**They are human in this piece and they might be a little out of character**


The candle wax was starting to drip on the table cloth. That was the only thing I could focus on at the moment. Insane, I probably was. I'd slaved to create a feast for my husband and he'd chosen to spend time with his whore tonight. I always know the nights he spends with her because he lies about being in the office. I can only tell he's lying because I call and his secretary's voice trembles as she's fabricating a story for him. Even though I wish she'd just tell me the truth I can't blame her for not wanting to get in the middle of out mess.

The food was cold…well, room temperature. Edward likes a cold house so room temperature for this place is cooler than usual. I cooked all day.

I went upstairs not bothering to put the food up. I didn't have the energy or the desire to do so. It's a good thing Nessie was visiting Edward's sister, Alice, because I wouldn't have had the strength to take care of her tonight.

I stepped out of the little black dress I'd gotten in an attempt to seem sexy. It was money wasted and if I had more energy I'd turned it to scraps.

The mirror wasn't my friend tonight, not that it has been for the past few months. My eyes looked sunken in because of the dark circles surrounding them. Part of it was from the stream of mascara and eye liner that'd made its way down my face and the other part was from my lack of sleep. My long, brown hair was wild from where I'd been running my fingers through it all night.

I washed my face as if I was trying to scrub my skin off. The makeup turned portions of the towel black and some portions red. I was suddenly barefaced in front of the mirror and I looked more haggard than before. It was probably because I'd forgotten how to smile when facing myself.

After stripping down completely I ran myself a bath and stepped into the claw foot tub. It swallowed me up like a swimming pool. The hot water stung my skin but it was soothing in a way because I actually felt something.

I buried myself under the water and instantly thoughts of the first time I saw them together ran through my mind.

It was the day before our anniversary. We were supposed to be going out of town the next day and I was wondering why he hadn't started packing. I went to his office to see him but his assistant told me he was out. I would have been satisfied with that answer if I hadn't walked by the break room and overheard some gossipy hens talking about Edward and a woman named Tanya and how they usually meet in the park.

I jumped in my car. I didn't know which park, there are more than I can count in this city but I tried the closest one to the office. His car was in the parking lot and he was lying out with her having a picnic, I could see that from my window. I parked far away from him so that he wouldn't get suspicious and I got close enough to see, yet far away enough to still be incognito. To add a touch of mystery I put on a hat, sunglasses.

They were playing and kissing, rolling around in the grass. He was getting grass stains on his shirts that I'd late remove with my own elbow grease and a scrubbing brush. It looked like they might have sex right there in public but she didn't want to venture that far into whoredom so they went to his car. I watched from afar as the car moved. Her hands smacked the window and her face pressed against the windshield with a passionate look smeared on it.

Everything inside me wanted the bust the windows, yanked her out and smack her then kill him in a quick, painful way but instead I became paralyzed. I sat there staring at the spot they had been. The wind picked up and clouds filled the sky. Rain even started to pour and still I couldn't move. They'd been long gone by that point.

Knowing that my Edward, the man I'd loved since college, could cheat like this made me sick to my stomach and I wanted to murder him but I knew I'd never do that. I'd never do anything because I loved him and because he's my only source of support. I didn't work and I didn't have any family. I did have a child though and she did need stability so I rationalized with myself and decided not to say anything. I could only hope it'd blow over but I doubted it. Women like that just don't love men and leave them, they take them.

Sitting in the tub I thought about the things that are so different between me and Tanya. She's platinum blonde naturally, you can tell, and I'm brunette. She's curvy and I'm awkwardly slender. She had a career and interests… I'm just a house wife and a mother. It's easy to see why he'd fall for her and leave me in the dust. I just wish I'd never met Edward Cullen.

I stepped out of the water and the chill of the house wrapped around me making goose bumps pop up all over my body. I put on a nightshirt. I didn't even bother to dry off. After that I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a bun on top of my head. I climbed in the bed and turned off the lights. The house was completely quiet and the room was dark. I kept my eyes open though because I wanted to stare into the darkness. It was relaxing.

The clock read four o clock by the time I heard the door to my bedroom open. I hadn't fallen asleep. The sandman seemed to have lost my address these past few months.

I heard Edward's poor attempts at quiet movements. I heard him undoing every button and unzipping his pants. His shoes hit the ground with a thud as always and he weighted down his side of the bed when he climbed into it. He smelled like her.

I lay there stiff as a board. I didn't want him to know I was still awake, not that he's ever noticed before.

A million thoughts ran through my mind but there was always one question that repeated itself in my brain. It begged to be asked. It begged to leave my glued together lips.

"Why don't you love me anymore?" I blurted out before I could muzzle my mouth.

"What?" he asked, obviously confused.

I've now opened the can of worms I'd never wanted to have to open.

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