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Chapter 5.

The Beach and Casino

It was a four-minute walk from the beach shop to the actual beach. The sight of it was magnificent. The pearly white sands on the beach clear of any trash. The ebb and flow of the crystal clear tide kept a cool wind coming their way helping to combat the heat the sun beating down on them. On the beach were hundreds of people doing various activities from building sandcastles, tanning, surfing, people playing volleyball, swimming, children burying their parents up to their necks in sand, and pretty much anything else you could imagine people doing on the beach.

"Wow!" Said Lucy looking the beach in all its beauty.

"Lot of people." Said Zeref seeing people doing a lot of things he had never seen before.

"It's a beach what do you expect?" Trying to think of what they should do first as they walked down the beach trying to find a spot to set their stuff up.

"Back on Enca we don't have nearly as much people. That and our beaches are covered with rocks."

"That's right you're not from here." Remembering the conversation they had on the train. "I guess I'll have to show you how to have a good time on the beach." Lucy spotted a patch of unused sand big enough for them to set the towels down to claim that spot for them to use.

"What's surfing?" Zeref asked seeing a makeshift stand offering to teach the tourists how to surf.

(A/N. Going to be honest I don't know anything about surfing myself so if things seem off or wrong I'm sorry. I'm pretty much winging this half of the chapter.)

"It's basically you keeping your balance on a plank of wood as you ride a wave." Lucy trying to explain surfing pointing towards a group taking turns riding the waves.

"Is it fun?" Trying himself to figure out how those surfers were having a good time as one went under the water for a few seconds.

"I don't know. I've never really tried it." Last time she was on a beach she wanted to learn how to surf, but Gray and Erza had no interest that day, and Natsu couldn't even try due to his motion sickness.

"You want to?" Pointing at the stand he saw a couple of seconds ago.

"Sure why not." She said as the two walked up to the instructor. "Excuse me sir." Trying to get the man's attention.

A tanned middle-aged man with short green hair walked up to the other side wearing only dark blue swim trunks. "How may I be of assistance to you two on this fine day?" Giving his could be customers a welcoming smile.

"We'd like to learn how to surf." Said Zeref.

"First off you two do now how to swim? Right?"

"Yes." Zeref and Lucy answered together.

"Tap your bracelet on my register and you've got me for two hours." Zeref did as the man instructed. "Great my name is Jared." Reaching out to shake his customers' hands

"I'm Ceadra." Shaking Jared's hand

"I'm Lucy." Shaking his hand as well.

"Good! Now take off your shirts, grab a board, and follow me." Said Jared who waited for them to pick out boards.

Zeref took off his white tank top leaving him only dressed in his black swim trunks with gold linings. Compared to Natsu and Gray he had more of a lean build.

'Not too bad looking.' Thought Lucy eyeing her date not noticing that she was blushing.

Noticing the blush on his date's face. "Like what you see." Stretching his arms out so she could see him better.

"Maybe." Not denying that he looked good shirtless. Now it was time for her to take her shirt off. Slowly sliding the shirt up she revealed her black bikini with a yellow shooting star design.

'She looks even better than she did last night.' Now able to see all of her curves much clearer than the night before.

"Like what you see?" Lucy returned the question seeing him now eyeing her.

"I'd have to be blind not to."

"Hey you two just going to stare at each other or you wanna learn how to surf?" Asked Jared.

"Coming." The two said simultaneously. Lucy grabbed a pink board while Zeref grabbed a gray one. Zeref had caught up to Jared while Lucy followed the two.

"Nice catch buddy." Jared said sticking his fist out to Zeref.

"Thanks?" Awkwardly tapping the other mans fist with his own.

Over the next hour, and forty minutes Jared taught the two the basics of surfing. Heavily stressing how important balance on the board was and keeping your cool. After both falling into the water nearly a dozen times each they started to get the hang of it and started to ride a couple baby waves. Knowing the time was nearly up Jared wanted his customers to know what it's like to ride a bigger wave.

Looking at his watch "Sorry I was hopping I could teach you two a little faster, but we're running out of time." Said Jared. "I know this might feel like cheating, but I want you two to know what it feels like to ride a bigger wave." The next instant Jared transformed himself into dark blue surfboard. "Go ahead and hop on."

The two did as they had been told to do with Lucy in front and Zeref right behind her. They where now sitting on the transformed Jared one leg on each side. Next they got in line to grab a wave.

(A/N. Again I don't know much about surfing so I don't know if you can actually surf with two people on one board.)

"There's the one for you two." Said Jared somehow seeing a fifteen-foot high wave coming in.

"That's a big one." Lucy gulped.

"Don't worry Lucy." Said Zeref gently squeezing her shoulder. "It'll be alright."

The act helped calm her down. "Thanks Ceadra."

"Paddle." Jared instructed them. They did getting lined up to ride the wave. Soon enough they began to ascend up the wave. "Now carefully stand up."

Zeref managed to stand keeping his balance. Lucy on the other hand ended up slipping.

"AGGHH!" She yelled expecting to fall into the wave. Instead Zeref grabbed a hold of her taking charge to get them balanced, as they were now halfway up the wave. Looking behind her she saw a confident look on her dates face. "Thanks."

"Don't look at me. Look ahead." Keeping the two lined up.

Looking forward she saw that the top of the wave gave way and was crashing into the rest of the wave just below them. Lucy then realized they were riding inside a pocket of the wave. One hand in front of her and the other behind, Both feet spread apart, while crouched down to keep her head from touching the wave.

Looking around the inside of the pocket all she could see was the crystal clear water. It was a sensational feeling being surrounded by the water wanting to sweep her away in an instant, yet at the same time something unexplainable was making her feel safe. 'This must be what it is like to be in the eye of the storm.'

"Amazing isn't it?" Zeref whispered into her ear seeing the exact same thing.

Somehow she had forgotten about the man standing behind her. Was he the reason she felt safe? Only then did she feel their fingers interlocked, his feet just touching hers, finally his cool, wet, firm chest slightly pressed against her back. "Yeah, it is." She said as they exited the wave safely.

One minute later the three of themselves back at Jared's booth. "You two have fun?" Handing each of them a bottle of water.

"Yeah!" Said Lucy after drinking half of her bottle of water.

"Oh Yeah!" Said Zeref who actually enjoyed surfing a lot more than he thought he would.

"Next time you two come hopefully I'll get you to on more than one wave." Smiling more towards himself that he made his customers happy. "Now you two enjoy the rest of your date." Waving them goodbye.

"Will do. Thanks again for the lessons Jared." They said waving goodbye walking to where they left their towels. Grabbing them they began to dry off.

"I think its time for a change of scenery." Said Zeref.

"What? Why?" Lucy asked not wanting to leave the beach just yet.

"We just spent the last two hours learning how to surf." Throwing his towel over his shoulders to dry off his back. "Besides I don't know about you but its getting a little hot out."

Only when Ceadra mentioned it did Lucy realize just how hot it was. "Yeah it is getting hot." Rubbing her legs dry. "That and I guess I'm a little tired too."

"Then lets head back and get our stuff." Leading the way off the beach.

Ten minutes later Lucy and Zeref returned to the shop where they had bought their swim gear, and changed back to what they were originally wearing, and got all other possessions back. After getting his wallet back Zeref paid for the surfing lessons before leaving the shop.

"What time is it?" Asked Lucy looking for a clock.

"One sec." Zeref extended his left arm halfway forward before casting a spell. Two feet in front of the two appeared a clock with the big hand pointing at two and the small hand pointing at three. "Three, ten."

"So we have less than five hours left before we have to be at the train station."

"And you picked the beach so it's my turn to pick something out." Beginning to ponder what they should do next.

Lucy only looked a Ceadra as he thought of what they should do next.

Snapping his fingers. "I got it." He said grabbing Lucy's hand as he lead her to their next destination. After a five-minute walk the two now stood in front of a casino. "You feeling lucky Lucy."

"Is that a challenge Ceadra." Giving a competitive smile.

The black haired man pulled out two thousand jewels giving half of it to Lucy(I'm betting Jewels are based off of the Japanese currency so it translates to $12.58 American each.). "Let's see who walks out with more." Returning the challenging smile.

Lucy took the jewels from Ceadra. "What's the winner get."

"Bragging rights." Opening the door for his date.

"Really that's it?"

"How's about winner picks what's for dinner?"

"Deal! Just so you know my parents named me after their guild Love and Lucky after seeing the K fell off. So my nickname is Lucky Lucy." Entering the casino first.

"We'll see about that." Walking in after his date.

Inside the Casino were several table games for every fifty-two-card game you could think of, as well as other games of chance. Nearly fifty slot machines most of them being played. Several girls dressed in nearly identical bunny costume Lucy wore the night prior serving drinks to all the guests gambling. Off to the left was a stage for various performers to entrain anyone who would watch them. Currently on the stage was a jazz band playing. Finally on the right was a buffet with every type of food you could imagine.

Over the course of nearly two hours Lucy and Zeref had gambled at nearly every game the casino had to offer. Anything they had won at one game they would lose at the next. In all they were having an enjoyable time for the first seventy minutes before sitting down to enjoy the jazz band playing for a while talking about various missions they had taken. After that they decided to hit the blackjack tables hard. There they played along side an older couple.

After nearly forty hands Zeref was staring at Lucy's large pile of chips she had built since they sat down. Next he looked at the last of his on the line for what could be his last hand of the night.

"Black Jack!" Shouted Lucy looking at her two-card combo of the queen and ace of hearts. Again her pile of chips grew.

Zeref was trying to count how much she had won, but kept of losing track due to the pace the dealer was keeping his table at.

"Sir hit or stay?" Asked the bald dealer wearing a red vest with a white dress shirt underneath, and black pants(Everyone working a table at the casino is wearing the same thing.).

Looking at his current cards he had a four of diamonds and a king of spades. The dealer had a king of clubs with a face down card. "Hit." He said. He was dealt an eight of diamonds.

"Twenty-two, Bust." Said the dealer taking away the last of Zeref's chips.

"I'm out." Standing up from his seat so someone else could take his seat that had the money to play. He now stood behind Lucy who gave him an 'I beat you' look.

"Looks like you just became my eye candy." Said the blonde grinning.

Zeref only nodded his head. He wasn't expecting to lose his chips before Lucy. 'Guess she really is Lucky.'

"Continue on Maim?" Asked the dealer looking frustrated at the blonde who was giving him beating at his own game.

"Actually." Pushing forward two identical stacks of chips to the one she currently had out forward. "I'd like to play with two more hands."

This action made the dealer begin to sweat more than he currently was. 'This girl is going to get me fired.' He thought. That was until his superior tapped him on the shoulder.

"I'll take over this table from here." The previous dealer left his table as he was basically told to take the rest of the day off. "Ready for this Missy?" Asked the head dealer who had short brown hair, and goatee. "My name is Gonzo. The head dealer of this Casino."

Frequent visitors to the casino began to flock around the table. The began to whisper that the girl was now in trouble as nobody left with much after Gonzo took over a table. Seeing the new dealer the older couple they had been playing alongside stood up, as they knew better than to play against Gonzo.

Seeing that her two other table mates had left Lucy did something that shocked all the locals. "If that's the case." Sorting through her chips. "I'd like to increase my bets and play with a fourth hand if that's alright Gonzo." Adjusting her chips accordingly.

'You're going down Blondie.' Though Gonzo as he began to reshuffle the deck of cards. "No problem Maim."

'So they replaced the previous dealer with a mage.' Zeref sensing a magical energy being channeled into the deck of cards being shuffled. 'A dirty trick.' Beginning to cast his own magic on the deck of cards from behind Lucy. 'Let's see how you play when your magic gets canceled out.'

Four games later.

Gonzo was perplexed. Out of the sixteen hands he had dealt to Lucy he had only managed to beat three of those hands. 'What's going on here? I should have complete control over this deck.' Shuffling for the next set hands.

Lucy looked at her hands. The first one had the queen of hearts, and the jack of spades. "Stay." The second hand king of diamonds and ace of clubs. "Black Jack." She had the eight of spades and seven of hearts in the third. "Hit." Got dealt a six of spades. "Another Black Jack." Final hand contained an ace of clubs and seven of clubs. "Hit." Got dealt a nine of spades. "Seventeen, I'll stay."

Gonzo had a jack of spades face up. Flipping his second card was a six of hearts. "Hit." Dealing himself a six of clubs. "Twenty-two, Bust." He then pushed over what Lucy had won with all four of her hands. 'God fucking damn it! What the hell is happening I should have complete control? Yet I'm losing.' Staring at the sea of chips the blonde had in front of her. 'Oh well as the saying goes the house always wins.' Pressing a button under the table to signal for the bouncers to kick this girl out.

Zeref sensed the desperation coming from Gonzo before pressing the button, and seconds latter felt four muscular men getting closer to the table. 'If you had played fair this would not be necessary.' The then cast a weaker death spell on Gonzo. 'This won't kill you so take this opportunity to learn to play fair next time.'

Gonzo grabbed at his heart before falling to the ground shaking violently on the floor.

Zeref tapped on one of the beverage girls' shoulders. "Could you help me and my date cash these out." Pointing at Lucy's winnings.

"Sure." Said the girl with a concerned look on her face as four men in black suits began to tend to Gonzo.

Now tapping on Lucy who was also concerned about the fallen dealer. She turned to face him. "It's time to get out of here."

"But what about Gonzo?"

"Look at the men tending to him."

Lucy looked to see they were all dressed in black suits.

"Those men were about to kick you out for winning to much." The girl he had asked for assistance from came back pushing a cart. "If we don't leave now they're going to take all your winnings." Starting to put the chips on the cart.

Lucy realized what Ceadra said was correct, and immediately started to move her chips onto the cart. Over the course of the next ninety seconds the duo managed to get all chips on the cart, pushed it over to the cash out desk, collected the money Lucy had won in blackjack, and finally ran out the door.

"Wow that was close." Said Lucy counting all the money she had won. "Good eye catching those bouncers before I ended up getting it all taken away." Lucy finished counting her winnings. "Wow I started off with a thousand Jewels($12.58 American) and walked out with two-hundred, and Sixty thousand Jewels($3,269.62 American). That's my new best." The girl then divided the cash in half and offered half of the jewels to her date.

Even though there was over a hundred thousand jewels being waved in front of him he only took a thousand of it. "Where'd you learn to gamble like that?" Thinking that Lucy was an innocent girl.

"I've been in two other casinos, and did the exact same thing both times. Unluckily for me though I didn't know when to stop, and was forced out both times getting robbed of what I won." Rubbing the back of her head with her free hand while still holding the cash out with the other. "You can take the rest. After all you did help me get this out and gave me the money to start.

"I only took what I gave you initially. The rest of that you earned yourself." Pushing away the jewels the girl had offered him. "Besides if I remember right you're the one paying for dinner."

The two looked at there surrounding to see that even though it was still day time it was slowly beginning to get dark outside.

"Speaking of dinner if we plan to do it here we'd better find a place soon." Looking at his spell clock. "We less than two hours before the train ride home."

"Now that you mention it I am getting hungry." She admitted as her tummy grumbled.

"Then lets get something for dinner. Your choice since you won our bet." Stretching out his right hand towards Lucy.

The blonde grabbed a hold of his hand as they began walking down the streets looking for a place to eat while holding onto the others hand. "What sounds good?" Trying to think of something she hasn't had in a long time.


An hour earlier Natsu had arrived at the next train station where he did manage to get off. Unfortunately his day on the cursed traveling demons wasn't even close to being done as he immediately walked to the ticket booth like a zombie.

"When is the next train going to the Akana resort leaving?" He asked the female ticket saleswoman. His voice filled with dread. Already he could feel his stomach begin to do churn at the thought of getting back on the train so soon.

"It will be leaving in three minutes." She answered too cheerfully for his current mood with a smile on her face.

"One ticket for that train please." Handing her the money for the ticket.

The saleswoman quickly rung Natsu up and handed him the ticket. "Here you go sir. I hope you enjoy the ride."

"Not going to happen." He grumbled boarding essentially his third train ride that day. "I'm coming Lucy." Those were his last words before the train began to move back to the resort. "Fuck!" Throwing up what little content his stomach had left. 'Mavis kill me now!' He begged knowing it would be nearly three hours before he got back to the Akana Resort.

End chapter5.

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