"No!" The witch's screech echoed off the stone walls of the Kiama Ko castle. "That wretched little girl is just outside the city!" Chistery trailed a few feet behind her, watching Elphaba intently.

"I have to stop them. The Grimmerie, please, Chistery." The monkey gave a quick nod and flew off to retrieve the ancient book.

The wicked witch had no idea how she would stop them. Perhaps some sort of field or a wall, she wondered. What would be the easiest way to prevent that farm girl from getting away with Nessa's shoes?

Chistery returned with the book and Elphaba knelt down to search. Pages flew by in a flash as her green hands turned the pages in a flurry. Something whirled from between two pages.

"What?" Elphaba wondered, quickly examining the little spot of red.


Memories came to her in a rush, flowers hurriedly pressed into a book to preserve them. Flowers pressed to preserve a memory, a thought from a senseless school boy. Fiyero.

The witch crushed the poppy flower in her hand. There was no time to think about that. "No good deed…" She stood and harshly tossed the crumpled remains of the bud to the wind and rushed to her crystal ball.

A view of the four figures popped up just as they entered the beautiful field of poppies surrounding the City of Emeralds. She had timed it perfectly. The witch propped the Grimmerie up on a pedestal and began her chanting.

Poppies. Poppies would put them to sleep.