I thought some people would like another chapter, as some thought it was a one shot. I was tempted to leave it with that one chapter, but I cant get the idea out of my mind. Hope you like this chapter! Lots of angst in this chapter, because I'm trying to make her sound realistic, with real fears, worries, and hatreds.


Percy was there again today, swimming, but more relaxed. Had he fixed what had made him angry yesterday? Maybe I should ask. But would he want to see me again? Would he think I was weird, coming up to him a second time in the same place? Would he think I was some creepy stalker, waiting for his return? This was so confusing, boys themselves were confusing. I'll just have to try my luck.

I flipped under water, and swam over to him. He smiled at me, and waved. Coming up, I smiled back at him.

"Hey, Amila," Oh, he said my name! Don't go Love Struck, Amila!

"Percy," I smiled, "You seem happy today,"

He got this dreamy smile on his face, "Yeah, me and Annabeth had a fight, but we apologized to each other," My heart clenched, and I forced the pricks of tears back, "Talking with you yesterday, it helped. It calmed me down enough to see reason,"

"Oh," My voice sounded strained, even to me, "That good, glad I could help," Did he notice. No, he didn't. He probably wouldn't notice the world ending, as long as he had his Annabeth.

"Yeah," He said, eyes looking up at the sky, "Whats it like?"

I looked at him, confused, "What's what like?"

"Being the only mermaid here?"

I thought about it, before answering, "Truly? Its lonely. The Naiads sometimes talk to me, but not much, the Campers are too busy with their own things to notice me, and if I try to talk to someone, they usually make up some awkward excuse to leave. You don't know how many times they've said 'OH, is that my Mom calling? Sorry, I have to go,',"

He looked at me with sad eyes, "That's got to be depressing…" I nodded in agreement, "I mean, its almost sounds like the time after I got claimed. People just plain avoided me,"

"Yeah," I murmured, "Maybe someday I'll get a friend,"

"I'm your friend," My chest ached at the word, "So don't worry. You've got me to talk to,"

We talked for a half hour, before Percy had to go. I swam back to my spot, hidden by the willow branches. Then? I cried. I cried because I would never have a chance, that I could never tell him, because it would ruin his relationship he already had. I hated Annabeth, for having Percy, for being the reason I was only a friend, for… for being so perfect that it would be obvious that Percy would love her! Who dated a mermaid, anyway? No one. I wish I just had a chance, a chance to show Percy that I loved him, without ruining his love life. I wished that he loved me back, that we could date. But life like this, its never perfect. Not for me.

I wiped the tears away, and glared at the water.

I would never get Percy's love, because no one would love a mermaid.