WildCard555 here with a new story. I noticed there was a lack of ZeLu (Zeref x Lucy) on this site. Only 4 in English, and 1 in French as of right now. That's it. Also this will be the first M rated ZeLu. So I'm starting up my second story with a love triangle between Zeref x Lucy, and Natsu x Lucy, or is it Zeref/Lucy/Natsu, either way I hope you enjoy.


Makarov decides to hold a fundraiser to pay off Fairy Tails debts after coming in second at the Grand Magical Games. How does he do it? He auctions off the girls for a single date with who ever places the highest bid on the girl. A stranger out bids Natsu for a date with Lucy. Will Lucy fall for her date? What if the man turns out to be Zeref in disguise?

The numbers for these bids may seem off because Jewels are probably more based off the Japanese currency, and I absolutely suck at making estimations especially with a foreign currency. Sorry if the numbers seem off.

Child of Darkness.

Chapter 1.

The Auction.

In the Fairy Tail guildhall.

All the girl were backstage behind the curtain waiting for the auction to begin. After coming in second place after the Grand Magical Games several months ago Makarov came up with an idea to help pay off the huge debt his guild had acquired after half of the guild(all the strongest members.) vanished for seven years. He would auction off the women of Fairy Tail for a single date to whoever made the highest bid on that girl. Makarov managed to convince the women to participate convincing them it would be an easy job, as they would only have to put up with the guy for a single night. Most of them weren't too happy about what he had them wear the night of the auction.

"How did Master Makarov convince all of us to do this?" Asked an irritated Lucy. She was wearing a hot pink bunny costume. It was essentially a strapless one piece swimsuit that showed off her cleavage, with pink stockings that came up all the way to her thighs, a little ball of fur for a tail above her Buttocks, and a pink set of bunny ears.

"He told us it was to help pay off the debt the guild had acquired since we vanished for seven years." Sighed Erza. She was pretty much wearing the same thing Lucy was except her colors were white, and didn't have stockings on, instead of a bunny she was a cat with a long tail, she was wearing cat like cloves, and of course cat ears.

"Juvia doesn't mind as long as Gray-Sama wins Juvia." 'Juvia will you marry me?' Juvia imagined Gray proposing to her. Juvia was wearing a Blue one-piece bathing suit(like the others showing off her cleavage.) with a scaled design, with lighter blue stockings, and a small thin all the way down her back.

"You do know someone other than Gray could end up wining you right." Lucy pointed out.

"What if love-rival is right, and Gray-Sama doesn't win Juvia?" The water mage began to cry.

"It's not so bad Juvia." Levy tried to assure Juvia. Unlike most of the other girls in Fairy Tail her body hadn't quite developed like the others. So instead of wearing a revealing animal costume like her friends she was wearing a Japanese schoolgirl uniform with a white top, and a sky blue skirt coming down halfway to her knees. "Besides we're only being auctioned off for one date."

"Easy for you to say. You're not showing off as much as the rest of us. Flat chest." An irritated Cana pointed out. She too was wearing a similar outfit as the other girls except hers was a dark brown that truly complemented her long brown hair, and was a puppy-dog designed costume.

Levy placed her hands over her breasts, blushing. "It's not my fault you all developed faster than I did."

"It's okay Levy-Chan." Lucy hugged her best friend. "Some guys like smaller breasts."

"Really Lu-Chan." Looking at her friend half-teared eyes.

"Yeah!" Reassuring the smaller girl.

"Yeah, pedophiles." Cana teased.

Levy began to cry in Lucy's arms

"Cana that was just mean." Lucy said defending Levy.

Cana walked over to Levy and wrapped her arms around her guild mate. "Sorry Levy I'm just in a bad mood, and master wouldn't let me drink before hand." She said apologetically.

The men of Fairy Tail were sitting at a table looking at the sea of men who had turned up to try to buy a date with their Nakama.

"Wow, lot of people showed up tonight." Said Romeo

"Messed up, people coming in thinking they can take our women." Said Gajeel.

"Oi, I thought you told Levy you didn't care, and wouldn't be bidding tonight." Said Gray.

Gajeel blushed a little. "I lied, besides aren't you going to bid on Juvia?"

"Are you kidding me? Miss out on a night were I don't have to worry about her stalking me." Gray hugged himself. "I swear she found out how to break into my house. Can't even take a shower in peace without worrying about her stalking me anymore."

"Maybe if you won her bid you could sit her down, and explain to her what boundaries are." Suggested Macao.

"What? Don't listen to him Gray. If a woman that attractive is that mad about you, you should give her a try." Argued Wakaba.

"Real Men don't get dates with women by buying them. They ask them out themselves like a real Man would." Shouted Elfman.

"Shut it, beside we all know you're going to bid for Evergreen despite being a 'Man'." Said Gray

"That's messed up." Said Gajeel.

Gildarts was sitting at the table with the rest of the men laughing and shaking his head at the younger generation of Fairy Tail. He looked around the table listening in on the conversation. He then noticed that someone else wasn't participating in the conversation. "What about you Natsu? Anyone of the girls you going to bid for?"

Natsu was pulled out of his trial of thoughts. "What?"

"I said is there a certain girl you're going to bid for tonight?"

Natsu didn't answer Gildarts question. Instead he blushed.

"Isn't it obvious he's going to bid on Bunny-girl." Said Gajeel.

"Oh yeah that's right Lucy is up for grabs to. Maybe I'll bid for her." Joked Gray.

Natsu slammed his fist on the table, nearly breaking it. "Anyone of you places a bid on Lucy, and I'll turn you to ash before gramps can ask for a higher number." Shooting death stares at everyone at the table.

"Okay." The entire table answered in unison nervously.

After saving Lucy from being sacrificed to that mysterious gate right after the games had ended he finally realized just how much Lucy meant to him. He was so close to losing her he asked himself what he would have done if he had arrived one second later. The answer he never would have seen this precious Nakama again.

Sure he'd saved Lucy countless times, but never before had he been that close to losing her. Those thought's had haunted his dreams ever since they had returned to Magnolia. Once he heard of Makarov's plans he did everything he could to get Lucy out of it, but he old man told him if he didn't want Lucy to go out with someone else that he just had to make sure he won the date with her.

That's when the Fire Dragon Slayer came up with a new plan. He would win a date with Lucy in the Auction. During that date he would tell Lucy how much she meant to him, and hope that she shares those feelings towards him. That was his plan, and if he pulled it off Lucy would be his for the rest of his life.

"Gentlemen may I have your attention please. The first Fairy Tail Date Night Auction will now begin." Said Makarov into a microphone. All the men occupying the guild got out of their seats to get closer to the stage. "First up Fairy Tails resident Card-Mage Cana Alberona."

"Why my…Mmmmm Mmmmm." Gildarts tried to complain about his daughter being first. Until Laxus covered his mouth, and placed him in a hammer-lock(One arm forced behind your back while being forced up the back putting a lot of pressure on the shoulder.).

"I think it would be best if you didn't watch this part." Said Laxus dragging his fellow S-Class wizard out of the guild. "Remember Bickslow to win Cana's bid for me." Both mages exited the guild as the rest of the men watched Cana's father being dragged off.

"Laxus you bastard." They heard Gildarts yell, but neither man would return until after Cana had been won.

Back behind the curtain.

Cana let go of Levy as she heard her name being called. "I'll make up for that comment later Levy." She said as she walked out onto the stage.

"Let's start the bid out at 30,000 Jewels." All the girls heard Makarov saying.

"90,000 Jewels." Shouted Bickslow.

"I have 90,000 Jewels. Can I get 95,000 Jewels(Bids are in increments of 5,000 jewels so the next bid has to be at a minimum of 5,000 jewels higher than the previous high bid.)?" There was silence and curses coming from rest of the crowd. Cana is a gorgeous woman, but nobody was willing to try to out bid someone who started out that high. "90,000 Jewels going once, 90,000 Jewels going twice, sold to Bickslow for 90,000 Jewels."

Cana came back behind the curtain with a mixture of horror, and disbelief etched on her face. "I have to go on a date with Bickslow." She mumbled out loud walking to the corner where Mira soon handed her, her barrel of alcohol.

"Wow, Karma is a bitch." Laughed Levy. She walked over toward Cana who she patted on the back. "I think I'll call us even."

"Next up is our Script-Mage Levy McGarden." Announced Makarov.

"Guess it's my turn." Levy continued to smile as she walked out on stage.

On the auction floor.

"You're up." Said Gray as he elbowed Gajeel in side.

"Let's start the bid out at…" Makarov began.

"30,000 Jewels." Said Gajeel confidant that his bid would win. Unlike the rest of the women in the guild Levy wasn't as developed as the rest of the women being auctioned off, so Gajeel was confident he would win Levy easily.

"35,000 Jewels." Someone in the guild shouted.

"40,000 Jewels." (If I just give a number assume it's just a random guy.)

Gajeel quickly pulled out his wallet and counted 50,000 Jewels. "50,000 Jewels." He shouted nervously.

"65,000 Jewels"

Gajeel looked desperately at his friends (you have to pay cash as soon as your bid is declared a winner in order to win the date, otherwise it restarts at the previous high.). They all shook their heads telling him no as they all had plans to bid on another girl later that night so they couldn't risk lending Gajeel any money in fear of not having enough when their girl would come up later.

"65,000 Jewels going once, 65,000 Jewels going twice, sold to the gentleman in the brown tee shirt." Declared Makarov.

"GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!" Gajeel began cursing, and just like Gildarts earlier had to be dragged out the building.

Back behind the curtain.

Levy walked back behind the curtain.

Cana who was already buzzed walked up to the petit girl. "Ha, I sold for 25,000 more than you." Said Cana declaring the start of the competition to see who sold for the highest.

"At least I don't have to go out on a date with Bickslow." Said the smaller girl to the drunk.

Cana went back to the corner to drink some more after hearing Levy's comeback.

"Next up is our local celebrity, and frequent cover girl of Sorcerer Magazine Mirajane Strauss." Said Makarov.

After forty minutes of bidding all but two girls had yet to be auctioned off. Lucy Heartfilia, and Juvia Lockser. The rest of the girls went for the following(Bisca, and Wendy are not participating as Bisca is married, and Wendy is too young.)

Cana- 90,000

Levy- 65,00

Mirajane- 180,000

Lisanna- 85,000

Evergreen- 90,000

Laki 60,000

Kinana(snake girl)- 85,000

Erza- 140,000

Erza returned behind the curtain looking pissed. "Damn it I'm only in second place." She walked over towards the wall and punched it. "You win this round Mira."

"You know this isn't a competition right, Erza?" Mira sweat dropped.

"Don't forget Mira that Erza take everything competitively." Said Lucy.

"Next up is the Water-Woman Juvia Lockser." Announced Makarov.

"I'm coming Gray-Sama." Said Juvia nearly running to the stage.

"I told you someone other than Gray could win you right." Lucy tried to tell her, but knew her words fell on death ears.

Juvia walked out on the stage positioning herself in the center before she stated to change poses for the crowd.

"Let's start the biding off at 40,000 Jewels." Said Makarov.

Juvia began looking around the crowd trying to eye Gray, while changing poses every now and then.

"40,000 Jewels."

"45,000 Jewels."

Knowing neither voice belonged to Gray Juvia continued to search the crowd.

"50,000 Jewels."

She finally spotted him.

"60,000 Jewels."

"65,000 Jewels."

While continuing to change poses for the crowd Juvia noticed something. Despite having made eye contact with Gray the man showed no interest in placing a bid. Looking into his eyes she looked at him as if asking why.

Macao placed a hand on Gray's shoulder. "You might want to place a bid before she begins to cry."

"70,000 Jewels."

"I don't even like her in that way." Said Gray defensively.

Wakaba placed his hand on Gray's other shoulder. "Sometimes you just have to take a chance."

"85,000 Jewels."

"But I…" Gray tried to say.

"Think of it this way. Best case scenario you two hit it off, and become a happy couple." Said Wakaba.

"Or worst case scenario you set her down and tell her you don't share those same feelings." Said Macao.

"85,000 Jewels going once." Said Makarov

Gray looked into Juvia's pleading eyes begging him to place a bid.

"85,000 Jewels going twice."

'In one case I tell her I don't like her, and break her heart. Or we were meant for each other, and I've just had my head up my ass for a year. Either way it's a win-win for me.' "100,000 Jewels." Shouted Gray.

"You had that kind of Jewels, and you wouldn't lend me any?" Asked a furious Gajeel who was let back in after cooling off for thirty minutes.

"Not my fault you didn't save up enough cash." Gajeel was soon restrained after attempting to strike Gray.

"100,000 Jewels going once, 100,000 Jewels going twice, and sold to Gray Fullbuster." Announced Makarov.

"Gray-Sama." Juvia began to float over towards Gray until Makarov grabbed a hold of her, and instructed her to go behind the curtain until the auction was completely over.

Back behind the curtain.

"Gray-Sama won a date with Juvia." The Water-Mage said joyfully walking towards the other girls.

"Congratulations Juvia." Said Lucy happy for her friend.

"That's right love-rival. Gray wanted Juvia and not you." Juvia said getting in Lucy's face.

"For the last time Juvia we're not love-rivals." Lucy tried to explain, but knew Juvia wasn't listening to her.

"3:1 odds says Gray ends up breaking her heart." Said a still buzzed Cana starting to take bets.

"Well looks like you're the last one to go Lucy." Smiled Mira.

"Yeah. Didn't think I'd be the last to go." Lucy said nervously. "It should have been you to go out last Mira."

"Don't worry about it too much Lucy. Besides it's not like this is a competition or anything."

"Easy for you to say." Grumbled Erza. "After all you're in first place."

"Erza seriously this is not a…" Said Lucy

"Our final bid of the auction will be Fairy Tail's Celestial-Mage Lucy…" Makarov began to announce.

Lucy ran out to the stage as soon as Makarov began to say her name. "Don't say my last name." Shouted the blonde mage.

'Ha, Bunny-girl is dressed in a bunny costume." Laughed Gajeel. "If I only knew the meaning of irony."

Unfortunately Gajeel was standing right next to Natsu who hit the Iron Dragon Slayer square on the jaw knocking him down hard on he ground.

"What the Fuck was that for Salamander?" Shouted Gajeel preparing to strike back. But before he could he found himself in Makarov's tight grip.

"That's three times now Gajeel. I'm afraid I'm going to have to kick you out of the building for the rest of the night." Said the enlarged elder mage walking the Iron-Mage out of the building. After escorting the rowdy mage out of the building he returned to the stage. "Sorry about that gentlemen. Now as I was saying let's start the final bid at…"

"100,000 Jewels." Shouted Natsu.

With such a high starting nearly everyone had a comment. The men of Fairy Tail realized Natsu wasn't kidding about wanting Lucy. The other men who had come over for the auction were cursing about not even getting a chance to win a date the blonde hotty. The women of Fairy Tail was a mixed bag of jealousy that Lucy got such a high initial bid, happy that Natsu was finally making a move, and Erza patting Mira on the back for taking first place. Makarov had a big smile on his face for getting more of the debt paid off.

As for the girl on stage, Lucy was stunned that her best friend had made such a high bid on her right off the bat. So stunned that she was still mid-way through going into her first pose. 'Holly Shit did Natsu just bid 100,000 Jewels on me? Why would he do that?' Thought the now confused stellar mage.

'That's definitely her. Lucy Heartfilia.' Thought a black-haired stranger in the crowd.

After several seconds of getting over the shock of such a high starting bid the master finally remembered he had a job to do. "I have 100,000 Jewels. Can I get 105,000 Jewels?" Just a bunch of cursing from the crowd. " 100,000 Jewels going once, 100,000 Jewels going twice, So…"

"120,000 Jewels"

Natsu looked over to where he had heard the bid come from. He saw a black-haired man with dark brown eyes. The man was wearing black dress pants, and a black dress shirt. "140,000 Jewels." Said Natsu.

Peeking her head out the Curtain. "Damn it Lucy is now tied with me for second." Said Erza.

"This is not a competition Erza." Said Mira also peeking her head out the curtain, as well as all the other girls.

"150,000 Jewels." Said the Black-haired man.

Erza dropped her head in disappointment. "Now I'm in third."

Natsu came in with a lot of cash in his pocket, and was willing to spend it, but he didn't expect to have to spend it all. 'At this rate it's going to be me taking Lucy for a walk on the beach before telling her my feelings.' "180,000 Jewels." Hoping that the 30,000 Jewel hike would scare off his competitor.

"185,000 Jewels." The man was continuing to battle Natsu.

"Well at least Mira didn't take first." Said Erza.

"No matter how you look at it though you're still in third." Mira pointed out

"I thought you said this isn't a competition Mira-chan?" Asked Levy.

"If Erza and I are involved it will always be a competition between us." Mira let out a dark aura.

"200,000 Jewels." Said Natsu knowing that was all he had left. 'Yup it's going to be a walk on the beach.'

"220,000 Jewels." The man betting Natsu's highest possible bid.

'Wholly Shit. Are these two expecting to sleep with me? They were told this was just for one date right?' Thought Lucy nervously and almost embarrassed that the two men were willing to pay so much for her.

"220,000 Jewels going once." Said Makarov.

Natsu looked at his Nakama giving them a look begging them for some Jewels. Unfortunately each of them had already spent their cash on a previous bid, or they weren't to keen on lending Natsu the cash.

"220,000 Jewels going twice."

Natsu heard someone tapping on the guild's window from the outside. He saw that it was Gajeel who was waving at Natsu to come closer. He ran as fast as he could to the glass hoping that Gajeel would lend him the money. When he got up to the glass Gajeel stopped his waving motion, and proceeded to flip his fellow Dragon Slayer off with a giant smirk on his face. Before he could think of something else to tip the scale back into his favor he heard the words he was dreading.

"Sold to the Gentlemen in the black dress clothes." Said Makarov ending the final bid.

End Chapter 1.

I apologize for any and all grammar and spelling mistakes I missed before posting this chapter. How will the date go between Lucy and the stranger? How will Natsu react? Do you like this story? Should I continue?

Incase you are wondering Fairy Tail made 1,115,000 Jewels off of this auction. Plus whatever all the guests paid for, for food and drinks.

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