Inspired by the song "This Is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Why is it called Nightmare Revisited? The term Nightmare Revisited comes from the song "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas, which is resung in a separate album quoted as said title. Though I don't really like the singer, I did like the remix of the song. It's also to show that whatever imagined nightmare Arcee has towards the Decepticons, it will of course be revisited once she actually gets to know them. Writing summaries suck, so just enjoy the damn fanfic.

The moment those sharp claws struck her side, Arcee saw white as she staggered backwards in pain, the cold, blue energon dripping down her side in streams and the psychotic laugh of the Seeker stalking towards her ringing within her audios.

"Something wrong, Arcee? I thought you wanted a fight," Starscream smiled as he flexed his servos.

Arcee heaved and hoisted herself back up onto her feet, but as she clenched her injured side, Starscream began to deliver several hits that only gave her more pain to her newly injury. It happened so fast, the fight flashing before her weary mind due to the energon loss.

"You're tougher to scrap than your former partner, at least the one I scrapped. Was Tailgate weak like Cliffjumper?"

"Just keep talking, Starscream," Arcee managed to say as she struck out at the taunting flyer only to be replied with yet another punch.

The distant memories of her partners caused her to choke with sadness. She remembered Tailgate back on Cybertron, when they would go into battle together and how he would lead her through tough spots by communication links. Then Cliffjumper, the one whom helped her be brought here to Earth. She remembered the fun they would have together despite the many boring patrols around the organic planet they had to endure. The motorcyclist was so lost before those golden memories that she soon found herself on the ground after being kneed in the stomach, jabbed in the back, and then kicked to the ground, sliding down the dirt slope away from where Optimus's trailer sat. She placed a servo below her, slowly attempting to lift herself back up to face the Seeker once more with all of her strength.

"You should've finished me when I was helpless to fight, just like I finished Cliffjumper!" Starscream stated as he walked after her fallen form. Arcee groaned, her final moment to fight with what was left of her energy, but the gloating was too much for her anger that it actually made her even weaker. She was as he had said before, helpless.

While Arcee laid stomach down in great pain, the Decepticon Commander couldn't help the very delight that entered his dark spark, how good it was to see this strong femme appear as though she were bowing to him. Yet, another feeling suddenly crept up on him. It was something he hadn't felt in ages, possibly before the war broke out and affected the planet he had once called home sweet home. It was now so foreign to him that it actually made Starscream angry at himself for bearing such an emotion. He shook his helm, in hope of being cleared of it.

"Now, prepare to be reunited with your partners!" Starscream smiled gleefully whilst crossing his claws as true weaponry.

The smile grew bigger as Arcee began to shrink back in even more pain, the energon coming out more like waterfalls now. Soon, she fully collapsed. Her body's gears and systems could be heard as she powered down into a stasis. Starscream's helm tilted to the side, just like a confused puppy, and circled her. Tapping her with the tip of his foot, his shoulders slumped when not even a painful moan came out. Now what was he to do?

He could hear in the distance the sound of an activated weapon, Airachnid's maniacal laughter. A shudder went down his spine. His attention flipped back over to Arcee, and the same exact feeling crept up on him as though purposely.

"..Why does this feeling come to me when I look at you?" Starscream asked aloud to the unconscious Arcee. "What are you? Some secret succubus who preys upon mechs like me? Then again, I admit I am stunning. Which brings me to the belief why you don't come running to fawn over me? All of the femmes back on Cybertron did, when I was commander of my fleet. I signed autographs, kissed sparklings, took pictures with my fans. I lived in a life of luxury. But not the luxury I intended. I wanted more, a greater power. Megatron had that power, so I planned to take it away and make it my own. But what was the point, if I could only just be named Prime myself? Can't you imagine that? Starscream Prime? No, Solar Prime! Because, you know, Star and Sun mean the exact same thing, but how could you not know that?" Starscream tilted his helm more, examining Arcee's beauty like it was the first time.

"..You are an exquisite one, aren't you? I remember you back on Cybertron. So beautiful.."

His short talk ended when he heard a blast and the dreadful scream of a "No!" Then there was the motor of a helicopter, and high in the sky went the spider, fleeing for her life. Typical glitch.

"Hmph, looks like my job here is done," Starscream said as he still spoke to the silent Autobot. Beneath her, a blue puddle of energon formed and it was getting bigger. His face transformed from a dark sneer to a sympathetic look, surprisingly. Maybe it was the words that were spoken that helped clear his jumbled processor, maybe it was the moment that he knew he finally overpowered someone, yet when he stared at the half-dead Arcee, he felt sorry for her. Because he knew what it was like to be overpowered by his most hated enemy.

"..Dear primus..," he groaned. "This is Commander Starscream, I am in need of a groundbridge! Do you read me?"

"Read you loud and clear, sir!" a drone said. "Your coordinates have been logged in, prepare for pick up!"

When the green and bluish vortex opened up, Starscream instantly knew what was to come in the near future. Just as he was about to enter the swirling transport, his helm suddenly turned back to Arcee. She laid still, and the puddle grew outwards more and more by the nanoklik. That same, annoying feeling came back to him.

After hours of not hearing word from neither Airachnid nor Starscream, Megatron quickly assumed that the mission hadn't gone as successfully as planned. It was obvious that the ancient Cybertronian relic, the Immobilizer, was now in the hands of the Autobots and the that two Commanders had to be running for their useless lives. But why would it matter? They were to lose their sparks anways if they dared to step foot back on his ship. Megatron wondered if showing Starscream mercy back at the mine was a mistake, for though the Seeker was troublesome and irritated him very, there would be no point in terminating another Decepticon if it meant loosing yet another branch of the Decepticon tree. Many loyal soldiers of his died in the war back on Cybertron and throughout other parts of the universe. The only ones left had been known to be the bottom feeders, rookies, or rouges that had fled their planet out of fear. Only to be brought back home that was the Nemesis.

A gust of wind crept up his spine, indicating that the automatic doors leading to the room had opened, and the familiar echo of failure that rang in his audios enraged Megatron to snarl. "You came to me empty handed, didn't you?" he turned out of fury and prepared his cannon, but a second caught him on time once his optics laid on a surprise he might never forget.

Starscream stood before him, wings held together in a clamp, and in his arms was one of Optimus's warriors, Arcee.

"Starscream, what is the meaning of this?" Megatron glared, he came closer in case his aged optics were fooling him, but of course they weren't for the femme continued to be realistic and limp.

"..Th-the Autobots had caused the failure of our mission, my lord!" Starscream replied quickly. "At the beginning, they had captured me for a brief time before I was able to free myself. Airachnid, on the other hand, left me behind while she had gone to retrieve...w-whatever you sent us searching for. But by the looks of it, that creature had lost to them and flew off, probably to come back here." His grip tightened against Arcee. One servo was placed beneath her thigh, while the other supported her back and her helm was placed on his chest. He took a quick glance at her, and all he could see was the soft expression of her sleeping face. She looked so peaceful. Energon still dribbled from her side and down his arm, spilling onto the floor. Megatron noticed this too.

"And yet you were the one to bring back something worthwhile," Megatron chuckled darkly, that even the drones around them cowered. "Well done, Starscream, seems to me that you are improving your reputation with the cause. But that still doesn't mean I trust you again. I know better, and when lessons are learned, faults are never nearby."

"..You are quite correct," Starscream said, his helm lowering. Though it sounded as though his leader was a bit proud of his small victory, it made him feel embarrassed, and that was appointed. On the large screen, what was normally the main window that viewed ahead of the Nemesis, schematics in Cybertronian text were all over, glinting off the armors of every other living being in place.

"You shall place her in the brig where she is to stay until a plan will be placed," Megatron was about to turn.

"NO!" Starscream blurted out, and it was so loud that his own protoform jumped beneath his armor. Megatron's helm whipped back at him, and his glare was even stronger.

"No? Is that what you just said? No!" Megatron snarled.

"I-I mean, I, uh...I suggest she should stay in my quarters," Starscream smiled crookedly to cover up his mistake. "I don't trust the drones around here. She would be much safer and more supervised if she stayed with me.."

"Don't trust the drones? Like how I don't trust you? Please, Starscream, she is already defenseless as it is, and I can imagine many conclusions someone like you would do with a femme like that..," this came out like a hiss filled with thick venom, the victim could be squirming in pain and wishing for death instantly. Starscream knew how this venom felt, when luck refused to be on his side. Yet when was luck ever on his side?

"Lord Megatron, I am much more responsible than that! Believe me," Starscream held Arcee closer, afraid she would disintegrate into the thin air and leave him in the dark room to keep making excuses from being beatened.

"..Don't tell me you have an actual interest in this wretched Autobot?" Megatron gestured to her.

When the commanding officer went quiet and he stared at the femme in his twig-like arms, a booming laughter rang about the corridor.

"HAHAHA! Who knew, the incompetent Starscream, was smitten for an Autobot, who beats mechs larger than her own size!" the old gladiator laughed some more and the drones soon chimed in, more amused that their leader had used the same word that was once accounted to describe them.

"I'm not in love with her!" Starscream snapped. "The interest I have on her involves-well, scientific use!"

"Scientific?" Knock Out came in, after hearing the commotion from the next room. In his servos was a welder and his buzz saw. "How could she be involved with science? Dear Primus, Starscream, was your processor bumped out of place? If Arcee was made for science, she wouldn't have picked pink rims with blue paint!" Megatron could be heard scoffing at the medic's poor judgment.

Meanwhile Starscream had no answer to Knock Out's question. So he went on despite looking like a lunatic to everyone. "I was hoping we could examine her. She has to be the smallest Cybertronian on this planet, and yet can withstand all of our drones no matter how many there are! She can survive explosions, the cold, energon loss, and even when I beat the scrap out of her she continues to thrive! Something within Arcee allows her to continue on. And with that knowledge, we may be able to insert it into ourselves, making us almost invulnerable to everything the Autobots may throw at us!" As he stared at them all, one of his claws was secretly stroking the back of her smooth helm.

"...Am I the only one hearing this bullshit?" a drone suddenly asked, scratching at the side of his helm. The human term was unnecessary, but yes that was the appropriate term to say.

"...I think what you may be thinking of Starscream is hope," Knock Out chuckled. "Hope can only be found in the spark and clearly that's what she lives off of. Not from some organ or drug. I thought you were smarter than that! And isn't it our job to shatter it?"

"Obviously. But I believe what Starscream is trying to say here," Megatron began, "is that Arcee is more than she appears. And he is quite correct. She poses a great threat to everyone in this room including, dare I say, myself." He went forth to the large computer behind him. "Before we had left Cybertron, the reason why we had managed to achieve the upper hand of the war was because every Decepticon was properly trained by the bravest gladiators I have ever known. They fought bravely and offlined every single Autobot successfully within even nanoseconds. I'm proud to say I was honored to fight with them. But, now deceased, the secrets from the Gladiatorial Arena of Kaon have died along with them. I may be the last gladiator to still hold these secrets, but even I cannot tell every detail I know, seeing as I have traitors at my side." He glared at the Seeker, who cowered and even tried to hide behind Arcee. "...Do any of you recall the Data Cylinders?"

"Y-yes, sir. They held knowledge of the Cybertronian society," Knock Out answered. "But sadly, were sent across galaxies out of our reaches."

"Exactly. I know more about Arcee than her own team does, and trust me, we are closer than any of you think."

"But what does she have to do with the cylinders?" Starscream wondered. "Does she have some sort of map stored in her processor on their locations?"

"No. But she does hold certain knowledge I am willing to keep her for. So congratulations, Starcream, it seems you can keep her in your quarters. But first, place her in the medical facility, and don't do anything idiotic to harm her! Or you'll be answering to me, as always.."

"Uh, sir."

"You both are now dismissed," Megatron shooed them with a servo. Knock Out left willingly and powered his tools back up. Starscream turned to leave, but a question still left him to ponder.

"..Lord Megatron, what sort of knowledge do you suppose she holds?" he asked from over his shoulder.

Megatron didn't turn to face him again, but instead he placed his servos on the computer's screen-like keyboards and typed. The schematics disappeared quickly and soon a picture was brought up of a large mech. This mech was old, so old that he might as well had been one of the 13 Primes. The Vehicons were clueless towards the mech as their leader and commander gazed up at him. Only because these Vehicons weren't around when Cybertron had fallen.

When this mech had appeared, Starscream needed no further questioning. Instead he nodded and left without another word. It was a good thing he did, otherwise the gray F-16 would've actually seen Megatron's time of weakness when his back hunched down a bit and his optics closed.

Haven't been around FFnet lately, so I'm not as sure if someone thought of the same plotline or idea. I'm sorry if it sounds the same, but I just want to make on Starcee story that is about ARCEE getting captured and not Starscream. I already written down the entire plot, so chapters will be updated more frequently! So Please do Review if continuation is necessary :)