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Shifting uncomfortably in her seat a nineteen year old girl snapped her eyes open revealing her aqua blue eyes sighing in annoyance and deciding that giving up on trying to get to sleep any time soon.

She hated traveling and this was the longest she had ever been on a plane in her life and quiet frankly she didn't want to ever have to relive this trip again. Unfortunately she knew she would have to if she ever planned on seeing her home country ever again.

Because the only thing worse than traveling was moving basically to the other side of the world. Her name was Lara Adler and she had been sitting in basically the same spot for almost sixteen hours now. Thankfully they were almost there.

She didn't want to move christ if it was up to her she would have stayed in Australia where she belonged she was doing fine on her own anyway. She had finished school in year ten and went directly to Tafe wanting to get a head start on her career. So for the next three years she studied and came out qualified with a Certificate Three in Hairdressing, a Certificate Three and Four in Beauty as well as a Diploma in Photography all of which she then used to open her own business which she specialized in wedding and event packages.

She was making good money and her life was perfect. Well perfect until her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and it was then that everything started to take a turn for the worst.

Using all their savings they paid for the best treatments available but after months of treatment in the end it was to late for the cancer had spread to her heart and two months later she was saying her final goodbyes as her mother took her final breaths.

They had known it would happen eventually and no matter how prepared she had been for it, it didn't meant it hurt any less. After the funeral she was left with more hospital bills and on top of that she was left to pay her mothers mortgage and loans to the bank.

Using what was left of their savings on the funeral she came to the conclusion there was only one thing left to do. In the end she had to sell everything. Her mothers house, their cars, everything right down to the furniture. But even that wasn't enough so she was forced to do something she knew her mother would have never allowed her to… she called her father.

It wasn't that she hated her father on the contrary she had actually never met her father because her mother kept the fact that she was alive hidden from him until she was sixteen years old.

That had not been a nice phone call to listen to. She would never forget that night where she hid in the hallway listening to her mother scream into the phone and any hope she had once had to meet this man was crushed violently when her mother had screamed 'you will never see her, speak to her or even know what she looks like!' after heard her mothers hurtful works she had hurried back to her bedroom.

It seemed so long ago now and over the years she had come to terms with the fact that she would never meet her father and for the longest time that had been ok with her up until the point where she had to make that dreaded phone call.

She didn't know what had happened between her parents to make her mother hate her father so much but all she knew is that when they had split her father had moved to the other side of the world and even when her mother found out she was pregnant a month later she didn't bother calling him.

So when she had dialed that number she had sat terrified through the agonizing seconds while she waited for him to answer.

Closing her eyes once again she remembered how shaky her voice had been upon hearing his voice for the first time in her life.


Looking at the phone in front of her, her finger hovered over the dial button. Asking for help had never been something she liked to do as she saw herself as quiet an independent person so asking for help in itself was hard enough without the added fact that she was asking for help off the father she had never met.

Sighing in defeat she hit the call button before bringing the phone to her ear. The ring went on for longer than usual seeing as she was calling someone on the other side of the world and the waiting was the hardest part.

She had decided to use her mothers phone hoping that he still had her number saved and would answer because surely the only reason she would be calling was because something had happened.

And when the line was finally answered she held her breath in anticipation.

"Lilly? Why are you calling me?" A deep voice asked with annoyance and a little bit of anger hidden behind it.

And she froze unable to speak.

"Lilly what do you want! I don't have time for this" He was obviously getting impatient thinking that it was her mother he was talking to and the hatred he had for her was evident.

"Dad?" She asked quietly but loud enough to silence him in his tracks and it was now his turn to freeze.

"Lara?" He asked the annoyance and anger gone from his voice replaced with a softness that she had only heard from her mother before. It was the tone used to convey just how much they loved their child.

"Daddy" Her voice was weak and broken and she couldn't help but let the tears fall.

"Lara? Lara honey what's wrong? What's happened?" He asked his voice panicked now.

"Mum… she's…. dead" She chocked out between sobs "Dad… I need help"

End of Flashback.

So that's how she found herself on a sixteen hour flight leaving the only life she had ever known to go meet the man she had dreamt meeting since she was a little girl.

So as she glanced out her small window as she watched the sun rise she prayed that she would find love with this new horizon.