Chapter 13: New Beginnings

Once Emma had woken up the nurses were helping her recover by giving her potions made from roots and herbs. Yet Emma had her own way of healing that didn't involve herbal remedies. Once she could stand on her own two feet she began stretching out her muscles. Her body still ached from the pain but some muscles were reacting nicely. Soon she was throwing punches and kicks. In her line of work she had to keep her fighting edge. Doing backflips and front flips as she continued training. "Emma what are on earth are you doing?" Regina asked in a worried tone. The brunette had come in to see how her beloved was doing. She was expecting Emma to be in bed sleeping not throwing punches and doing backflips.

"I am training", Emma replied as she breathed deeply while throwing another punch in the air.

"Yes I can see that but you should be resting not training", Regina snapped.

"Hey you got your methods for recovering and I got mine", Emma huffed. Yet part of her had to admit that she was getting pretty sore so she walked back to her bed to rest.

"Now that is much better", Regina said happily. She walked over to Emma and set the blonde's head on her lap. Then she gently stroked her hair as she gazed into Emma's eyes.

"Sorry if I am worrying you but the sooner I get back in shape the sooner I can continue my job", Emma told her.

"But you don't have to Sidney is dead your mission can finally be over", Regina told her. Emma got to her feet as she stared out into the night sky.

A tear fell from her face as she said", My mission will never be over".

"What do you mean Emma?" Regina asked as she walked up behind her.

"I mean that there will always be more evil creatures at there and innocent people who need protection from them", Emma said.

"Then become a vampire and you will have all the power you need to do your job", Regina said as she wrapped her arms around Emma. Emma gently pushed away while shaking her head no.

"I can't become a vampire Regina I just can't", Emma told her.

"But Emma there are so many advantages like flying being super strong and you age slower", Regina said happily.

"Yeah and some can't go out during the day, you have to be invited to enter places, have to drink blood no I can't do that", Emma replied firmly.

"I can teach you to come out during the day and everything else will be manageable", Regina assured her.

"Sorry Regina but I seen what blood hungry vampires can do and I just can't feed on blood", Emma said sadly.

"Emma I love you and I don't want to be separated from you again", Regina cried as she held the blonde tighter with tears in her eyes. Emma kissed the brunette on the lips with all the passion she had. When they let go both women were in tears as they feared the unknown.

"Forgive me Regina but you were made to rule the night and I was made to protect both sides from evil and that is that", Emma said softly.

"So what do we do now?" Regina asked sadly.

"We take it one day at a time my love one day at a time", Emma said as they kissed each other again.


For many years Queen Regina ruled well as she kept the vampires and the humans from killing each other. During both night and day Emma and her friends killed as many evil creatures as they could. Regina and Emma still had their relationship and in time they were married. Emma remained a human and with some magic she and Regina had a son named Henry. Henry became a day walker a vampire that could go out during the day and have all the strengths of a vampire but none of the weaknesses. Lady Cora kept working on a cure for vampires that didn't want to feed on blood. She found one in the unlikeliest place from tomatoes. Vampires drank tomatoes and got just as much energy as they did from blood. August married a young maiden and they had a son named June. August and Graham had a set of twins a boy named Aiden and a girl named Selene. Emma died from old age and Regina could not bear to part with her beloved so she died too and they were buried together. Henry mourned their deaths but continued both of his parents work. He ruled the vampires but killed the bad one and became a great ruler with the help of his friends. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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