. Suddenly there came a blood curling scream and Snow ran out to help her husband. Another scream was heard as Emma raced out to help her parents. Her eyes froze in horror as she saw both her parents on the ground dead. Their throats were slit and Emma kneeled down and sobbed. Just then a horrible creature flew at Emma and she closed her eyes and screamed. Suddenly the creature screamed and fell to the ground dead. Emma saw it was a human bat creature. It's skin was brown like a dried up leaf and it's wings were thin but huge.

"Are you alright there little sister?" asked a gruff voice. Standing behind Emma was a short man with a bald head and a shaggy black beard. His eyes were a misty blue and he was holding a crossbow.

"Uncle Grumpy", Emma cried as tears fell from her face. She ran into his open arms and cried on his chest.

"I am so sorry I couldn't save them I came by to help you guys move but when I came here those vamps were everywhere and your dad killed some and so did I but I was too late to help them" Grumpy said as a tear fell from his eye.

"Why would vampires want to kill my parents?" asked Emma.

"I don't know but I think because their queen told them too", Grumpy suggested.

"When I get big I will hunt the vampire queen down and rip her own heart out with my bare hands", Emma hissed as angry tears fell from her face.

"Easy now little sister let me take you back to the cottage you can stay there until we figure out what to do next", Grumpy said as he led Emma away. He promised tomorrow the rest of the dwarves would give both her parents a proper burial. Back at the castle the next night after Emma's parents were killed the two vampire guards returned. They told Lady Cora what had happened and with a heavy heart she went to go tell Regina.

"Hello mother so did Emma's parents agree to the meeting?" Regina asked excitedly.

"Regina I have some bad news Emma's parents were killed and Emma was nowhere to be found", Lady Cora said sadly.

"What, who would do such a thing?" Regina asked as the thought of Emma being orphaned and all alone frightened her.

"I don't know but I intend to find out", Lady Cora vowed. She quietly left her daughter's room to think over the incident. Regina shed a tear as she gazed out into the darkened night.

"I promise Emma I will find you and help you avenge your parent's death. Then I will make you a vampire and you shall become my wife and help me rule all vampires and nothing will ever separate us ever again I promise", Regina vowed as a tear fell from her face.

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